Falco Island

June 8, 2011
By Jordan Thompson BRONZE, Issaquah, Washington
Jordan Thompson BRONZE, Issaquah, Washington
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Thunder pounded the air as waves tumbled into each other crashing creating rapid towers of water throwing Billi from one current to the next. Billi’s boat that he had arrived on sank when it ran into an unknown object in the water. It could not have been a rock or land for it hit then scrapped the bottom as it moved away, splashing and throwing water at every moment.

What seemed like hours upon hours later, Billi felt the grain of sand itching against his head. He had finally washed up upon a beach of an Island. It took days for Billi to finally circle the island and unfortunately he found no one to greet him and no sign of life itself. The first thing that Billi saw on the Island was a six foot wingspan falcon. Since Billi had no idea where he even was, he named the island after that first majestic sight. Falco Island.
Billi began building his shelter and fire since he instantly knew it will be a while before anyone finds him, if they do at all. His shelter began out as a simple lean-to between a few palm trees near the edge of the beach. The shelter would last him for now, until a greater need for a stronger shelter would arise. Billi went without fire for the first 3 days until eventually supplies and pieces of his boat began arriving to the beach. On the third day, a box of survival gear that was under the seat of the boat arrived on the beach. Within the box were flint and steel as well as a bowie knife and a few other small yet useful tools.

The first night with fire seemed like a brand new hope for Billi. He could finally boil water from a nearby stream and could cook the food that he would someday catch. Billi wasted his days upon days trying to catch a fish until one night he walked down to the shore with a torch when he heard a splash in the water. Suddenly a school of fish swam right past his feet. The fish must have been attracted to the light reflection from the torch. From that night on, Billi had what he needed to survive, at least for the time.

As time went on, Billi’s skills of survival grew exponentially. His fire starting skills were as easy as lighting a gas drenched wheat field. His shelter grew from the ground up and was eventually turned into a tree house. It had a full on roof, separate rooms, and was the Ritz of Falco Island. Food had become no problem for Billi he had an ample amount of fish, coconuts, and random meats and fruits that he found within the forest behind his shelter. Besides being completely lost and having little hope of being found, Billi had pretty much everything he needed.
That was until weird events began happening. At random times of the day and nights, Billi would see glimpses of humanistic figures from far down the beach or would hear strange sounds during his sleep. After these types of events kept happening, Billi eventually decided to set a trap along the beach. So early the next morning, Billi went out and began setting up his flawless trap. As the darkness slowly lay down across the island, Billi was running out of time as the man came around the corner of the cliff towards Billi’s trap that he had set. Billi watched and watched but the man simply came around the corner and froze as he stared out into the ocean. Billi eventually grew tired and returned home. Later that night, he heard the sound, the sound of his snare whipping back and catching on to the man. When Billi arrived he had finally saw it. Billi quickly grabbed a torch and ran to the water. As he crept towards the trap closer and closer, all he could hear was the sound of the rope creaking along the tree branch and the sound of the waves crashing against the shoreline. Billi then raised his torch and saw a younger looking man swinging from his tree; his foot caught in the noose.
The man looked like he was in his younger side of his 30’s and had a blank look on his face as if he was lost in a city of skyscrapers. Billi tied his hands together and then his feet right after he let the man down. After arriving back at his camp, Billi tied the man to a beam in the corner of his tree house and gave him a small ration of fish, coconut, and fresh water. That night, as well as the next three nights after that, the island grew louder than ever with shrieks and more noises of footsteps from below Billi’s hut.
After four straight nights, the man that Billi had captured had not said one work as well as never even changing his facial expression. But during the fourth afternoon, while Billi was out spear fishing the tide pools left by mother earth and her low tide, Billi came back to his hut to find that the man had escaped from what seemed impossible to get out of. As Billi turned to look around his hut to see if anything was taken, the man was standing in the corner admiring a picture that Billi had drawn on a larger chunk of bark. On that piece of bark, Billi drew a picture of his mother, father, brother, two sisters, and the family dogs. The man turned to Billi with a worried yet subtle look on his face. The man began to speak to Billi, “Son, how did you get here?” Billi replied, “I’m pretty sure that’s what I ought to be asking you right now sir.” The man’s expression almost rose for a second before it fell back down to its horridness worries, “My story cannot be fully explained at this time, but right now you need to get out of this place immediately. There are things that go on here, things that happen to people like me who started out just like you. Get outta here, immediately.” Suddenly part of Billi’s hut was ripped off and the man was yanked up into the air and smashed down into the water. Billi had no idea what it was that took the man but all he knew was he had to get the hell out of there. He grabbed his hunting gear, flint and steel, picture of his family, and anything else he could carry as sprinted out of the house dodging the debris being left by the thing in the water. Billi headed for the one place that he knew he would be safe.
After what seemed like hours upon hours he knew he was almost to his hide away. He had travel this path only once and had never came back up it ever since. The path was completely overgrown since it had been years since he was here. The day he found this scar of disaster happened two and a half years prior to this day. He came up this long and winding trail hunting for any fowl or wild pigs that he could find. Eventually he began to reach the top of what seemed like an endless trail and he walked out into a small plain of grass surrounded by a rim of trees and brush. Out of nowhere, a pig came sprinting by out of the trees, Billi drew his arrow back beyond his shoulder and released his arrow at lightning speed, the first arrow missed the pig and ricochet off of a nearby tree and ended its flight by hitting something making a loud, metal scrapping, ear piercing noise. Billi ran over to where his arrow had landed and began cutting down the some of the brush around what began to look like a body of an old rusted out car. Eventually Billi reached the window of the vehicle and looked inside. When he looked inside he realized that this was not a car but an airplane and in the right seat of the cockpit, was a skeleton of what used to be the pilot of the aircraft. Billi instantly turned around and ran for his shelter.
Now two years later, he arrives back at the aircraft to hide from whatever it is that the man had warned him about. Billi knows that this place will keep him safe at least long enough for him to decide on what to do. He camped outside of the plane for a couple of days until finally he decided to journey inside. Inside he found no seats and no cabin of an aircraft. Instead, along the sides of the plane were lab equipment, chemical stations, and money scattered all around. Billi slowly walked towards the back of the plane where he could hear a mysterious high pitched screech. Billi opened the door.
Billi looked down the long and dark staircase that went down underneath the plane and into the Earth. All of a sudden, at the bottom of the staircase, Billi was slashed in the back of his legs and he fell down onto a nearby table where he was knocked unconscious.
The next thing that Billi remembers is waking up in a shack being tied to the corner of the hut. He slowly wiggled his way out of the noose that he was tied with and untied his feet. He got up and walked to the other side of the hut where he found a picture, hanging from the wall. On this piece of bark was a sketch of his old family. All of a sudden everything from that night came back to him. Just then a young boy walked into the room…
The End

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