The ski trip

May 13, 2011
By , kalamazoo, MI
Simon was a tall, fun, loud, athletic, brave, funny, motivated, and competitive, outgoing, devoted, man with those traits he had many more he had lots of friends too. He usually wore a big tee shirt and baggy athletic shorts with Nike shoes. He loved to ski, that was his life he lived out in Colorado; skiing was his job because he would be in freestyle competitions. He met his best friends about a year ago skiing together in Colorado their names were Tim and Sammy and they loved to ski to, for the same reasons as Simon. They would always go skiing together but Simon was the best. Tim and Sammy were much alike both liked Simon both were short and skinny and were happy they lived in Colorado. Tim always wear’s striped tee shirts with worn out jeans. And Sammy would wear a blue with red sweatshirt and blue shoes with baggy striped shorts.

So Simon got invited to go helicopter skiing in a few months he could bring two people obviously he took them. They went to go practice and they were doing outstanding. They were doing new tricks they've never done before. They were feeling great too so they were trying even bigger and harder some of the most impossible tricks, and never fell once. The trip to the mountains wasn’t for another month. Since they were all sponsored by huge companies they went and got band new twin tip skis. To Simon getting band new twin tip skis for free was like when you find gold laying on the ground, to Simon new skis are gold. Tim was catching up to Simon because he would go skiing by himself without telling Simon, or Sammy. But he knew he still had a long way to go.

The trip was in a few days so all of them were packing to go to Alaska to go to helicopter skiing. After they all packed they went one more time for practice, but none of them did well not even Simon. They were falling a lot and they got hurt bad. Because of the injury they all went home early and lay down till the day of the trip came. Simon got into his jeep and drove to Tim and Sammy’s houses. They went to the airport, and when they got there they didn’t know but they had to ship their skis out so they spent most of their money on that; shipping there skis. So after paying the money and getting on the plane they arrived in Alaska and once the stepped out of the plane there was a rental Mercedes Benz waiting for them. When they stepped in the car Tim saw a creepy old man staring at them just standing there. So they drove to the bank to get some money. When they walked in the bank they all saw the old man, So Tim just stood their and made no eye contact. When they went to the helicopter company they checked in and the clerk said there trip was in an hour so they hopped into the Benz. And drove to there hotel and just watched television for the rest of the time. They went to sleep when they woke up a car was waiting outside for them. The car drove them to the helicopter place. When they arrived they explained the rules to them so they don't get hurt or lost. When they take the helicopter up they were all talking about what tricks they were gonna do. When they arrived to the top of the mountain they looked around making there ski route. They pop on there skis and get all ready; once the route is confirmed they start to ski down they hill with Simon in front. They find the first jump and go off it and do small tricks to warm up. None of them fall so they next jump they approach they are going fast when they jump Tim goes first lands in keeps skiing down the hill, then Sammy goes lands it keeps skiing down the hill. Now comes Simon he's gonna try a front flip. When he goes off the jump the flip is going good until he doesn’t get his full rotation and he lands so the back of the skis hit the ground he slams back and smashes his head on the ground and gets knocked out and Sammy And Tim are in front of him not knowing he was knocked out. He's just laying there for hours; with Tim and Sammy waiting for him at the bottom.

“Where's Simon” Tim said. I hope hes okay, thought Sammy.

Tim and Sammy were panicking. They took the helicopter back up to the mountain with life support when they ski down they just pass Simon, they don't even notice him and the helicopter pilot won't take them back up. So he makes them go back to the hotel. There mad how he made them go back so later at night they go back. And ask another guy to take them up he does. When they ski down Tim hears a moan and skis down to it he finds Simon laying on the ground motion-less. Tim carries him on his back.

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