Assassin for Hire: Doppelgänger

May 12, 2011
By sandhawk3000 PLATINUM, Collinsville, Connecticut
sandhawk3000 PLATINUM, Collinsville, Connecticut
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After the sharp noise of the same type of metal clanging together cleared the air and I crouched back into a defensive crouch, lifting my arm to shield my face. As if it could protect against the cruel metal of the person who was standing across from me. It was only when I lowered my arm, that I noticed this person was mirroring my position. Every time I moved, they would quickly try and attempt to do the same thing.

Looking at them, it was clear to see that they were male, and not female. Yet…there was something odd going on, and it made me slink back slightly. Eyes narrowing as he did the same thing, I could almost feel the smirk under his helmet. Wait…wait. What? Helmet…that looked a good deal like my helmet.

That whole outfit looked like my work clothes, was I going crazy? He was bigger than me too…and I had distinctly remembered leaving my clothes at home, hidden where they always were. Behind the hole I had accidently knocked into the wall, sticking a poster over it, and thinking it could be useful.

I was done feeling cautious now, I wanted this b****rd gone…and I wanted him gone now. He was in on my turf, stealing my look…and worse than all of that he was stealing my sword. “You’ll give me back that!” I half yelled, half hissed as I stood up, watching him do the same. Without another thought I dropped my blade on the ground, and he did the same.

There was a pause before I had him on the ground, sitting on his chest, and kicking the blade away from his hand, the hilt just out of his reach.

“Your hand is bleeding, doll.” He muttered, as I made a grab for the bottom of his helmet, why was that voice so familiar. With a swift jerk up, I almost tugged the helmet off of his face. But his hands were holding onto my arms, so that I couldn’t do it.

Kneeing him hard in the stomach, I got him to let go. And tugged the helmet off of his head. Of course…I should have known who it was…I really should have, it could have been nobody else.

“You drop hints…” said James, as his blue eyes stared up at me. I growled, before reeling back a fist, and punching him in the jaw.

“And you take things that don’t belong to you!” I growled, as I grabbed his collar, and made his head hit back against the concrete of the alleyway. He had done something I never thought anybody would do, he found me out. He found me out, and why did I get an inkling of an idea, that he was in the same line of business as her.

“You’re crazy…” I muttered, as he winced from the blood in his hair, and on his face.

“And you’re crazy…and cute.” He said, reaching behind my head, and tugging me back into a kiss. I didn’t resist, too confused…too enticed by the idea that maybe I could be a little normal. A relationship was normal, it would add onto the face. Right? I didn’t like his company…he was a psychopath.

There was a pause, before I kissed him back.

“I don’t like you…alright.” I growled, as I got off of him, and got my blades back. Yanking the sheath from his belt, and hooking them back onto the inside of my cargos.

“You’re just a good cover story, and I need a more convincing one…that’s all it will ever be.” I growled softly. “And all I want it to be.”

The author's comments:
Meh, it gets more interesting now. xD

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