Another Long Lost Daughter

June 9, 2011
By Chocolata BRONZE, Donald, Oregon
Chocolata BRONZE, Donald, Oregon
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Knots at the pit of my stomach formed as the Luan Empire came into view. My mind went blank, but there was only one thing I could think of. Only One thing sent a chill up my spine; I would have rather been to the pit of a volcano than ever had to see this place again.
As the car stopped I went to go unbuckle my seat belt. The Luan jumped out as fast as he could and grabbed me before I could move another inch. He shoved me onto the ground, and my face smacked right into it. I slowly looked down at the dirt; one of my tears slowly fell and sunk into it. Raising my head, my eyes fell upon the lion with the snake in its mouth. It sent a warm feeling in my gut. My first instinct was to fight, but no matter how hard I tried they always found me.
Getting lifted from the ground everything became so clear; his grip on my arm that felt like venomous teeth biting into my flesh; the pain of remembering what had occurred behind those doors. Not knowing what else to do I swung my arm around which released his grip and I kicked him in the butt. Then sending a karate kick to his chest he went flying into the water fountain. He disappeared.
“Excellent work my young Luan!” the leader of the Luans, Fuahkee, said as he advanced down the golden steps.
Everything I had been thinking dropped to the back of my head as I looked into his eyes. I started to see double of everything. Why must this happen? Is all I could think as I started to faint.
“Wake up!” something smashed against my cheek, leaving me with an aching pain that sent an electric feeling all through my body.
Right before the metal bat hit my face I stopped it with my hand and spit in Luan’s face.
“Ah you filthy Snakas!” he screamed, “I don’t know why Fuahkee would ever think you would be his long lost daughter.”
That stopped me from kicking him in the place where it counts. Finally snapping out of it I noticed were I was at. Instead of in the nasty cell they always kept Snakas in, I was laying on a gold colored couch. The view was a remarkable sight. It looked like a room you would find in a castle.
“Why am I here?”
“I have been asking myself the same question. He should have just put you in with the rest of the Snakas children. No maybe at 17 you would go with the adults to die. Never mind I better stop babbling before he sends me to the pits also. Now get up Master Fuahkee would like to see you in the dining room this instant.”
I took a good look at this evil Luan. He had gray hair that was tied back in a ponytail. He looked something like a Chinese market owner. His eyes were a soft baby blue, but his voice was as rough as the edges on a knife.
The thought of running was the first thing that popped in my head, but as I rose the hunger in my stomach became very clear.
“That sounds good.” Is all I said daring not to argue.
I started towards the dining room with the Chinese next to me. As I crossed a picture with a boat in it I got an idea. “Will Mr. Fuahkee be eating with us?”
“Yes he will. Why do you ask? Are you up to something? How did you know? Oh never mind I’ll shut up now.”
I tried not to laugh but I didn’t succeed.
“What’s so funny?” The look on his face made me regret ever thinking what I was about ready to do. But I knew better.
I sat there with Mr. Fuahkee. He had blonde curly hair that suited his green eyes. Around six foot was my guess. But I dared not to mess with him. There was something about him that I couldn’t figure out; like we had a special connection. No, no, no, get that thought out of your head, he’s the leader of the Luans!
“So Mia you think you are a Snakas,” was all he said then got up and left.
Now what was I supposed to do? I sat there alone. My cheeks felt like they were on fire. Embarrassment was filling me and I had no clue why. Maybe because I was sitting here in the Luan dining room lounging while my people were out there going extinct. I was one of the last of my kind. Tears threatened to escape but I kept them in. My mother was the leader of the Snakas, but now she was gone. Just like the rest. I was told to run. I was told to never surrender. Way to follow two simple tasks.
Ten minutes later I still was left alone to my own thoughts. Why would he say that I thought I was a Snakas? I was. Wasn’t I?
Finally after ages he came back in, “So did you have fun?” I wanted to smack him but I remained silent and attempted to give him my evil glare. It didn’t work out so well. Master Fuahkee started to burst out into laughter that sounded much like my own.
“Okay let’s get to the chase. I have two options. One I throw you in with the rest of the kids. Two I raise you to become what you really are. A Luan.”
That was it. Filled with unbearable anger I grabbed for my glass of water, “how about this option,” I splashed him in the face. While he was still recovering I used my palm and smacked him in the nose; making him scream in pain.
I ran for the door. Rule one.
As I started towards the hall sirens went off from all sides, “all this just for me?” I muttered to myself.
Sprinting for the main entrance I looked behind. There was at least forty Luans trailing behind. I dove for the door and did a summersault all the way down the stairs. Al though I expected to not be able to walk again, I jumped up with a feeling that I had never felt before; power.
My mind went blank when I caught a glimpse of what was coming after me. Not knowing what else to do I dove for the fountain.
Now when you usually go swimming or something you expect to have the feeling of creamy lotion to prepare for the rush of cold air, But not this time. One minute I remember getting ready to the water, and the next I appeared right in a cave.
“Oh no,” was all I had to say. A creeping feeling moved from my toes all the way up to my cheeks. The cave looked like it went on forever, but I couldn’t tell. There was nothing to see. The only thing I could hear was a soft noise that sounded like printer. My heartbeat sped up and I knew that something bad was going to happen.
Just one step at a time was all I could think. I didn’t dare to let my mind travel to the possibilities of what laid ahead. Just like that it happened. I caught something move far into the dark. Panic overfilled my thoughts and I fell against the wall. Only it didn’t save me. I went crashing through it and landed right on top of a Luan.
“What the….?” I did not give him time to finish.
As I gently laid him on the ground I took a look at my surrounding. That’s when I dropped. Stone cold like a fish.
Heavily breathing I attempted to prop myself up. NO! NO! NO! Was all I could think right that second. There were two monitors. One was showing kids. The ones I have been searching all over the world for. The other was a line of adults. Snakas adults. I had no clue where it led but by the look on there faces I knew it meant one thing; Death. This wasn’t what made my heart stop. This didn’t send goose bumps all over my body. What did was who was in charge of this. My mother.
Fuahkee’s voice came out of nowhere, “Give up my little Mia. You will never be able to save any of them now.”

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