Animal Trading

June 3, 2011
By Melandru777 BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
Melandru777 BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
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Jane Hughes: A wildlife scientist who is researching the rarest bird in Africa.
Clyde Owen: Jane’s research assistant in Africa, who turns out to be the antagonist of the play.
Sheriff Nelson: The sheriff who helps put away Clyde for his crime.
Jailer: Plays a very small part in the play, a minor character.
Officer Dent: Another minor character who helps Sheriff Nelson.

Scene I: Takes place in the wilderness of Africa, where Jane and Clyde are trying to find the rarest bird.

Clyde: Jane, can we stop and take a break? We’ve been walking for hours.
Jane: (Rolls her eyes) Alright, fine. One short break, but that’s all, we have to find this bird.
Clyde: Why is this particular bird so important anyways?
Jane: Clyde, this is the rarest bird in Africa, the last of its species. If we can get it back to the lab for research, we have a chance of getting it to reproduce, through advanced scientific means.
Clyde: Ok, what kind of bird is it, and what does it look like?
Jane: It is called the Green-and-yellow parrot. It has a green body, with yellow wings, with a darker green beak.
Clyde: How far are we from where it’s supposed to be?
Jane: Well, according to my map, we are about two miles from the radius I have circled. It is a three mile radius, so it could be a long search unfortunately.
Clyde: How should we start the search?
Jane: We’re on the west side of the radius, so we’ll sweep from west to east and hope to find the parrot.

Scene II: Jane and Clyde have reached the radius and have begun their search for the rare parrot.

Jane: Have you found anything yet?
Clyde: Nope, not yet.
Jane: Me neither, but we’ll keep trying.
(Jane and Clyde continue to search.)
Clyde: Hey Jane, I think I found something. Come here.
Jane: (Rushes over to Clyde) What did you find?
Clyde: A feather that looks like the description that you gave me.
Jane: (Examines the feather) Great job Clyde, this is the correct feather. We must be close to the bird then. Tread very quietly; we don’t want to scare it away.
Clyde: (Covers Jane’s mouth) Shh! Look up in the tree right in front of us.
Jane: (Whispers) What is it, I don’t see anything?
Clyde: The parrot, it’s right in front of us in that tree. It has excellent camouflage, but you can see it if you look closely.
Jane: Oh my goodness, that’s amazing! I never knew it could blend into its surroundings. I’ll hold the food out, and you quickly put it into the cage.
Clyde: I’m ready, go for it.
(Jane holds out the food, and the parrot inches closer to her hand. It starts eating the food, and Clyde quickly puts it into the cage.
Jane: Great work, I can’t wait to get it back to the lab.
Clyde: Sorry Jane, this is going with me…
(Clyde sprints off with the stolen bird)

Scene III: Jane runs back to town to alert the Sheriff about the stolen bird.

Jane: Sheriff, come quick and help!
Sheriff: What’s wrong Jane?
Jane: My assistant Clyde stole the Green-and-yellow parrot, the one that we were trying to research.
Sheriff: I’ll run a quick background check to see if I can find any leads. What’s his last name?
Jane: Owen.
Sheriff: Ok, it says here that he has a past of illegal animal trading within the underground black market.
Jane: Are you serious?! I had an animal criminal under my nose the entire time, and I didn’t have the slightest clue. How are we going to find him?
Sheriff: We have an animal trader downtown right now. We’ll get some answers out of him.
Jane: Ok, let’s get going then.

Scene IV: Jane and the sheriff go to the jail to interrogate the animal trader, Sylvester Mach.

Sheriff: Jane, you can wait outside the room. Give me ten minutes to get some answers. The man’s name is Sylvester Mach.
Sheriff: (Enters the interrogation room, and proceeds to ask questions) So Sylvester, I need some answers, and you will give them to me, either peacefully, or through other means if necessary.
Sylvester: You will get nothing out of me sheriff! You are a liar and a coward!
Sheriff: (Slams his fist on the table) Shut your mouth you filthy criminal! I fight to protect this town from scum like you who are trying to ruin us all. I will get my answers one way or another.
Sylvester: You will get nothing!
Sheriff: (Grabs his brass knuckles and puts them on his fist) This is your last chance to give me answers without getting hurt. Will you choose to give me anything?
Sylvester: (Spits on the sheriff’s shoes and gives him the finger)
(The sheriff swings and connects with Sylvester’s jaw. Blood erupts from his lip. Sylvester is reeling over in pain, and panting trying to catch his breath.)
Sheriff: How does that feel? Give me some answers now!
Sylvester: (Blood trickling down his mouth) Never! I will remain loyal to my fellow brothers.
(Smack! The brass knuckles split open Sylvester’s mouth and a chunk of his lip falls to the floor.)
Sylvester: Ok I’ll tell you! Just stop, I can’t take this anymore!
Sheriff: I knew you would come around. Tell me what you know.
Sylvester: The main hideout for the animal trading market is just two miles west of here. It is an old rundown warehouse. You should find him there.
Sheriff: Thank you for your cooperation, Sylvester. (Turns to the jailer) Get this man cleaned up and give him a fresh, hot meal for his cooperation.
Jailer: Yes sir, right away.
Sheriff: I’ll be back later, I’ve got work to do.

Scene V: Jane and the sheriff have arrived at the location of the underground base. It is as described, an old shabby warehouse.

Sheriff: Jane, wait for me while I go inside. This could get dangerous.
(The sheriff quietly opens the door and peeks inside. No one is in his line of vision, so he steps inside and closes the door behind him. One inside, he notices rows and rows of animal cages with exotic species locked inside. He quickly radios in backup, who say they can be there in about ten minutes. The sheriff proceeds to walk down the hallway, and hears voices coming from inside the next set of double doors. He peeks in the window and notices a meeting taking place, with Clyde presiding over the meeting, holding the parrot. Sheriff Nelson looks behind and notices his backup has arrived; Officer Dent, along with a few recruits.)
Sheriff: Thank you for showing up Dent. This is a big one. Are you ready for this?
Dent: Absolutely, let’s go.
(Sheriff Nelson and Officer Dent beat down the door and point their guns at the crowd of traders.)
Sheriff: Freeze everyone, don’t move! You are all under arrest for illegal animal trading.
(Clyde starts to run, but the sheriff shoots him in the leg to incapacitate him.)
Sheriff: Get this man in handcuffs right now!
(The sheriff walks up to the stage and grabs the bird while the officers continue their arrests. He tells the officers to free the animals when they finish their arrests. He walks outside and notices Jane standing there.)
Sheriff: (Gives the bird to Jane) here you go Jane. Clyde is under arrest, along with a group of other animal traders as well.
Jane: Thank you so much sheriff. You have made this world a safer place, while assisting me in my research.
Sheriff: I’m glad I could help. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have more work to do…
(End of play)

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my creative writing class for school, and it deals with a serious modern issue-Animal trading/poaching.

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