The Kingdom they Kept

May 25, 2011
By Anonymous

Hello my name is Roy I am one of the very important people you will meet in this story. I have one job at the Yensid amusement park to help the YIHs. They are some of the most popular, funny, smart, athletic, and cunning kids I have ever met. If you are wondering YIH stands for Yensid Interactive Host the YHIs are trying to stop the evil undertakers. The undertakers are the most evil things you have ever met. They are trying to take over the Yensid. So now that you know about me let’s learn about the YIH.

“Alex!” his mom called. “ Yeah I know are you ready for school? Do you have your backpack? And brush your teeth! I know I’m not a kid any more mom I’m pretty much a teenager now, so why do you keep babying me?” said Alex. “ I’m sorry Alex I just can’t believe you are starting 7th grade tomorrow,” she said. “ It’s ok mom it’s not like I’m going to college or anything,” he said as he finished packing his book bag. He looked out his window and saw a hooded figure staring at him.

Haley is one of the most popular kids at her school. She is a cheerleader on the track team, the soccer team, and the basketball team. When she got to school that day she noticed something different. “ Why is this place so empty?” she asked her best friend Angel (also a YIH). “ I was just about to ask you that same question. But hey more breakfast for us! By the way did you hear back from the Yensid administrator? He told me I made the last cut along with you a guy named Alex, someone named Billy, and umm who was it… oh yeah a kid named Mike. Oh look muffins!” she said as she scarfed down the muffins. “ Does it seem odd to you that you and me made it?” asked Haley. “ Not really, I always thought we were going to make it. Why does it seem odd to you?” she answered. “What is that?” Haley asked pointing to a huge hooded figure in the doorway. “Well why don’t we wait till later to revel that?” said the deep voice. Then poof he or she or what ever it was disappeared into thin air and the first bell rang.

When Mike and Billy got to school they started playing tetherball one of the brother’s favorite games. About half way through the first game they heard the first bell ring. They finished their game and started to head inside but got stopped in the hallway by Rico, the most annoying kid at their school. “ Stop in the name of all hall monitors in the history of the United States of America which by the way is the country we live in and it was founded on …,” while he went on with his history class the two boys snuck by. When they looked back Rico was gone and a enormous black figure took his place, “See you tonight boys. BOO!” and the boys ran as fast as they could to 1st period.

That night once all the kids fell asleep. They woke up and they realized they were in Yensid, they looked at each other glowing was glowing! Then there stood the hooded black figure with a remote in his hand. Then I came flying in on a flying carpet and grabbed the remote and the kids and flew them to the middle of the park. “So does some one want to tell me what’s going on here? Oh and hi guys,” said Alex. “Hi Alex!” said Haley she was Alex’s girlfriend. She rand and gave him a hug and a peck on the cheek. Alex started to blush. “ My name is Roy I work as a cleanup man here, I am also part of a secret society called The Night Watchers. I looked at all of your auditions, by the way you guys were the only people to try out all the other people tried out for the Disney crew. Can you believe that!” then Alex interrupted, “So now what do we do help you with something or eat cake…” he said then cut of by Angel, “Oh cake where?” then I said yes we need you to catch a black figure and I am sure you are all formally meet the black figure? Am I right?” Then Alex said, “ Um I guess if it was the guy with the remote?” Then I explained how we were going to catch him. So we set the trap up in a tree and waited then finally we saw him, “ I can smell you kids. Don’t try to hide,” Then boom. He flew upside down and was caught in our trap. We ran up and tied the rope together and hung the net from a tree. After that Alex touched him and he fainted and the black figure was gone.

To Be Continued…

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i made this for or magazine

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