Short Story About a Fat Kid

May 25, 2011
This is not an ordinary story. This story is about a little boy who was in love with soda. This little boy didn’t have many friends and wasn’t very well known. However, he was known very well to the soda company across from his school. Everyday after school, at exactly 2:10pm, this little boy would march across the street and enter the soda shop from the main entrance. The shop was large and was very bright and colorful, it even had a large soda on the roof for all to see.

The young boy would enter, and ask, “Whats your favorite?” to the cashier. The cashier would then reply, stating his favorite drink. The young boy was always curious and would then order what the cashier said was his favorite. He would have a new drink everyday. The young boy was always excited after school and that’s what got him through the school day, the thought of his fattening, carbonated soda. All went well for this young boy until one unfaithful day.

The little boy packed his school pack five minutes before English class got over, he was excited (as always) to get his soda drink. The teacher then released him and he dashed off, not saying good bye to anyone, focusing on his soda drink and how it would taste as it washed down his throat. The young boy dodged a teacher and then busted out the front doors into the sunlight. He smelt the fresh air and saw some flowers beginning to bloom, the tall grass that needed to be cut and fellow classmates wearing shorts and t-shirts. He then refocused and looked across the street and saw his favorite soda shop. The little boy ran down the sidewalk, smiling as he looked forward to his soda drink.

“Hold it right there buddy!” Came a holler from behind.

The little boy stopped in his tracks and turned around. A chubby man in a bright vest came running down the sidewalk to him, holding a cup of coffee and a donut.

“You can’t go in there! It’s closed!”

“Why? I need my soda!” The little boy said in a somber tone.

“Their closed down, for good this time! Now we’re just gonna tear this building down.”

What? Closed down. Why would the soda shop be closed down the little boy pondered to himself. Oh no, it must be my fault! I didn’t buy enough soda! I need to fix this! I can’t let my favorite soda shop close down for good!

The little boy then ran off, not even acknowledging the man in the vest. He ran and ran until he got home. He found his mother and told her the problem, “I need to help the soda shop! It’s my duty!”

“OK son, I’ll help you.” His mother replied. So the little boy and his mother marched back down to the soda shop.

“Hey you can’t go in there!” The bright vested man said, running down the sidewalk to meet the little boy and his mother.

“Don’t tell me what to do!” His mother replied, sticking out a hand to block him from coming any closer to them. He immediately shut up and stopped in his tracks, the little boy and his mother continued on into the soda shop. There the cashier and the manager were crying, not knowing what was going to happen to the shop.

“We’re here to buy your soda, ALL of it!” Said the mother, the manager looked up and smiled.

“Yes! We’re saved!” The manager said in a Mexican voice. The little boy and the mother then began drinking soda after soda. The little kid got so fat he could barely move, and the mother, well, she was already fat so she was used to it. And all of them lived happily ever after in the saftey of knowing they saved the soda shop.

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