Tragedy in the Clouds

May 24, 2011
By JossyMonstar BRONZE, Alameda, California
JossyMonstar BRONZE, Alameda, California
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“They just don’t care anymore.” Mother Nature said, looking out a huge window that shows all over the world, from on top of the clouds so the gods and goddess can watch Earth.

“Well I can change that.” Said Hades.

“No way father. I’m one of many goddess’s that no one knows about, gives me a better chance to make people under our control not Zeus’s.” I said. I’m the daughter of Mother Nature and Hades. My power is that I can see the past, present, and future. But I can go back in time with plants, and change the future with the present, also the power to control fire. And Zeus never cared for me so he’ll never know our plan. But I’m sure Father could take him if he finds out.
The only good thing about secrets is that I was gifted, so everyone is like a baby book to me easy to read. Also no one ever heard of a goddess names Mackenzie. With evil rose colored eyes, or stem green eyes that change at mood. Or pitch black almost ash color, curly, shoulder length hair. But do not forget my bone white skin with a tint of pink and purple that’s as smooth as a silk petal. I’m a perfect amount of good and bad, Mother and Father.
“Tell Lightessness I said ‘Hello’ for us, I imagine your taking Cattarra with you to Earth, she’s a secret goddess too.” Mother said.

Lightessness was Mackenzie’s husband, the god of light. He died when I was born so Hades named me after him. Lightessness was going to send Cattarra to Earth until she saw how much her and her father looked alike.

“Ok. I will.” I said then left the room. As I came to Cattarra’s room she hopped out the door. “I SAW EVERYTHING! YOU’RE TAKING ME TO EARTH FOR THE FIRST TIME! How do we get there?” She yelled at me.
We looked alike but she’s brunette and tan. She has no power, but no human or man made object can kill her. Just like all gods and goddess’s.

“We jump, we’ll make a little shake.” I giggled as Cattarra stared wide eyed at me. ”We’ll be safe. So if we can gain control of Medusa and make good, we’ll be set. So she’s somewhere in Texas. She disguised herself as a human not an ugly beast, well herself.”
“Ok. It sucks not having a power.” Cattarra mumbled. We ran outside to the clouds and I grabbed Cattarra’s wrist and through her off first and then I jumped. There was no way she would have jumped off by herself. It lasted for a few seconds before we hit the floor of an old little barn that now had an huge hole in the roof. Cattarra lay on the ground screaming, “I’M! ALIVE! OH GODDESS!”
“Shhh…” I scolded her. “People can find us. Can you explain why there’s a HUGE hole in the ground and the roof?” I asked mad. My hair was dancing like fire on my head. Cattarra finally stood up and asked “So were do we go now? OH! How about New York or Paris?”
“NO! Were staying in Texas!” I loved that my voice sounded like a football player, a mean one. Thalia taught me everything that’s powerful. While Zeus ignored me his daughter adored me. She taught me how to rule, not to backstab like my I was doing now. I was frozen by the thought. She taught me how to rule, and now I…No my parents was going to rule and I would take her place. I ran away fast and Cattarra was a little bit behind me. Immortal speed is like a jet but even faster. “So if I was to go ba-.” Cattarra began then on the top of her lungs and let out a screamed, “AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” There was a light from the clouds only shining on her taking her up to the clouds. “How dare you disobey your mother!” Her mother yelled from the clouds at her.

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” I screamed when veins came down from the clouds and grabbed me around the waist and pulled me up. Cattarra still screaming. “NO!” I yelled and grabbed the veins and set them on fire.
“OOWWW!” Mother yelled and the veins turned to ash. As I fell a thunderbolt went through Cattarras light and she fell also. We landed hard on are faces in dirt. As we rolled over, Thalia stood above us looking at us in disgust.”
“What are you doing? You’re not a secret goddess people will know who you are!!!” I stood up yelling at her.
“So…..People will know you to.” She said like chimes, “Your parents made you known.”

“How? Only I can change history!!”
“Well Medusa is dead now, just like you wanted.” Thalia said turning around looking away from me.
“NO! I DIDN’T WANT HER DEAD! JUST GOOD!!” I sat back down shocked of what is happening.
“AAAHHH!” Cattarra began to yell again but then stopped, she disappeared.
“Her mom sent to Earth when she was born?” I asked even though I knew the answer.
“Yes.” Thalia said with a huge grin, as she turned back to face me, “Nice isn’t?” She asked.
“No! We have to find her.” I stood up and looked at my clothes. I was wearing a long black gown with gold straps and dirt in my hair and clothes, and my skin that it made me look tan.
“NO!” Zeus yelled from the clouds.
“I’m sorry” Thalia whispered to me, she for once looked sad.

I don’t remember how but I was home again, but in front of Zeus, Thalia at his side with a teary eye. “YOU’RE BANISHED!” Zeus yelled. “YOU’RE A MISTAKE! YOUR NOT AN GODDESS AND NEVER WILL BE!!”
“YES I AM!! I ALAWYS WILL BE AND YOU CAN NEVER CHANGE THAT!!! YOU CAN’T DESTROY ME!!!” I screamed as loud I could. Tears were dripping off my face. Mother and Father were standing behind me crying too. That’s when I realized I was chained up, my wrists and ankles had a chain going into the ground from keeping me from standing. “I hate you.” I whispered to my parents.
Then I began to fall, all the dirt flew off me, my tears left my face, and I didn’t have the strength to even yell. I hit the ground but went right threw it until a tunnel appeared with people who looked they could have been my brother and sister. I stood up and looked around confused and sad. “Mistake numbers three I see.” Said a boy that could have been my twin.

“What?” I asked hotly. I could feel my hair dancing and eyes reddening. “Do you know who I-.” I began but he interrupted me.
“Mother is Mother Nature. Father is Hades. ‘Oooo’ scary. Same as us I’m Hatture and she is Kiarra.” He said pointing at the girl sitting on the ground, “We chose are own ways in life, and was punished. Together we’ll break out of here. We’ll take back what’s ours.” The boy, Hatture said standing in front of me now.
“So what’s ours? Because we’re nothing anymore. ” I asked teasingly and emphasized the word ‘nothing’.
“Everything. We shouldn’t be in here! We’re not a piece of trash we’re a living being.” Said a girl name Kiarra she looked dead on like me. My chin rise, eyes red, hair blowing. I noticed that my siblings did too. Their hands in fists feet planted in ground.
“I’m in. But do you honestly think we could defeat Zeus?” I said.

“Little, little, sister, you have much to learn.” Hatture said hugging me. I pushed him away, and Kiarra grabbed my wrist.

“Don’t mind him, he’s just… well crazy kind of. He’s perfectly fine in the head, but sometimes his ideas make him loose focus.” She whispered into my ear. I looked over to be shocked it was like looking into a mirror. The only way someone would ever tell us apart was by are hair. She was dirty blond. It was amazing, same clothes, smile, eyes, nose, lips, hands, skin tone, everything except our hair, still it was almost scary. Hatture on the other hand had a spiky hairstyle and was blond, full blond, and skinny and leaner, but had muscles that looked scary. Kiarra let go of me and sat back down. It looked like an abandon hotel in the tunnel. Garbage, broken furniture, and a nasty smell.
“You know we were twins.” Kiarra said. That took me by surprise that I sat down next to her wanting to know more. “I tried to make Medusa good too. Mom thought it would be better if you never knew me so you wouldn’t do what I did. But great minds think alike, same with Hatture we were triplets actually. So are minds were being washed over and over again.” Kiarra said in a monotone voice. Some how I remember everything. It didn’t matter to me, I never looked back at the past only the present waiting for the future.

“So can some one answer my question? Can we defeat Zeus?” I asked annoyed.

“Zeus didn’t do this to us. Are parents did, and another child doesn’t need this,” Hatture said, looking around the nasty place, “So of course we can’t defeat Zeus, but we can defeat are parents. I could be the new “God of War” and you and Kiarra can be the new “Mother Nature”.” He finished

“I don’t control life, I can only-,” I began sadly then Kiarra interrupted.

“Yah, only go to the past….. WAIT!! You can go back to the past and change all of this!!!” Kiarra and Hatture looked happy at the moment, I couldn’t say no.

“Ok….” I said, soon plants covered me and I was in the sky once more. Hatture was getting ready to jump of the clouds. “Hatture!” I yelled.
He turned and smiled, and waved for me to come. “Hatture, Medusa is DEAD!” I said breathlessly, I must have been a bad runner long ago.

“What? But how?” He asked shocked.

“Beheaded.” I said hoping that will be enough for no more questions, and it was. Plants covered me and I was still in the clouds again with Hatture and Kiarra staring at me on the long sofa.

“You did it.” Kiarra whispered. She stood and gave me a hug.

“I need to learn from you sometime little sis’. You did well.” Hatture whispered and also gave me a hug, stood up and left.

“So there isn’t going to be a tragedy in the clouds after all.” I said to myself. I fell back onto the couch listing to Cattarra, Hatture, and Kiarra chatting, Mother and Father bickering. My eyes shut close, and I fell into a peaceful sleep. A dream when Kiarra and I ruled the sky as queens and Hatture the king. Most of all, there wasn’t a tragedy in the clouds.

I woke up and found my room; Kiarra was in there sitting on her bed, and Hatture in his bed in the corner of the room. “Nice lie.” Hatture said teasingly, as I sat on bed.

“Would you rather be here or there?” I asked pointing at the floor, meaning the tunnel.
“Good night.” Kiarra and Hatture said at the same time. They were covered up, sleeping already. I pulled my blanket over me and laid down too.

“Good night……. Don’t fall off the clouds.” I said.

The author's comments:
I been reading books about Fallen Angels and Vampires and the Elements so I don't really know why I put gods in but its a good story.

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