The Adventures of Calhoun and Fulton

May 22, 2011
By CaitlinE999 BRONZE, Southlake, Texas
CaitlinE999 BRONZE, Southlake, Texas
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Fulton was a normal child who loved to hang out with his friends and have fun. He had a dream of becoming a marine biologist and to travel the world to discover new sea animals.
One day Fulton was on his way to his secret place that he had found called Boatbill Island. As he was walking on the beach it began to storm, so he ran for cover in a nearby cave. He had never seen the cave before so he went to explore it; he walked deeper and deeper into the cave until he couldn’t see anything. All of a sudden he fell into a pool of sky blue water that looked like it was lit up; as he surfaced and coughed up some water that he had taken in, he looked around to see that there were no lights in the pool. All he could see was a hole that looked like it led to the outside so he held is breath and went under as he swam he began to feel that he could breath under water he looked down to see that his feet had been morphed into one giant fin!!
As he came to the end of the tunnel and surfaced from the water he was going crazy trying to think of the possibilities of what had happened to his feet. He swam to shore and sat on the beach trying to think of something to do, by now the rain had stopped and the after storm sun was shining brightly. After sitting for thirty minutes Fulton was completely dry and in his clothes he had been in before he fell!! Had he just been dreaming??
He decided it would be better just to go home so he took his boat and went home. On his way home he stopped by the dock to see his friends, after the incident he thought it would be better not to get in the water so he told his friends, “I’m not feeling well so I think I am going to pass on the swimming today”
His friend Tom thought it would be better if he came in any way so he shouted “Just one dive!!!” and shoved him into the water. As Fulton touched the water a whirlpool gathered around him and his legs began to morph once again. He couldn’t let any one see him like this especially his friends so he swam as fast as he could away from the dock and arose to see his friends all in the water searching frantically for him.
“I’m fine!” he yelled, “I am just going to stay out here for a while away you guys can go if you want to.”
“Ok see you later” said Tom and the others.
As he watched the boys walk away he floated and tried to think of what he was going to do. He was lost in a day dream when all of a sudden a net grabbed him and he was suddenly with the fish. He struggled to get free but it was to late the net was closed and was being pulled up. Fulton caught a glimpse of the boats name and it read S.S. Calhoun. As the net opened and he fell on the wet dock with all of the other fish he saw a man staring at him with big blue eyes.
“What in heavens is this I don’t want no merman I just want me some fish!!!!”
Fulton quickly gathered his thoughts and brought up the courage to talk to the man, “Hello I am Fulton Fridgemire and I have no idea why I look like this.”
“Well hello there I am Calhoun Carmichael, why don’t you come on over here and I will dry you off.” Calhoun pulled Fulton to a nearby chair and dried him off with a towel. After a long silence Calhoun said “I’ll bet you were searchin’ near the Boatbill Island, I have heard some legends bout’ those parts of the ocean.”
“Yes, I was looking for fish to study for my job at the aquarium, then a storm came and I ran into a cave and fell into a pool and came out like this.” Fulton explained, “Then I sat on the beach and once I was dry I was back to normal again.”
“Lord almighty that sounds like a crazy ride, well now you are back to normal again my boy.”
“Thank you Calhoun, so I was wondering could you not tell anyone about this I don’t think my parents would like it If they found out I was a mermaid…I mean merman.”
“Of course and I was just wondering if you could help me?”
“Sure, what do you need?”
“I have been havin” some trouble this fishin’ season and I have heard that your type can talk to fish.”
“Well I have never tried but I could if you wanted me to.”
“Alright meet me here tomorrow at 6am.”
“Yes sir, when you are a fisherman you have got to start early”
“Ok, thank you Calhoun, see you then,” as Fulton waved goodbye he couldn’t wait until the next morning to start his new career of fishing.
The next day Fulton went to the dock to meet Calhoun for the first day of fishing. Calhoun pulled up to the dock with his boat and Fulton stepped in, “Good Morning”
“Hello there, are you ready for your first day of fishin’?”
They pulled out of the dock and drove farther and farther into the ocean until they reached Calhoun’s special fishing spot. Calhoun got all of the supplies ready and explained all of the procedures to Fulton. Fulton jumped into the water and went to look for fish; he had never seen anything more beautiful in his life. The coral, plankton, and all of the fish looked so perfect in the water with the light of the sun shining in brightly. As he called all of the fish to him Calhoun brought them up. Calhoun and Fulton talked about it and decided they would get a license to sell fish that they find. They would sell all of the fish to an aquarium and some to pet stores.
“I think we can do a lot of good with this job,” said Calhoun.
“Yes, I think we can get far!” replied Fulton.
“We should make this official and rename the miss’s here.”
“Ok, but who is the miss’s”
“This is the miss’s,” Calhoun pointed to his boat, “We will name her C.F.I., for Calhoun Fulton Industries.”
“That sounds great!!!”
Calhoun and Fulton opened there business and started out strong. Today, there shop is still open on Boatbill Island with a ferry driving to it every ten minutes. After starting the business Calhoun and Fulton became best friends. They are still best friends and they share everything together they tell each other everything and Calhoun has still has not told anyone about Fulton’s secret.

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