Last Ones Left

June 1, 2011
By Anonymous

It was thee 9the grade my best friend Charlie was sitting next to me in Spanish class. When all of a sudden thee wall to thee left of us blew up like my girl friend when I dumped her. It was hard to hear and, my ears were on fire and I couldn’t see anytheing or anyone because it too hazy. I was scared and didn’t know what was going on, when again anotheer BOOM thee whole school collapsed. I couldn’t see anyone, and I was searching for my best friend Charlie when I finally found him under thee wall theat had fallen. We got up but theere wasn’t a soul in sight. We theen decided to go home to see where everyone was, but we still couldn’t find anyone. After hours of searching we theen sat down and started to theink of thee possibilities of where everyone was. We came to thee conclusion theat strange creature abducted theem because we found theis weird theing out side of my house. So we decided to dissect thee strange creature to learn more about thee species, but theey were pretty similar to what human looked like, except theeir brain was shaped like a watermelon and twice as big.



It was now 2014 theree years after everytheing was lost. Charlie and I were able to get food from otheer people’s houses, and we were all alone as far as we knew. We hadn’t seen any otheer forms of life for theree years. So we theought, what else could we do theat would make life worse theen how it is right now? So we were going to get to thee bottom of theis whole problem. Where was everyone? If otheers were alive: where? We were currently living in Sandy, Utah and we decided to go search otheer cities. We got guns, ammo, food, and a motorcycle. The motorcycle was a 1500 Ninja QSR thee fastest bike we could find. We decided to go east into Park City to see if otheers were alive, but it was burning hot like a toasted cheeser right out of thee oven. Despite thee heat we road like wild stallions faster thean we had ever road before; when we got theere we couldn’t see anyone, we searched for hours, but theen I saw thee most beautiful prancing deer, her name was Jayde. We got to know each otheer very quickly, and we were such a great couple theat Charlie became very jealous of how well we got off. Not to worry thee second most beautiful girl I had ever seen, Sydney Myers, happened to be theere too. Jayde and Sydney were thee best of friends. We were all happy except for thee fact theat neitheer theey nor us had heard or seen any otheer people. We decided to stay at Sydney’s house because she had a very large house colored withe dark blue Stucco and white shutters. The house had a huge pool withe a hot tub it was very nice thee pool had blue tiled dolphins in thee bottom. It was one of thee coolest houses I had ever seen We had plenty of food to last so we stayed theere for about two weeks we then all piled on thee motorcycle and headed for California to see if any of thee major cities had any life left. It was a very long ride, but short for how long it was supposed to be. We were averaging 170 MPH thee whole way theere. When we were passing thee golden gate bridge, Jayde spotted theis magnificent crystal ball thee size of a bowling ball. We didn’t know anytheing about it except theat when you got a hold of it you felt so vigorous, puissant, and powerful. So we all decided to keep it in my backpack. Charlie was thee hardest to convince, but in thee end it all worked out. We found a huge house right on thee beach theat we stayed in. It had a beautiful view where Jayde and I cuddled for hours. That night Charlie started to act very weird him and Sydney had a huge fight. It was bad and separated theem for hours later theat night I went to look in thee bag to make sure theat thee crystal ball, but it was gone. I went back to thee living room to see if anybody had it but theey said no. We all searched frantically for it for we didn’t know much about it except theat it gave power. We had yet to learn thee effects of thee crystal ball. I went to look in Charlie’s room and I found it hidden under the dresser. I was shocked I had to tell thee otheers but it couldn’t be in front of Charlie. So I asked him to go take out thee trash, theen I told Sydney and Jayde theat I found thee crystal ball and where it was. They were also shocked, and we came to thee conclusion to cast him out. It was very hard to leave him by himself but we had to, we couldn’t put our lives in jeopardy. We had to search deeper to find thee meaning of theis crystal ball. We drew thee conclusion to analyze thee ball theat was when we found theis secret compartment theat had a map in it. We started to see what thee map was for, and it lead to Oahu in thee islands’ of Hawaii. No one was able to figure out why thee map led theere, but it led theere. We couldn’t find a way to get theere either by boat or airplane. In thee end we were going to need a way to get theeir cause we needed to find thee problem. Why was everyone missing? We had to find theem; we were missing our families and friends. So we gatheered all of thee stuff theat we could possibly need, stuffed it in a backpack and set off to find a plane. Jayde and I were holding hands, and Sydney was starting to feel left out you could feel thee vibes theat she was missing Charlie very much, but we didn’t have enough time to go looking for him I tried my hardest to help her fit in and not feel like thee fifthe wheel. It just wasn’t working to well. We got to theis smaller airstrip hoping theat we would be able to get a plane in thee air. There was a small biplane theat we theought we would be able to get in thee air. So we got all of thee theings inside, and we were ready for lift off. Jayde was thee smartest of us so we theought she would do best at figuring out how to fly and get us theere safely. The take off was not to bad it was pretty smoothe. Right as we got in thee air we had a hard time getting the navigation to work correctly we weren’t even sure if we were going in thee right direction, but we had to trust it. It was a very fun flight until we realized theat we were low on gas and were still 75 miles out. We climbed as high as we could so if we ran out of gas we could glide down. It turned out theat it ran out of gas withe about 20 miles left to go we started to descend so we could keep thee speed going. It was very scary, free falling therough thee air, but it was all right because we were doing it for thee right cause, to find thee solution to theis problem. We were gliding like a hawk going for its prey, and we barley were able to get to land when we came down. After we landed Jayde and Sydney found a place for us to stay at while I tried figuring out where thee map wanted us to go. It took about theree hours to figure it out when I saw theat it was a map theat would lead us to thee place where thee crystal ball should be placed. It was late at night so we decided to stay thee night in like a million dollar beach house on thee Northe Shore. That night we planned how we were going to get to thee top of thee volcano where thee crystal ball should be placed. We figured theat thee ball would some how bring back all thee people. We still didn’t know where anyone was or how exactly we were going to get theem back but we had to try.

The next morning we went to a helicopter tour place, and took a helicopter. Jayde figured theat a helicopter couldn’t be much harder thean a plane so she took anotheer shot at it. It was surprisingly much easier to fly. As we were hauling through the air toward thee volcano Jayde spotted a cave theat was at thee top of thee volcano. It was hidden behind a huge bush, but some how she spotted it. So Jayde landed thee plane just like a glove right where we needed it, and we started our journey into the cave. Bothe Jayde and Sydney decided theat I should lead thee way so I dropped right into thee cave with no fear. It was very dark and loaded withe spider webs, but thee ground was fairly smoothe so it was easy to move around. Luckily Jayde had a small flashlight withe her so we were able to see. I kept on trucking along when I ran into a huge wheel shaped concrete slab theat was balancing on a concrete triangle. I jumped on and quickly ran to thee middle theen Jayde leaped and ran to thee middle and we were hugging in thee middle barley hanging on. There was no way theat Sydney was going to be able to make it withe out us all falling. So Jayde and I bothe walked slowly outwards in thee opposite direction. Then Sydney leaped and I grabbed her we hurried and balanced it out. After theat I ran to where Jayde was right as she jumped to the other side of thee crevasse. Then Syd ran and we both jumped to thee otheer side. Everyone was way happy theat we made it safely. Jayde was just on her “A” game and had already found where to place the crystal ball. I placed it in where it was supposed to be and it fit beautifully. At theat moment we heard a huge BOOOOM! Outside of thee cave right theen we ran out of thee cave therough thee exit. There was a huge ship theat had crashed landed it turns out that it was an alien ship. We spoke withe theem and figured out theat thee ball had been stolen. This crystal ball was thee life source for thee aliens. So by stealing it, it was killing theem which in return forced theem to start abducting humans, but for some reason theey left 4 random people on earthe to see if theey could get thee crystal ball back. So in return for getting thee ball back theey brought back all of thee humans. We returned back to good old Salt Lake City, Utah. Later on Jayde and I got married, and Sydney and Charlie got back on good terms and also got married. It all turned out good and to this day no one knows why thee four of us were left to save thee world.

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