my action paper

May 25, 2011

The enemy has infiltrated the base! Marines yelled at each other too get up. Gun shots, rockets, and the scream of people filled the area of the base. Sgt. Miller grabbed his M16 and ran out of his tent. “Captain what are we going to do” said Sgt. Miller. “Hold your ground” Capt. Porter replied. All of a sudden an enemy chopper came out. The chopper wiped out a large number of Marines. Sgt. Miller shot the chopper down with an RPG launcher saving many troops. But enemy soldiers were still a problem. BOOM!
Enemy suicide bombers had got in the base. “Captain we have to get out of here”! said Sgt. Miller. “No we must keep this base it is an important part of our operation and Marines don’t retreat”. Capt. Porter said. “But if we keep getting hit like this none of us will survive to complete the mission” Sgt. Miller said. “Shut up and keeping fighting Miller.” Capt. Porter said.

The fight lasted for about 5 hours, out of ammo Sgt. Miller had to use dead soldier’s guns and utilities. There were about 500 troops in the base. Only 163 troops survived. 75 of the surviving Marines were injured including Capt. Porter. Capt. Porter wasn’t injured too bad he had been shot in the leg making it very hard to walk around. He had to get patched up a little and rest. Sgt. Miller watched his captain rest for a little while then went to the mess hall to get a bite to eat.

The next day arrived Sgt. Miller’s best friend Sgt. Ishmael Hughs came to
Sgt. Miller’s tent and woke him to tell him Capt. Porter had recovered. Sgt. Miller was intrigued with the news and ran to the infirmary. Capt. Porter was limping outside trying to get used to walking again. When Sgt. Miller saw this he saluted his captain and they talked a little. Capt. Porter then wanted to gather up his squad and congratulate them for surviving the battle last night. Both of them walked to get Sgt. Hughs but when they got to his tent they found him lying down dead.

They were shocked by this display and Sgt. Miller was starting to cry. “Stay strong Miller.” Capt. Porter said. They walked out to tell the General the news. Gen. Sheppard saw them walking out of the tent. “General Sheppard we have some bad news.” Capt. Porter said. “Well what is it captain?” Gen. Sheppard demanded. “We found Sgt. Ishmael dead in his tent we don’t know anything about this situation except that he’s dead.” Capt. Porter said. “Well obviously we know who killed him.” Gen. Sheppard said. “Who?” Sgt. Miller asked. “You two committed Sgt. Ishmael’s murder and are acting as if you don’t know anything!” yelled Gen. Sheppard. “You both are traitors! “How could you do this to the U.S.A.?” “We trusted you and treated you like one of our brothers.” “You both should be ashamed of yourselves.” “Now we must treat you like one of the enemy.” Gen. Sheppard yelled.

Then the soldiers got there guns and pointed them at the 2 betraying soldiers. “Sgt. Miller pull out your flash bang I got my smokescreen at the count of 3 throw it” Capt. Porter whispered. Sgt. Miller nodded and pulled out the flash bang. “Ok 3…2…1 Go!” Capt. Porter yelled. Sgt. Miller threw the flash bang temporarily blinding and deafening the soldiers. Capt. Porter then threw the smoke screen and they ran away. They got their weapons and equipment. Then broke in the equipment vault and stole a car and a huge cart of ammo for the weapons and escaped with a mass amount of equipment.

Gen. Sheppard noticed this and gathered up the Marines. “Ok Marines we have 2 X Marines on loose that we got to catch.” “They’re names are Captain Tom Porter and Sergeant Joshua Miller.

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