Agent 111

May 30, 2011
It was too late to do anything; the shot had been fired, and the man had been killed. Agent 111 walked away from yet another failed mission. It had been a bad week for agent 111, also known as Thomas Black. Being the best of the best was a hard job for this Australian CIA agent. Every time he obtained top position he was assigned to a mission that was literally impossible for one man to complete on his own. Lucky for him, his co-worker was getting the bulk of the blame on this mission. Agent 111 thought back through the mission. Everything had appeared to be going well, so what had caused the subject to be killed?
One day earlier he had been alerted of the mission, to protect the Russian billionaire Voshkna Volcovsk. Voshkna had obtained his millions by selling oil to the British and the Americans. Two days before the assignment to protect Voshkna, he had received a letter with no postage on his living room table. The letter said that his client was unhappy with the amount of water in the oil that Voshkna had sold the client. The client warned Voshkna that unless he sent 1 billion dollars American dollars to an account on the Camel Islands he would be killed. According to the reports Thomas had received, Voshkna had no sales of oil that had any water, and he had never made a sale of this size previously. This had been verified by searching his bank accounts for any large amounts of money deposited within the past year. The Australian CIA had been assigned to this Russian mission because the Russian police claimed that the font used in the letter was most common in Australia, and it was probably an Australian that was doing the blackmailing. Agent 111 believed that the Russians did not want to mess with this case so they had passed it off to the Australian CIA. He felt like an idiot for accepting a top secret mission with such high stakes, but he wanted to prove that he was still a world class agent. All Black was given was a credit card attached to the Russian government, so he could acquire any supplies he needed. At that time, he decided that his number one priority was to rendezvous with the Russian and assess his living situation and his security team. Black had boarded the plane with his trusted friend and colleague, Chuck Tuttle, to visit the billionaire.
As Black arrived he saw that this was not a safe place to live. Voshkna lived in the middle of a large city, surrounded by skyscrapers. Voshkna’s building was the lowest in the area making him an easy target for snipers. Black demanded that Voshkna build a dome of bullet proof glass over the residence Black also had a kitchen build into the guard’s quarters, to reduce traffic into and out of the compound. Black had paid snipers to post every 5 feet around the edge of the property.
The only possible way someone could have killed Voshkna is if they had inside connections. Black and his partner had done background checks on anyone who came into the high security facility. Black had even fired some of the security team for being involved in a club for past members of the army. Black could think of no flaw in the entire security system, and yet Voshkna had been killed on the property! How was that even possible? As Black mentally traced back through what had happened, a tall man wearing glasses, and a cape walked past and dropped a newspaper. Suddenly Black noticed the headlines, “Billionaire killed, Australian agent to blame!” The story had been top secret so this was a startling and surprising headline. No one but the security detail on the property had that information, and it was treason to the Australian government to release the story. Black stood, and prepared to follow the man in the cape.
Sometime later Black was in an alleyway; the man in the cape had turned into here and disappeared! As he searched for clues, he saw that there was a switch on the back of a nearby trashcan. He knew at this point that he should leave and get some backup. It might be a trap, but he continued forward anyway. As he pushed the switch, a patch of bricks started to suddenly rise, revealing a secret elevator! He stepped in and pushed the button with an arrow pointing downward. As the elevator moved down he noticed it was a rather old model. This elevator had been here for a long time. He reached the bottom of the shaft and drew his gun, unsure of what would be on the other side when the door opened. When it opened he lost his breath. There, right in front of him, was a sign. The message on the sign caught his attention and startled him; the sign said, “Agent 111, welcome to the Eagle Branch of the CIA, located in Russia.” Even more surprising, the sign had his tag on it. It was common knowledge to all agents that the Russians hated the Australians and had never allowed a branch of theirs to be located inside of Mother Russia’s borders. After recovering from the shock of the sign, he looked up to see a receptionist smiling at him. When she was sure he had seen her, she said, “You can put your gun away, there is no reason to shoot anyone here.” Then she motioned for him to go down a hallway to a conference room at the end. As he followed her directions, he passed several rooms with enough armories and weapons to start World War 3. He reached the end and noticed the familiar face of the man with the cape. The man no longer wore a cape, and his skin color had changed from white to black. The man with the cape said hello and introduced himself as going by the name Light Knight. The Light Knight claimed to have led Black to the base to give Black info on his last mission. He wanted to meet here, a secure location with recording facilities. As for the newspaper, it was the only copy, ready to be burned. Agent 111 was brimming with questions. Why he had been taken to this base? What would the conversation be about? How could this man know more than he did about his own mission? Light Knight told Black that the information he had was their main suspect for killing the man. Since agent 111 looked interested, he continued. The man that Eagle most suspected of committing the crime was his own friend and colleague, Chuck Tuttle! Tuttle had killed the man for the money, 1 billion dollars. Light Knight gave him pictures of a conversation between the billionaire’s son and his friend one month before. He then turned on a voice recording that they had been very lucky to get. The voices said:
Chuck: So, why did you ask me to come here?
Rich kid: I want to run my father’s company.
Chuck: And how exactly do you plan on doing that?
Rich kid: We will create a security risk that leads to your government sending in people to fix the problem. You will be sent in and trusted as one of the most reliable people on the property. You will kill my father, making me the new head of the company. No one will suspect you, and I will be far away in another country so obviously no one would suspect me! It is the perfect plan....

The message then fuzzed out, and Light Knight spoke again. He said to enable getting these two in jail; Black would have to do so without the recording. Using the recording would uncover secret operations going on in Russia, so using it was not an option. Agent 111 had a plan that would make the tape not needed, and he would execute it tomorrow…

The next day all the family, friends, and agents who were associated with Voshkna Volcovsk attended his viewing. As the viewing was Concluding Agent 111 stood up on a chair, rang a wine glass, and waited for the attention of the group. When Black had the people’s attention, he told them of the secret mission, and reported that Chuck and the rich kid had killed the billionaire. Chuck and the rich kid tried to run so Black had no choice but to take out his gun and shoot their legs. Then, the police arrived and arrested Chuck and the rich kid. The mission had not been a failure after all. Black regained his old reputation, took down a traitor to the Australian CIA, and put a rich menace to society behind bars. Success achieved, it was time for Black to go home.

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Agenti lover said...
Sept. 18, 2011 at 9:42 pm
I loved this story. I wish you would make some more and turn it into a spectacular series. Who else is with me?
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