The Twin Story

May 12, 2011
By randomrandy BRONZE, Springfiled, Illinois
randomrandy BRONZE, Springfiled, Illinois
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In the land of Furr there was two 6 year old twins named James and Cicera. These two children have been train there whole life for their great destiny. Every day they asked their parents about their destiny they just said “all will be reveled in time.” They learned their true destiny once their parents died.

(3 months ago)

“Are you two ready for school yet, you’re going to be late.” Said Mrs. Thompson

“We sure are, well at least I am.” Replied Cicera

“Hey, I am too you just put your shirt on and ran down stairs.” James told his mother

“Now don’t you to start arguing now because it’s way too early.” Mr. Thompson told the twins and at that moment both Mr. and Mrs. Thompson felt a disturbance.

“Well kids I think you should get going because I think I can see the school bus!” said Mrs. Thompson. As the kids leave “Who ever you are you better come out here now.”

“Well I’m surprised that you didn’t detect me early, (I drop down) hi I’m the leader of the SNA.” I tell the Thompsons

“Why are you here and why haven’t we gotten a mission in over a year cause I mean man I’m getting older and this body is getting tired.” Mr. Thompson told me

“Well the reason is that they’ve found your children’s prophecy and it tells about how your children will destroy the organization and kill, well, me the leader of the SNA.” I tell them

“Well your 506 years old shouldn’t you be dead anyway?”

“Yes but when I was 25 my best friend cast a spell on me that I can’t die or age from this state in looks, but still I am the oldest member.”

“Well do u still have to murder us?”

“Yes cause the council has ridden my vote, and then they ordered me -the guy who started the whole organization- to kill you guys.”

“But don’t you have complete control over the organization.” Asked Mr. Thompson

“Well I never thought of it like that so well bye.” I disappear

“Well it looks like we get to keep our—


“Oh no they really did it; they killed the only people who can stop the kids.” I say to myself after I’m far enough to see the explosion and not die.

“Who did what mister?” asked Cicera.

“Holy poop our house!” cried James.

Over the next 2 years the kids honed their ninja skill under my training and then where taking to the organization to learn everything.

“I’m tired of all this training.” Said an 8 year old James.

“Stop being a baby where here to kill the council, but first we have to earn our master skill.” Said Cicera.

“So how long is this going to take old man.” Asked James.

“Okay, first off stop calling me old man my name is well just calling me Joe for now.” I tell them.

“What ever you say Joe.” They both say in unison.

(3 Months later)

“Are we done yet?” asked James.

“Almost.” Said Cicera.

“Just 12 more days the council says until you two will be the most powerful in the building.” I tell them.

(12 days later)

“Finally I get to really see if I like killing people.” James told us.

“Well I guess killing can be fun.” Replied Cicera.

“Let’s go kids.” I say.

(2 hours later)

Once we steal everything from the armory and kill the teachers we head for the main temple. At the door of the temple.

“You kids ready for this major killing spree kids?” I ask.

“Yeah” they say still in unison and then as soon as we start I get knocked out.

When I wake up it’s all over and everyone’s dead.

“NNNNooooooooooo!” I scream.

“What are you yelling at?” the kids ask me.

“I thought you were dead?” I say.

“No, but you soon will be.” Said James.

“What why?” I ask.

“Stop playing games we know it was you who killed our parents!” yelled Cicera.

So now they think I did it when really they just killed everyone who treated them like dirt, and order me to kill their parent’s witch I never did. “Well since you seem to be on fix to learn the truth about your parents I’ll tell you what really happened that day.” I tell the kids.

(2 hours later)


“What, it’s all true just asking the dragon.” I say.

“What dragon?” they ask.

“This one, C’mon out Shin!” I scream and throw my golden stick.

“Who dares call—?

“Why do you do that every time I summon you?” I ask Shin.

“Cause I have been around for thousands of years and I have had a lot of masters.” He answers casually.

“OMS, it’s a real live dragon!” said James flipping out.

“What does OMS mean?” both Shin and I ask.

“It means oh my smith.” Simply replies Cicera.

“Well anyway we need to get down to business.” I say.

“Right this dragon was a gift from me to your parents as soon as you two were born, and since their gone now I have to give him to you.”

“What.” Shin asks.

“Yeah do you remember the owners u had went I was in jail for 3 years?”

“U means those babies?”

“Yeah and um those baby’s are right in front of you.”

“How these 2 are at least 14.”

“Because I have let u out since like then; because the council took the dragon from the kids and erased most of their memories of you, and now they’re getting the lost memories of yours and mine.”

“Why are they Andrew?”

“How dare you call me by my birth name, you long fire breathing beast!”

“Ohh that’s right, you don’t like 2 be called by your real name.”

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Drangons from china

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