The Happening

May 11, 2011
By bluefadoodle SILVER, Mitchell, South Dakota
bluefadoodle SILVER, Mitchell, South Dakota
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We heard a knock on the wall they found us I barely whispered. I saw the men take her away I wanted to scream and shout and punch and save her. But I couldn’t they were long gone and I was their target if I went out there all of my family would be doomed.

Something was wrong when I had heard my mom and dad talking that night. The night it happened. They were more like hungry wolfs fighting over the last piece of meat. I had never heard them argue before well I have heard them argue but not like that. My mom was saying something about “it is not safe” then my dad would but in “if we don’t go now they will find her.” I could only hear glimpses and pieces of the conversation because my parents had closed the door and had the radio on full blast. Apparently my dad wanted us to go somewhere called Apelia (ap-el-y-a) but my mom said that the journey was too long and I was too young. Um newsflash mom I am fourteen and ½ for Pete sake. Then just as it was getting to the good part I heard a car door slam from our driveway (yes all of that noise and I heard a car door). “Get her out of here now!” I heard my dad scream. He ran to the door and tried to barricade it with whatever he could. While my mother ran out of the kitchen grabbed my hand and wisped me upstairs. I swear if there was a record for how fast you can get a person up three flights of stairs my mom beat it by a landslide that night.

My mom had pulled me into a room I had never seen before that led off the attic. It was covered with shelves that held food and water and it even had a little refrigerator. I gasped in amazement “mom what is this place?” I asked while still looking in awe. “Your father and I built this room before you were born.” “Why?” I interrupted then I remembered that my mother hates when you interrupt people. “Sorry” I hoped that helped. “Well we built this room in case of “then she trailed off “why were you and dad acting so strange when you heard that car door slam?” “Sit down Lena.” My mom said while an empty space on the ground next to her.

The next day I woke up at first I was questioning where I was then I remembered. I was princess Novelene of the kingdom Apelia. My father was the king but his throne had been overtaken by imposters and he was thrown in prison. But he escaped not long after he promised his family he would come back for them. Soon after he met my mother and rest led up to me. My parents knew it would be incredibly dangerous to have children but they did anyway (ok so maybe I didn't remember all of that when I woke up but I remembered most of it.) My mother told me that we had to go back to our kingdom and save my father. He had been taken by the crilocs when they attempted to kidnap me and my father the night before. I had heard his screams and shouts but my mother wouldn’t let me go to him she said there was nothing I could do. Afterwards we fell asleep in some sleeping bags stored in the room. My mother had said that we needed to leave first thing tomorrow if we wanted to get the kingdom in time to save my father.

After we had packed food and supplies for the long journey ahead I told my mom “let’s go” and started walking out of the attic. She looked at me like I was crazy then she walked over to a book case pulled out a lovely book. “Mom we don’t have time to…” about a second later the bookcase started moving and it revealed a passage of underground tunnels. My mom looked at me and said “this way.” And started down the tunnel that is when I heard the knock my mom told me told me to “follow this map and it would lead me to Apelia.” She handed me a large map all folded up. “I will fend them off for you” she said. I told her “I already lost dad I’m going to lose you too.” “Go!” she pleaded then shut the door and bookcase in my face. After I heard the door shut and muffled shouting I knew that I had to go to Apelia to save my family.

The author's comments:
This is a short kind of introduction to a about 7-8 part story I have started. I can't give you all the hints (probably because I don't have any yet)well you will have to read the story to find out.

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