The Failure

May 24, 2011
By Slyfoxhound BRONZE, Oakland, California
Slyfoxhound BRONZE, Oakland, California
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It starts with fire and radiation; zombies are killing people turning them into zombies. It’s a small state with only 2000 people compared to other states that’s a little. Almost everyone knew each other people all around the state call the military the military comes in helicopters and boats because the state is abounded so there are no car to drive to and from the state. The military is no match for the zombies. A man named Roy wakes up and a man is dead the man was his brother named Willy.

Roy goes out side he picks up a gun because he saw a zombie dog come out from the dark he shot the dog in the face with a 44 magnum Roy said “Oh crap what’s going on”.

Some other man is still alive but Roy doesn’t trust him yet the man says “What are you doing here every one is dead”.

Roy asked him “What is this”. In a shocking voice.

Joe said “I don’t know yet the least is that that was just a bad sickness”. It was no sickness it was some thing evil. Roy found a shotgun and gave it to Joe.

Roy said “Come on lets go find out what’s going on”. Joe agreed to that but on the way there a dog following them was about to join them. But before that Roy and Joe come along a path way Roy is trying to figure out what had happened to his brother Willy. Willy was a soldier a good soldier too he was a Sergeant; Sergeant Willy was the top of them he would have been a General if it hadn’t have been for those zombies. Joe looks behind and sees a dog the dog jumps and lands on Joe and the dog licks his face and Roy likes the dog so he finds a leash and take the dog with them. The dog was a Bloodhound and a German Sheppard so it’s an awesome dog.

Joe gets back up and ask Roy “What are we ganna do will an eighty pound dog”.

Roy looks at the dog and said “Say hello to Baller.” the dog saw a zombie and killed it what they noticed was Baller had venomous teeth when threatened.

So they traveled for days so they went to sleep in a little cabin Roy woke up and Joe was next to his face Roy said “Stop that’s gay”!

As they awakened, they heard a strange noise outside it was pack of zombies the pack had a leader the leader was a 7 foot zombie. “Son of a gun.” said Roy. Joe started shouting that was for no reason. Some fool came out of no wear and starts shooting at the buckets and said “Quick run before they get you”. They didn’t hesitate to stop even if they were tied except the dog who kept thrashing though zombies. The mans name was Leroy. Leroy died by the zombies so that was anticlimactic. Roy stops and so do Baller and Joe Roy said
“I got a plan”.

“Baller attack”, said Joe. Roy goes and gets grenades out of army tank near by. Joe keeps him covered and Baller as well. Roy finds two grenades and one zombie; he also finds a shotgun and shots the zombie twice. Roy said “Joe grab Baller and get out the way”. Roy troughs 10 grenades and the explode into millions of pieces luckily the tank was bullet proof there was about 2000 zombies and they died… again.

The End!

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