May 24, 2011
By Anonymous

Here’s a tale of a brave boy by the name of Mike. Some may know him as Mike the Magnificent, but I just call him Baller. There are many stories out there about Mike and his events that happened with a certain person, but before I tell you about this incident you would need to know more about this fellow. Mike is a star player on the basketball team. He acquires many females, much similar to the concept of an alpha wolf as one might say. When you see him walking into a room he has a smile on his face that makes you want to smile as well. Now about the tree, one day as Mike was walking down the local park he passed by many people. They were all happy humans, they were. Mike waved hi to all of them, but there was one person that wasn’t so pleasant and he gave Mike a bad look. He then insulted Mike’s mother by telling him that she was so fat she had to be baptized at Sea World. I forgot to mention that this kid’s name was Alon, which is a Jewish name for oak tree. He was also known as Tree for short. Well Mike was deeply offended by this and gave into his impulse and punched Tree. Tree started crying from the fatal blow and was in deep sorrow after that incident. Consequently, Mike had to get a few stitches on his right hand because Tree had some mouth gear, as he required it for the dental procedures he needed. However, he is still quiet a happy guy today.

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