The Adventure of the Player Robert

May 12, 2011
By Anonymous

“Once upon a time there was a—”
“Wait a second there’s too many stories that I know that start with once upon a time.”
“Then how do you suppose I start the story?”
“Really think I should start it.”
“Because it’s about me.”
“Then start it.”
“When I was young I (Robert) had a best friend in 2254 we had robots, Robots back then were only for fighting but there was a place real robo fighters went to battle robots.” Robots were all we could think about, until my best friend bobby said.

“Robert we just got invited to the robo palace”, me and bobby lived right next to each other.

“What did I tell you about going through my mail!”

“You keep telling me this.”

“I know!”

“Then why do you.”

“Because, you keep lOKng though my mail.”

“Well whatever man, we just got into the robo palace.”

“Well then let’s go tonight then, cool.”


Later on that night.

“Wow were here.”

“Yes we are.”
When we entered the junkyard we saw it, the lanbo with 24 inch spinners.

“How do we get in” said bobby.

“Maybe we should get in the car.”

“Maybe you’re crazy.”

“Yeah maybe.”

Once we got into the car I found the keypad, but I thought it was strange that there was a key pad but as soon we were about to leave-

“Enter code” a women’s voice said.

“Did you say something?”

“No you.”


But then we heard it again.
“Enter code.”

“There it is again.”

“I think I know where it’s coming from.”
So I went back to the car I looked on the keypad and then there it was the place to enter the code. “Bobby, come over here and hand me my letter from the palace.”


What will happen if I type in my code? And soon as I typed in the seat I was sitting in took me to the train tracks in the subway. Next bobby did the same thing and we walked until we found a little clearing with a door.
“Should we go in” said bobby.

“Yeah we should” and as we went in we heard a lot of screaming and yelling going on so that made us want to go in even more.

“Whoa” we both said as we went in.

As we started to look this magnificent place around I notice that a service robot had the playing times in I had a match with some guy code named ice cream pickle. When I went to go tell bobby I was throw into a big dome with something floating in the air. Then I saw him the person I was facing ice cream pickle, he was a huge guy and he had a card with him and I don’t know how but I had also.

“Are the one I’m playing newbie?” said ice cream pickle.

“I guess?” I exclaimed

“Well get ready to lose!”

I thought that this was a game that was you with like a remote or something but really I was put into my robot and I had to fight him.

After the battle I won I got one extra large mega bucket of chicken nuggets with a huge amount of dipping sauce and it was good, very good. Next thing I know bobby came up to me and then he started to yell at for no reason.

“Why would you the arch attack with the robot you use?”

“I don’t what I wdong in my battle, well; maybe I was running for my life from a giant robot trying to kill me!”

“Oh I must have forgotten to tell about you becoming a robot.”

“You mean to tell me, you’ve been here before?”
“Why yes I have.”
“Then why haven’t you told me about this place.”

“Because it’s against the rules to talk about this beautiful place


“Or you well get kicked out.”


“So the weak people don’t get in.”

After that conversation we had we keep playing until like 6 months later when I had my new girlfriend named Jewels and I began a new title as Robot Emperor and the number 1 player in the world I found out that bobby became the number 2 ranked player in the world.

“Robert I challenge you to a robo title match!”

“Wow you haven’t spoken to me in 6 months and now you challenge me to a match and especially a title match?”


“Well I accept your challenge”

After my challenge that I won of course I told to just leave our friend ship if our friend ship is still on.

“You know what?”

“What?” I said

“I can’t remember why we had that fight.”

“I can’t ether.”

“But from now on we will still be best friends okay?”


“Uh Robert by the way we are 21 I’m pregnant.” Said Jewels

“Okay.” And I fainted.

After 6 days I woke up I felt kind of salt when I woke up in a hospital and my parents were there to chew me out about getting a girl pregnant and I fainted in a public place, the fact that I had gotten into a car crash with lil grain.

One year later I have gotten a baby boy who we named Steven.

“Dad I can sign up to play football?”
He’s 6 so I said “you want to play football?”
“Yes sir!”
“Well sure then Steve.” Every day after his football practice I would ask him “how was school?”
He would say “boring as usual.”
“Well what did you learn?”Then he would tell me about what he would learn but then I would get bored with him talking so I just tune him out and keep watching tv.
“Dad are you paying any attention?”
“Never mind.”
“Well how was practice Steve?”
“We ran a lot because my team members would not stop arguing with each other.”
“Then tell the coach to let you do a tackling drill with whoever is talking the most.”
“Yes sir!”
“Now get to bed.”
“Yes sir.”
When Steven went to bed that night right before 11 o’ clock he heard something from under his bed he knew could have been a monster because he had fought them off but this time what was under his bed was buzzing so he checked it out. Once the crawled under his bed he found my old red and green robot arena card and I had a message on it. Steven got scared and brought my card to Jewels and I to find out what it was.
“Dad what is this?”
“That oh no he found the card what can I tell him? That is a card that you battle online with.”
“Can I play the game that is on the back of the game?”
“Why maybe?”
“Because that is a dangerous game.”
“Because you become your robot.”


“Yeah so get back to bed. Actually I’ll take you when you get older. But for now your too young for that world.”

“Okay, oh and dad there is a message on here for you it said from some guy named bobby, do you know him?”

“Yes we do.” Jewels and I said together


“You know, get hand me the card and go back to bed okay son?”

Now once Steven went to bed I looked at the message on the card it said
Dear Robert
I have went to go look for the ultimate robot in the world, I might not come back to battle with you ever again so once you read this message I might be dead or still in the dome waiting for another battle with you but you have 5 minutes from this card.

5 minutes later I got to the robo palace and rushed to the dome and bobby was there so he told me why he I going to look for the ultimate robot and I told him

“You’re totally insane!”

“Or am I?”

“Yes you’re insane!”

“Oh well whatever then.”

“Are you ready for last battle Bobby?”

“I’ve waited 6 years for this.”

After 3 hours bobby finally won but he still didn’t win the title of robot emperor
And he felt kind of mad so he ask the s.c.a.t (secret capture at top) why didn’t win the title of robot emperor and it told him-
“What you are lOKng for is not yours because Emperor Robert must have let you win.” He said in a voice that creped us out by a long shot.

The next morning bobby came home back where he lived next to me in my big mansion that was given to me by the robot core which is an organization that makes, trains, and owns the robots, well, all but mine.
“Hey Robert.”
“Hey is for horse’s, but what can I do you for bobby?”
“Well can you get me a job and or a girlfriend?”
“You still haven’t gotten a girl yet?”
“Well that’s shameful.”
“I know right, but I know you smooth with the ladies so please?”
“Your going have to ask Jewels about that one.” Jewels is my wife and Stevens mother.

“So I have to ask Jewels?”

“Yep but Jewels never liked me.”

“It’s okay she won’t bite.”

“Well thanks anyway man.”

“You’re welcome.”

Once Bobby got found Jewels he asked her

“Jewels do you know any single ladies that might need a man because just like trey songs I need a girl.”

“Well I might know some ladys just your type.”

“Well what’s my type?”

“Strange and in Roberts’s way cold as ice, I wonder what that means.”

“Oh I see what he means.”

“Well I don’t can you explain to me?”

“Jewels even if I tried Robert would kill and I’m dead serious.”

“Wow, why?”

“Because he told me the same thing about you.”

“That I was cold as ice?”

“I shouldn’t have told you that.”

“Now I know what it means.”

“What does it mean?”

“I can’t tell you but I will tell you that I can get you a date with someone who’s ‘cold as ice’ yep.”

Once Bobby left Jewels got to work with the little job that Bobby asked her to do but when she did the girls on the phone started asking questions.

“What he look like?”

“Someone you would like.”

“Like who I hope he looks like Michael Jackson!”

“You do know that Michael Jackson is dead right?”

“What! He dead oh lord, God bless his soul.”

“You are so strange. But I do need you go on a date with that man I was telling you about.”

Later that night

“Oh no.”


“Dis scrimps and steak is under cooked.”

Wile Bobby’s date was going on a rampage because Bobby was lOKng for a title in the wall in the spilt by the bathrooms for the secret entrance for the robo palace.

Once Bobby found the entrance, 20 minutes later, he got in but I (Robert) was there to, on his date but I was hiding, slip in the hole with Bobby. Once Bobby found me with him he told me-

“Why did Jewels set me up with that’s crazy lady?”

“I have no idea.”

“Maybe she wanted to get revenge on me for blowing up her pie and got her embarrassed by the whole school.”

“You did what!”

“You were laughing to; I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh, that was Jewels?”

“Yes it was.”

“I’m so salt.”

“I bet you are.”

After that I called Jewels to ask her if it was her and she said yes and I was so salt.

After I got home I went to my wonderful bed but I didn’t wake up because I was shot by my ugly evil clone named Shawn. “I bet your wondering how I’m telling you this huh?”

“I am grand pappy.”

“Well God told me I wasn’t supposed to die until I get to age 62 and I’m only 35.”

“Well that makes a lot of since.”

“Or does it?”

“It does.” Once I was shot I went to go find Shawn and kill him for shooting me with a desert eagle, but was could he been anywhere in the universe witch was the robot palace.

Once I got I found him talking to his girlfriend crystal I don’t know how he got a girl but he does so I went over there to talk to him and as soon as I got over I challenged him to a battle to the death or half death which is mostly dead, and I won.

Once that was over I had give up on the fact that I was improving with my skills and there was someone who had gotten better than me his name was jumping fry of death so I went to go and find him so I could challenge him to a match but I was too old for challenging kids so kids had to challenge me.

Two hours later

“There you are” said jumping fry of death.

“Yup you here to challenge me?”

“yes I am.”

4 hours later

“You won!” said jumping fry of death

“I wasn’t very hard.”

“Then why did I take so long.”

“Because of you.”


“Well I think it was your fault.”


“Yes yours!”

“Ah shut up.” After those words he shot me but still I live and Jake (that was jumping fry of death’s real name) went to jail for shooting a emperor.

Once I recovered I began to go to my palace more and then I realized my skills began to increase by my solo training until one when my son Steve turned 10 he decided to tag along with me to a training session.

“Hey dad, where are we going?” Steve asked me.

“Where going where u wanted to go since you where 6.” I tell him

“You’re taking me to the robot palace!”

“Yes because I think your old enough and you keep begging me, and because ur getting as big as a grabage truck.”

“Oh yes! Thank you so much dad for letting me play or train with you.”

“Uh I didn’t say any thing about playing with me your going to start with the simulation center by me, but ill watch your match from mine.”

“Oh well I, don’t care, really as long as I get to play and become like you dad.”

“Well there may be a point in time where you can even beat me but that won’t be for like the next 127,000,597 years.”

“So your saying I can’t beat you dad?”

“Well son, tall and smart, I know you can’t fight that well.”

“But to tell you the truth dad ive been here before with my friends and im in line 2 be emperor but only if I beat you.”

“Son, I’ve told you, you can’t beat me.”

“Well I wan’t a chance!”

“Okay fine you get one chance. But that’s it.”


The author's comments:
my mind has came up with the is when i was in 7the grade and back then i use to watch a television show call Chaotic

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