Assassin for Hire: Blurred Reality

May 12, 2011
By sandhawk3000 PLATINUM, Collinsville, Connecticut
sandhawk3000 PLATINUM, Collinsville, Connecticut
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In all senses of the word reality, I really never questioned it. Well I never really questioned my own reality, other people’s realities…I knew some of those were fake. I knew that when children went to bed at night and their parents told them everything was going to be okay, and that there were no monsters that could hurt them while they were sleeping…I knew that was never entirely true.

Most nothing is ever entirely true, and to fully understand reality, you must first understand that nothing is really ever as it seems. Take perhaps the scary looking girl with the tattoos and the piercings, y’know the one. The one that your parents told you never to talk to, the one that your parents told you was a bad influence and would only lead you to the worst kind of life.

Now what if I told you that girl was a member of the Peace Corps? That by her sacrifice and dedication to a cause, she would do more good in another country helping people that needed it, than you would ever do in your entire lifetime?

Now think of the sweet old man that is your next door neighbor, the one that your parents say to be polite to, and the one that your parents trust, merely because he is old…and the fact that he appears kind enough.

Now, what if I told you that man was a murderer? Nobody knew it; I might know it, because I have a sense for these kinds of things. But you’d call me crazy right? Until you called the police that is, and they unearthed one of his dirty little secrets.

Now last, I tell you to take notice of the girl. The one that you see having a good time with her friend at the mall. Or so it seems. She looks normal enough, dresses normal enough; you would never find any problem with her…never. She wouldn’t hurt a fly, she’s just your normal seventeen year old girl, the one that would help a little kid if they fell down, and call the police on her cellphone if somebody got into an accident.

That girl is me, do you get the picture?

It used to be easy for me to cut the sharp lines between reality and fantasy, but now it was getting harder and harder to do so. With every coming day, I felt as if those lines were becoming more and more blurred. Which could only mean, that I was becoming more and more…human. Which was not something I could deal with working in my line of work, being human created too many ties to people that might get in the way and drag you down.

These thoughts are all buzzing through my head, as I’m supposed to be preparing dinner for me and my supposed…boyfriend. Can I really call it that? Can it be more of a mutual agreement to uphold or normalcy for the public eye? The thing is though, we’re not in public. We’re at my house, behind closed doors.

Maybe a little humanity isn’t always a bad thing, maybe if I can get to know the human nature of the humans that I hunt…it will make my job all the easier for me to do. I can never really be sure unless I find out.

There’s a pause and I turn around, feeling arms go around my waist from behind. All at once my back tenses up, and I feel the weight of the knife in my hand, the one I’m using to cut the tomatoes and the cucumbers for the salad I was preparing. Seeing it’s him though I attempt to relax a little, still not a good idea on his behalf.

“Sneaking up on an assassin with a knife…brilliant idea.” I grumbled, as I glared down at the tomatoes, discarding them into a bowl, glad that he loosened his grip to allow me to do so. Add a little sugar, some olive oil and a good deal of vinegar, and I’d have a good ol’ Hungarian cucumber salad…of course with tomatoes too though.

“But it’s me…I know for a fact if you try to turn that knife on me, that I could do as much damage to that pretty little face, as you could do to mine.” He muttered.
It was hard to ignore the shudder that traveled up my spine, I knew he was right. I knew in any battle, one on one, that he could do just as much damage to me as I could do to him. He’d already proved by stealing my katana that he was just as silent and deadly as me. He also left no trace; no hair no fingerprints…nothing.
“But you wouldn’t…” I muttered, as I turned around in his arms to glance up at him. “You wouldn’t hurt me…because you know that I would hurt you back.” I said, as I smirked slightly, giving him a light push in the chest.
At this he snorted slightly, flicking me hard in the nose. “Perhaps I wouldn’t hurt you, because I am actually quite fond of you…I mean you’re not all that bad to look at.” He said, as I rose an eyebrow and gave him a look that would freeze and boil the blood of any normal man, to him though…it was normal.
“Well there’s that to.” I said quietly, as I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him down into a quick kiss, only allowing him to kiss back for half a second, before I escaped the entrapment that was his arms.
“Let me finish cooking and go play with the dog or something.” I grumbled, as I rolled my eyes at the thought of that.
He seemed to study what I was doing for a few more seconds, before rolling his eyes in return.
“Whatever you say, princess.” He grumbled, knowing how much that I would hate that, before he left the room. Truth be told though…I didn’t, entirely hate it.
This is what I mean by reality being blurred. Cause now, I’m a freakin princess.

The author's comments:
I actually really enjoyed writing this one. :3c

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