The Day Knight

June 1, 2011
By ForrestGump BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
ForrestGump BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
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If You Love Someone, Set It Free. If It Comes Back To You, It Is Yours. If It Doesn't It Never Was.

One year in 2011, there were five kids named Justin, Logan, Ashleigh, Hannah, and David. They all were motocross riders, except Hannah and Ashleigh. But Logan, Logan was the best of all. He had the best gear, the best bike, and the best tricks. But Justin his best friend, wanted to be just like him but there was problem, he was moving to Tennessee.

It was just going to be temporarily, just for a few month's, But he just didn't want to go. When they were getting ready, his friends wanted to say goodbye, and his sisters and brothers. Then they took off to Clinton, Tennessee.

Finally, he arrived. He arrived at the house of his Great Uncle Danny's. At first Justin thought he was going to have a great time there, but on second thought, maybe not. Justin hated it so much he wanted to take his dirt bike, and high tail it out of there, so he did. But there was one problem, the rich money, the great tasting food, and two-stroke gasoline. So Justin while everybody was sleeping, snuck into his Uncle Danny's room, but luckily, his Uncle Danny wasn't there. So got into his dresser, and took five-hundred dollars in cash. he took five packages of twinkies, and zingers, a nice cooked steak, and for breakfast a waffle. After he was packed and ready to go he said good-bye to his dad, and left. Justin rode for a good four hours that day and started to run out of gas. So he stopped at the Quickie Mart, 300 miles from Clinton. But for him, that was a bad idea. He forgot that his Uncle Danny was on a business trip, and was standing right in front of him. Right after he had seen him, he charged out the door, and took off on his dirt bike. But he forgot about the speed limit and was going forty miles over the limit. So now, Justin was in a high speed chase down M-40 highway, and wasn't planning on stopping. So he took a dirt road that looked like a road to a motocross track that he had forgotten about in Stanton, Michigan. And Justin knows that cops can't ride on a motocross track because, it would snap the suspension, and the cops would be totaled. So Justin jumped a large tabletop and took off into the woods, while the cops were stuck in Losertown, Michigan. And Justin said, “Next time don't try and stop me”. So finally, Justin made it. It took him all day, and all night. And his dad was right behind him. So life went on normal as can be, and for Justin life was back to normal.

The author's comments:
This piece inspired me because i was a dirt bike fanatic and wish that i can become a professional racer.

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