The Price of the Future

May 31, 2011
By RedAngel BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
RedAngel BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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As he ran through the woods, he became tired. Back by the creek, he heard the man shouting. “Come back here kid!” were his words. Driven by fear, the boy treaded on the path he knew. Even if the man carried on with the knife wound the boy had dealt him, there was no way he knew the path on which to take. Finally, his leg was free of the knife and called for backup. “Gerald, pick up… we need sky support.” Helicopters rushed overhead in a matter of minutes. Instantly, the boy knew the situation and ducked for cover. Just as he believed the danger was evaded, he heard the barking of dogs. “Kevin, stop running, come back while you still can as though this never happened.”

Let go? Mike placed a hit on him and almost succeeded. Never could he forget what he and Maria had gone through. Kevin had just dropped Maria off after their date when bullets raced past. Maria screamed with terror and Kevin leaped out of the car and pushed her out of the way to hide for cover. The next thing he knew, several men in black outfits rushed out of the shadows as Kevin took Maria by the hand and fled as fast as he could.

Without knowledge of what was happening before him, Kevin broke supersonic and lost grip of Maria as he was already three blocks down. This was his gift and the reason why men were after him. He had no idea what had just happened and he couldn’t find a way to do it again. Never the less, he was away and Maria had definitely been caught by the mysterious men. Kevin was bright enough to figure out that those men were after him for the same reason he had evaded them so easily.

Along the way he was tangled up with another group of the same chasing him and he had used a pocket knife to stab one of them in the back of the knee. After he took the men down he unmasked them only finding his best friend Mike to be the victim of the knife wound. Before Mike had a chance to speak, Kevin ran confused as ever. “Mike?” he thought, “Why is any of this happening, why me? Why Mike and Maria? I’ve never done anything to deserve this. I’ve been a great student. Athlete. Boyfriend. Son. All around good person and now I have Mike and some freak ninja dudes after me and they took Maria and… and…” He stopped running as he noticed he was safe for the time being. He had to know all now and he knew just the person.

Okay, flashback over.

Kevin heard Mike’s words but ignored them. He had to get to Carter. Carter was a strange one, he was always talking about government conspiracies and Area 51 and a really psychotic theory about how Michael Jackson was two people. Anyway, if anyone could help him, it would be Carter and after all, they were best friends since the seventh grade. Carter was even the guy who hooked him up with Maria and just look at them now.

About three hours later, Carter helped him out alright. Kevin was incarcerated for murder three years from now.

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on Jun. 19 2011 at 10:04 pm
MidnightFire PLATINUM, Lincoln, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
'Dream as if you will live forever, live as if you'll die tomorrow.'
for my sister: 'when life gives me lemons ... i eat them'
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'God is not safe, but He's good'

I understood the first paragraph ... but after that it was hard to tell what was then and what was now

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