Assassin for Hire: All in the Job

May 25, 2011
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Honestly, I was going to try and view this relationship as another part of my job. It was a lot easier to think of it that way…than to think of it as me developing any of those gross emotions that I’d seen shown by Alice…or any of the other people that I trusted enough to be around.

It was disgusting…well confusing at least, the way that they let their emotions get in the way of everything else. I would never let emotions cloud my judgment that was just a big no on my list of things to do.
Which was really saying a lot, considering the fact that I currently had a nineteen year old boy sleeping on my couch, and felt comfortable enough to sleep in my room while he lay there. Even my dog liked him…once again my dog is a horrible judge of character, but we learned that a long while back, now didn’t we?
I wasn’t going to go to sleep though…I was going to leave him here while I went and did my job. I needed money to eat, and I needed to eat to live. No imaginary relationship was going to get between me and my well being.
As I changed into my work clothes, I kept my ears opened for any sign of him waking up. I didn’t like the idea that he could sneak past me, and do things like leave my house while I was sleeping and I wouldn’t notice. Whenever he left though, he left like he hadn’t ever been in the place.
Except for one time that he left a jacket…and I didn’t know what to do with it, so I just left it to sit on the couch till he came back.
And the only other really annoying thing about this relationship…was how Alice was so much more into the thing than I was. Lately she’d been trying to force me to get a Facebook account, and change my so called “relationship-status” to in a relationship.
Apparently James had a Facebook, but I really didn’t like getting my face up on the internet. What if I ever lost my helmet during a job and somebody got away? Then it would be as simple as tracking one photo through the internet and I’d be screwed over big-time.
As I tugged my jacket on and zipped it up, I tried to shake these thoughts from my head. It was actually cold out right now, I really hoped it didn’t start snowing. I really hated the way that blood stained snow…it was hard to get rid of bloody snow. Not like if you killed in the rain that made things easier. But snow just had to be an a**, and stick around for a little…or a long time.
I tried to shake all of these outside thoughts from my head, I really hated going out on a job with my head full of conflicting…or really any thoughts. All I wanted to think was this 6’ 2”, medium weight, a darker Caucasian complexion most likely tanned, hazel eyes, dark hair…and a scar. A scar against his cheek, apparently I couldn’t miss the scar. I’d seen pictures of this man pre-scar, so I was rather interested to see how our target had altered his pretty little face.
As soon as I was nearly out the window though…so much more convenient than doors, I felt arms tight around my waist.
“I’m coming with you…” he said, as I growled underneath my helmet. No, he most definitely was not coming with me. This was my job, and I was supposed to do it on my own. I didn’t know entirely how kindly my boss would react if he learned that I had outside help. I wasn’t even supposed to tell anybody about my job, confidentially reasons of course.
“You most definitely are not!” I said, keeping my voice a bit raised so that he could hear over the muffle of the helmet. He was going to mess everything up; this was not part of our agreement.
I felt him tighten his grip on my waist, and all at once knew that I wasn’t going anywhere, unless I cut his arms off. Alright…a month ago that might have been an option, but not today. Today, I really had no idea what to do. I didn’t want to hurt him…and I didn’t want to take him with me, I also wanted him to let go of me, like…now.
“C’mon **** let me come with you…” he muttered, as he pressed his face against my neck, and I could almost hear some sort of pleading in his voice.
“James is this really necessary?” I asked, and I felt like I was reprimanding a child for throwing a fit over wanting something stupid. Not telling my significant other that he couldn’t come on a killing spree with me. This was annoying though, and I wanted him to let go.
“You can come if you keep your freakin mouth shut…okay?” I growled, as I tried to forget about all the consequences. “Let me guess, you already have your own weapons and everything?” I asked, I stared back at him, moving and taking my helmet off quickly.
I glared over to him; my gaze at the moment could have seared flesh off any normal person’s face. Though James wasn’t exactly normal.
“Of course I did, what do you think I’m stupid?” he asked, as he held a tone that sounded like a teenage boy getting an attitude with his parents.
“Well excuse me for asking.” I grumbled, as I tugged my helmet back on, and he disappeared coming back with his own. Different coloring on the side, but generally the same. Two shadows that had a job to do. Maybe it would be better if she could do jobs with a partner. Sharing a paycheck though, she didn’t exactly like the sound of that.
There was a silent travel, as I basically forced him to sit on the back of my motorcycle. He wanted to drive it, but I doubted the guy had ever driven a motorcycle on his own, and I wasn’t going to make a hobby out of crashing my getaway vehicle.
We were at the job soon enough, and it was confusing…trying to come up with a plan that could utilize both of our strongpoints equally.
I was faster than him, and better at sneak or surprise attacks. While he was stronger than me by a lot, and better at restraining. So agility a sharp blade and bronze and throwing daggers…I guess that was a good mix, I didn’t really know. We should have probably planned this a little bit sooner.
With a decision I was hiding, and he was more in the open. With a quick dash out from my spot, the target was done, and I confused him a bit, then James came in and roughed him up a bit. Finally with a long sweep of my blade, the man’s head was cut clean from his shoulders. Rolling onto the ground eyes still opened in awe.
“Good job…partner.” I muttered, as I sheathed my blade, before turning and heading back towards where I thought the motorcycle might be. Realizing only now, that I had enjoyed doing this more than usual.
It was nice to not be thought of as a monster by everybody, and not only did James agree with me. He also was the same as me, this urge to kill. And this job made it easier.
Finding somebody the same as yourself, in such an important way. It felt good…

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