Mike and the Basketball

June 10, 2011
By Alberto Mendoza BRONZE, Hubbard, Oregon
Alberto Mendoza BRONZE, Hubbard, Oregon
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As Mike goes for the dunk Steve comes with a charging he makes Mike hit the backboard with his head and then hits his head again but this time in the rim and finally falls to the ground on top of his head. His mom jumps off her chair and goes directly to where Mike is. He makes Mike lay down straight and says to him to wake up. But he wasn’t responding because he was immediately in a coma. They called the ambulance and they came right away.

Mike was taken right away and they immediately started to check him if he was dead or just in a coma. They found out that he was just in a coma and he would recover but he might not play basketball ever again and his mom started to cry because that was Mike favorite sport to play in. Her mom also knew that Mike never gives up and always gets what he wants but this time it was going to be different. He was also the worst news that her mom would get is that Mike would never walk again in his life. And that was even worst.

Mike’s mom didn’t want to live his son alone because she thought something bad would happen to him and that is his only son that she has. But she also knows that his son will fight and get back up and play basketball again because that is what he wants to play for a life and that he want to be a professional basketball player and that now he cant do his dreams because he cant walk again. Her mom is with mike all night and talks to him like me could talk again but he isn’t responding so she doesn’t know what to do. By that her mom doesn’t eat at all because she wants to be next to Mike all day and night.

Her mom by not eating she lost a lot of weight she lost about 25lbs because she was take care of Mike the whole time and she didn’t eat at all so she use to weigh 135lbs. Now she 110lbs she lots a lost of wait and she would always pass out or almost died so the doctors decided that she would have to be in a bed next to his son because she didn’t want to leave her alone and that is why she want to be next to him the whole time and doesn’t want to leave him alone.

Finally when no one thought that he would ever wake up from the coma after 5 months of waiting if he would ever walk or talk he opens his eyes and stands up fast as if he was still in the game he falls and his mom wakes up and yells for how happy she is because he woke up again and said “where am I?” she is so happy because she woke up and walked that every doctor came running to the room and she was on the ground because they saw him get up and that he was still a live. So he says “where is the ball to play with” and in that moment he puts his clothes on and goes to where his team is because they are playing again verses Steve’s team for the finales and he is running as fast as he can and he is going to play with the same game an idea but he wants to win this time.

Mike goes and changes in the locker room and hurries up to be next to his team to win and when he goes out everyone goes and looks at him like he was a ghost because they thought he would never ever walk or play basketball again and so the coach pus him in and he gets the ball will his mom get in the stadium she Mike going for the same dunk style as the first on and the dunk that put him in a long coma Steve is going to bloke him but Mike goes and pushes Steve back words and he make the dunk that make his team win all of his team get up and carry Mike to get the get their medal because they won and they are so happy also his mom.

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