Assassin for Hire: Repercussions

June 2, 2011
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I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed it, the odd stabbing pain that I felt in my side. It had been after I turned around, and glanced back to see why James wasn’t following me. He was staring at me his eyes wide, with an emotion that I couldn’t read.

“James…what the h*ll is wrong with you?” I asked, my helmet still on. It was only then that I noticed something I hadn’t noticed before, a knife…in the hand of the man that I had just decapitated. Putting two and two together, I didn’t want to look down.

My hands moved down over my side though, and I could already tell that something was wrong. My hand was warm…but like a fluid warmth, blood. My own blood.

There was only a momentary pause, before I fell down to my knees, my face paling considerably. This was not happening, this never should have happened. If I was on my own, then this would have never happened. James stared back at me, and I couldn’t help but let out a nervous sound.

“**** h-hold on…” he said, as I stared up at him. “I’ll get rid of the body…quick.” He said, and I didn’t know what he did, all I knew was that it was quick. He took the knife from the man, and handed it over to me. Before taking my weapons and helmet. “I swear to god, I’ll be back soon.” He said, as he removed his jacket.

He handed it to me, all playfulness gone from his eyes. Just looking serious. There was another pause, before he took me, and picked me up. Never been picked up by someone before…asides from my parents. And he hid the weapons…flipped up the trunk compartment on my motorcycle, and quickly locking it.
“No blood on us…except ours…” he said, as he fished a cellphone out of his packet, and leaned me against a wall.
“Say it was a mugging…we live in New York, City…nobody will even think twice.” She muttered, as she frowned and clutched harder onto her side.
I heard him place the call, and everything was going fuzzy. There was another pause, before I fell off into some weird state of being. I could hear the sirens, see the lights and hear the frenzied footsteps of the people. There was an odd sensation of being picked up off the ground, and then moving.
Something I felt though that I wasn’t expecting…was a hand in my own. And that was the last thought I had, before I drifted off into an unnatural sleep, blood loss finally causing me to lose consciousness.
I don’t remember what happened between then, and when I woke up. All I remember was waking up, and being blinded by fluorescent lights, before everything went black again, and I woke up in a less bright room.
“Everything’s numb…” I muttered, as I kept my eyes closed, not wanting to open them and having the light hurt my eyes. I opened them slightly, shielding them with my eyes, before feeling an odd sensation in my wrist.
“Huh…” I muttered, as I glanced down at my wrist, vision fuzzy due to a lack of my glasses.
“Um…here Kara.” Said a voice that was undeniably James’, as he slid my glasses onto my noise, and I looked up at him. Then back to my wrist, where I could see that I was tethered to some IV drip…thing. Somebody else’s blood running back into my body, I didn’t like the feeling of that. Though if that medication was keeping me from feeling anymore pain, I was good.
He looked nervous though, and I raised an eyebrow. Wondering what could make him feel that way, since it wasn’t the same kind of emotion he showed when I had gotten stabbed.
“What’s wrong with you?” I grumbled, as I forced myself up into a sitting position. Ignoring the pain that shot out from the area where the wound was.
“U-Um…” he stammered, and James never stammered. “Well…since you’re only seventeen.” He started, and I stared up at him. “They may have called your parents…” he said, as my eyes went wide.
“F***…” I grumbled, “F***, F***, F***.” I growled, I hadn’t seen my parents since I graduated from high school.
And I hadn’t been expecting them, until I started my next semester at the local college in autumn. I needed warning when they came.
They were old fashioned, and frankly, they wanted to control every aspect of my life they could. The only reason I was even allowed college, was because I’d promised not to do any drinking or drugs. Not that I had, I was a killer, I wasn’t a moron. And they never banned killing. So…I was safe there right?
“You’re kidding me, right?” I asked, as I stared over to him, my eyes narrowed at the boy. I didn’t care if he was the reason I was in the hospital, I needed to snap at him.
“This never would have happened if I had gone by myself!” I yelled, balling my hands into fists, and pounding once against the bed once, anger rippling through me.
Woah…anger could really make you dizzy.
“C-Calm down Kara…” muttered James, as he sat down on the edge of her bed. He wrapped the arm closest to me around my shoulder, and tugged me against him lightly.
“Ya think they’ll like me?” he asked, as he gave a sheepish smile, trying to cover up how nervous he was about everything. Frankly, I didn’t think my parents would ever meet the boy. So I hadn’t exactly told them.
“They don’t like anything…” I grumbled, refusing to look at him for about five seconds, until I stole a quick glance at him. “B-But…I’m sure that they’d like you if you got to know them.” I muttered.
Yeah, mommy and daddy will love the assassin, why don’t you mention your job while you’re at it. As far as they knew she was working part-time in one of the local grocery store. Being an assassin paid slightly better than that.
There was a pause, and a tension in the air that could be cut. Then the creak of the hospital door opening, I didn’t even have to look up.
“Hey mom…dad.”

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