The Betrayed

June 10, 2011
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“It all happened so fast, they came out of no where,” Troy stammered as cold sweat ran down his face. ”I-I tried to fight back but -but there were too many of them.”
‘We know Mr. Richards we are looking as hard as we can,” The agent said before getting interrupted.
“LOOK HARDER,” Troy interrupted before stomping out of the debriefing room.
“I still can’t believe it.” Troy thought as he walked out of the building to his government issued Escalade. When he got in his SUV he just sat there and stared into the blackness of the night sky thinking “How did I let this happen? “ When he put his keys in the ignition and turned, the SUV came to life and said “hello Troy where do you want to go?”
“Home,” Troy replied not knowing where else to go.
As he drove down the lonely Woodland highway, window wipers at full speed, he wondered “what was he going to do now?” Then all of a sudden the Bluetooth in the SUV went off and it asked” Troy the director of the C.I.A is calling, would you like to accept the call?”
“Yes… hello Director,” Troy said.
“Hello MR. President,” the director said coolly, “we’re doing all we can to find the people who did this.”
“I know you are Tom, just call me if you find anything,” Troy said.
“Alright,” the director replied before hanging up the phone.
As Troy rolled up to the big white house the gate was opened. Where’s the guard, he should be here 24/7 he wondered. But he was tired, and didn’t care, so he went up anyway. It was surprisingly quiet in his house tonight when normally it was very busy with his business associates always at the house until ten. Then he remembered it was the weekend and got into the elevator that went to his office. The view as he walked inside would scar him for the rest of his life. Two of his body guards were lying on the floor lifeless and his desk drawers were open, papers scattered all around the room and his safe, in which only he knew the password, was open. He yelled for more of his body guards even though he knew none of them would come. He bolted out of his office and ran to the garage. As he got to the garage he hopped into the driver’s seat of the SUV and sped to the gate. He drove straight thru the gate and headed to the highway. As Troy entered the Highway he called the Director, and screamed “Tom they broke into my house and took all my files, all the guards are dead!”
“Alright calm down Troy come to my office we need to get you somewhere safe,” He replied
“OK will be there in five minutes,” Troy said as he hung up the phone.
He went as fast as he could down the highway, and When Troy pulled into the compound he noticed there were only a few cars there not like the normal one hundred or two hundred that was usually there. But that didn’t surprise him because they probably didn’t want a lot of people to see a big caravan of SUV’s leave the compound. When Troy walked into the compound he walked straight to the Director’s office. But when he was walking through the maze of cubicles that were scattered inside it, an eerie feeling came over him. He realized no one was there, not even a security guard. He turned around to head back to his car. Then two men snuck up behind him, and smacked him on the back of the head. When he woke up, he realized he was in the director’s office. The Director pulled out a pistol and said coldly, “I’m sorry Troy, you know too much, it’s nothing personal, you understand, right?”
But Before Troy could say anything, the Director pulled the trigger. Troy hit the ground and slowly his eyes closed watching his life dissolve before him. It was a miracle When Troy opened his eyes, and he found himself in a tiny candle lit room that had a musty smell to it. He tried to get up even though he knew he probably wouldn’t be able too. He laid there in a daze for hours thinking about the events of the last few days. “How could the Director do that?”
“We were friends” he thought when someone knocked on his door, and came in. The person who came in was a short elderly women no taller then five feet and she had a huge grin on her face, and said with a southern accent “why, your awake, I was worryin der for a second, but I knew you would’ve pulled through.”
“Who are you?” He whispered.
“Oh I’m sorry; my name is Conny with a “y”. You shouldn’t be a talking that was one nasty bullet you had der. You’re lucky I found you or you would’ve have been dead weeks ago,” She replied casually.
“WEEKS?! I’ve been out for weeks?” Troy said as loud as he could in the state he was in.
“Duhh,” She chastised.
“Have you seen the news?” He asked.
“No I don’t get any of dat T.V. stuff out here and I haven’t been to town since I found you,” She said.
“Dang-it, when can I go? I’ve got to get back to Washington D.C.,” he said.
“D.C.? How did you get all the way out here in the middle of the bayou? She questioned.
“I’m in Mississippi?” Troy replied confusingly.
“Dang straight,” she replied
“Conny can you please take me to the nearest town, I need to call someone.
“Sure, I can do that, but I got to warn you dem swamps are filled wit gaters,” She stated.
“It doesn’t matter let’s just go,” Troy said.
As they drove the airboat down the humid swamp Troy was thinking the worst for his country. “How could I let them do this?” he thought “I’m the President and he still shot me?”
The closet place that had a phone was a little town called “Pilottown”. When they got to Pilottown no one was there, it looked like a ghost town from an old western movie. All of the cars were gone, windows broken with glass everywhere. They searched the tiny town, and finally found a phone in an old rundown restaurant. They went inside, and Troy called the only person he could trust…collect. The person on the other line picked up the phone instantly.
“Matt…thank God, it’s Troy”.
“Troy! Everyone thinks you’re dead, where are you?!” Matt exclaimed.
“I’m in a little place called Pilottown. Matt, you gotta come get me, I have to get back to the Whitehouse, it was the Director…he he shot me” said Troy.
“Alright, I’m on my way, we gotta tell the Secret Service.” He replied. “Tell me where you are.”
Troy gave Matt the details of his location and hung up the phone confident that Matt would be there for him.
Back in D.C., as Matt hung up the phone he turned to the Director, and said “We’ve got him.”

Troy sat for hours waiting for Matt, but as he look out of the broken window of the old moldy restaurant, he saw a cascade of black air boats coming his way .Knowing something was wrong Troy got up, and bolted toward the airboat yelling “Conny we have to go.”
He jumped into the airboat, and they were off. The other boats were chasing them around the swamp, and firing there assault rifles rapidly trying to hit them. Constantly having to swerve around debris in the water some of the other boats were crashing, and going out of control. At the sight of all the mayhem Conny yelled out with a wild look in her eyes “I’ve hadent been in something this thrillin since the fifties.”

“Good for you Conny but I don’t want to die, so keep your eyes on the water,” Troy yelled back

“Blah blah blah, quit bein a sissy, and grab my 12 gauge from under the seat,” she smirked.

“Why do you have a 12 gauge on your boat,” he replied.

“How’d you think I got my gater skin boots?” she replied sarcastically.

Knowing the conversation was going to go no where and not wanting to be shot; Troy grabbed the gun from under the seat, and started firing. It seemed as if the chaos went on for hours with all of the swerving, and shooting. But finally a bullet hit the engine of the airboat, and the airboat started to die. The other airboats started circling around the boat, and the Director’s boat came up to Troy’s. he came out, and said” it’s all over Troy; put the gun down there’s nothing you can do.”

Troy reluctantly threw down the 12 gauge and put his hands up. “Good, now we can have a little talk,” the director smirked.

The Director hopped onto Troy’s boat, and pulled out a gun. Then he said” Troy, Troy, Troy, if only you weren’t so nosey,” and then he cocked it.

“I don’t care what you do to me just please release my family, and don’t hurt them,” He replied.

The Director leaned in and whispered “we never were.”
Troy was baffled in the last few seconds he lived. Then there was the dreadful pop that he had once heard before but he knew he wasn’t going to make it this time.

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