DuWan Greenhorn and the Search for the Diamond Sword

June 2, 2011
By Anonymous

It was all over. He had lost everything. He lost the crew, the treasure and his ship (and I think they took his kidney, too.) Yep, he had everything in his grasp and he let it all slip between his fingers.

From early childhood, DuWan Greenhorn showed a promising future. He figured out how to captain his father’s ship, the Killer Bee, at age 6 and became the second-mate by age 8. His knowledge of the seas was very good for such a little boy. DuWan’s father died when he was 10 and left DuWan the ship and it’s crew o’ lionhearted men. DuWan was sad his father died but very happy he inherited the ship. He constantly daydreamed about all the adventures he would go on, all the treasure he would find, all the babes he would score. The pirate’s life sure was a sweet one.
“Hey stupid! Wake up!”
“Whaaaaa....” DuWan’s second mate, Dexter Mcgee, was interrupting one of his daydreams again.
“There’s an English ship full of treasure out in the Atlantic. Wanna go on a raid?” Dexter said.
“Sure!” DuWan replied, excitedly. He had never been on a real raid. The ship sailed out from the harbor.
“Let’s do this thing.” Dexter said. The ship approached them through the mist. DuWan screamed,
“FIRE!” And the cannons boomed. The first cannon ball struck the English ship hard. The mast fell off and so did the sails. The second cannon also struck the English ship. This time, it hit the actual ship. As the crew of the english ship jumps off the edge, DuWan’s crew jumped on. They got all the gold in the safe and when DuWan went to check out the scene in the captain’s room, he found a mysterious canister. DuWan tried to open it but it was locked. The ship was sinking, fast DuWan needed that key! He searched the room but found nothing. Wait, there was a trapdoor in the floor. DuWan opened it up and found the key right as the ship was completely submerged. He swam back to his boat where dexter let the ladder down.
“Thanks, bro” DuWan said to Dexter. When DuWan got back to his room, he opened up the canister. He saw a map! The map was in a foreign language that DuWan recognized as the language of the Americans or “english”. DuWan had an American crew member named John Smith. John translated the map and it was a treasure map! The treasure was deep in the Americas near what is now Kansas.
“What is the treasure?” DuWan asked.
“It looks like a diamond sword” John replied.
“I gotta have that diamond sword!” DuWan yelled. And thus the quest began.

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