The adventures of Mr. Potato head

May 12, 2011
By Kurtis SILVER, Springfield, Illinois
Kurtis SILVER, Springfield, Illinois
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Today was the first day of spring and Mr. Potato was on his way to school with his lunch box in his pocket. He is a good kid at school never getting in trouble and always being the nerd in the class, and answering questions whenever they were asked. Was walking with his best friend Jacques when they saw one of their worst friends of all time walking down the street with his brother.

“Hey what are you doing with my brother,” Jacques yelled at his worst friend.

“I’m not he was talking to me and then we got into a conversation,” the worst friend replied.
Then the worst friend stops walking to wait for them to catch up to them. They went behind a bush and screamed at them. Mr. Potato almost peed on his self because he was so scared. They started to run to school because they did not want to be late for there last day before spring break because they were going to have a huge party in the school for the last day of school until spring break. They were going to have the best time of there little potato head life.

Then when they reach school and jump in there seat the bell rings loudly. Then the desk was talking to them
“Wow guys you just barely made it” the desk said.
“Yeah great job friends” said the dictionary.
They were just in time but they did not see his brother or there worst friend of all time. They looked all over they could not find them where were they? They look throughout the whole school and they could not find them any where they looked, looked then they went to eat lunch and they saw them stealing food from the lunch room. They run to go get them and then they just fall down and they do not know what happened to them. They lay there in great pain screaming and crying out loud. Then they just start laughing like nothing has happened to them. Then the principal walks in and he yells at the brother for stealing food and tripping people that was trying to save the school from the danger that was involved in. Then he tells them that they have a in school from Monday all the way until Friday.

The kids are at there in school and then Mr. Potato walks by taking something to the office and he sees them sitting there. He starts to laugh at them then the kids jump out of their seats to go to the window. Then the kids start to talk trash to Mr. Potato but then he punches through the glass and he hits the kids in the face and he falls down trying to catch the kid’s fist from hitting him in the face.

Then Mr. Potato walks home all by himself. He is acting weird he is talking to himself. Then when her reaches his home and mom asks him where is your brother is he still at school did he get into trouble.

“Yeah he got in to trouble hanging with the wrong people,” says Mr. Potato;

“Ok do you have homework,” his mom replies.

“No I finished today at school,” Mr. Potato says;

“Ok come back in a little bit to get some food,” his mom says.

“Ok I will” Mr. Potato.
Then his brother and the bad guy was walking in front of their house and his mom saw them. She ran, she is a fat person and she is really slow and just sits on the couch eating potato chips, then she got to the front door.

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