Taken Alive: Taken Over

May 26, 2011
By Anonymous

“Copy that” came the reply to my walkie-talkie. The polar bear, Pon-Pon, was asleep. I was in the heart of polar bear territory, and they all trusted me. Soon, the penguins would rule the world, all thanks to me. I’d be famous, worshipped; all my dreams would come true. No one thought it would be me, but here I am, undetected, unnoticed. Just then, Pon-Pon woke with a start.
“What did you say?”
I stared blankly at him, pretending to be confused.

“Oh… never mind, thanks again for saving me.”
I quickly nodded and turned away. I needed information… something that could destroy the polar bears forever. A weakness, only polar bears knew. I had no idea where to start, because right now, they seemed invincible.

I snuck around polar bear territory as I drew a map of each place. Just then, I ran into the polar bear leader, Victor.

“Maybe all penguins aren’t so bad after all!” His giant, razor sharp teeth smiled at me with great pride. For a second, I almost felt sorry for what I was doing but then. No. The feeling disappeared. Again, another message:

“Albert, how are you? Where is the polar bear?”

“I’m just outside the center of town, he’s by himself at his house, safe… for now.”

“Good… good. Now make sure you report often,” came the dark reply.

What I saw as I stepped into town square, my eyes could not believe. It looked like a giant polar bear, but it was a machine. It was making weapons for the polar bears; they had penguins on them with giant red X’s going through them… This. Was. Bad. I walked up in awe, and a polar bear guard with giant muscles and gleaming teeth looking back at me.

“Authorized personnel only,” He growled.

Just then Pon-Pon came over, of course.



“I can get in for you!”

Fine, let’s go. Just then I was hit with something, and knocked unconscious.

The author's comments:
Sequel to Taken Alive.

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Intereresting. This is pretty good, though short and rather vague sometimes. But maybe that's just because I haven't read the prequel :)

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