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May 22, 2011
By , Happy Ville, IN
Dominic Jamari, member Q78, is finishing up mission 0056 for his team of the CQ4 quadrant of the country of Italy. Dominic is a member of The Legion of Thieves or LOT. He has just stolen cash from an upper class family, the Venitories, and now Dominic is making a break for. He was able to get past the security cameras with help from Kelly the technical engineer of the group. Now, Dominic has to out run the guard dogs which were let off by the Ventories’ butler.

Backpack full of money, Dominic, spots an open window, jumps through it, and grabs onto a flagpole two stories above the ground. The dogs jump out the window too, but their fate ended up in the canal below. Dominic climbed up the rest of the three story building to meet up with Kelly. Then, together they hop from roof top to roof top back to HQ.

Finally, Kelly and Dominic get back to the basement of an abandon apartment. There they meet up with their section CQ4 leader, Uri.

“Nice job, Kelly and Dom,” Uri said while staring at blank screen, “we’re going to get a transmission from the Boss.” The Boss is unidentified leader of LOT. Then, the Boss appears on the screen.

“You will be preforming a grade A mission in two days,” the Boss explains, “it will be done in the Museo di Storia Naturale di Venezia to steal the diamond from the natural mineral section of museum and it will all go down at 11:30 p.m. when the guards switch places. This will be mission 0057. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes,” the team answers.

“Good,” says the Boss, “transmission over.”

“Well, I better get my gear ready,” says Kelly.

“The mission is in two days, I’m going to go pickpocket some rich jerks,” Dom explains.

“But, this is a grade A mission and we’ve never had one of those before,” Kelly argues.

“Kelly, don’t worry this will be easy,” Dom brags.

“You remember what happened to Em don’t you? He got captured RAT and never came back. I just don’t want you to get hurt,” says Kelly.

“I’ll be fine,” Dom says. Then he leaves into the sunlight of early morning.

RAT is the Resistance Against Thieves, organized by the government .This organization is a strong threat against LOT. RAT takes away LOT members and never brings them back. No one knows what happens to the RAT members, and no one wants to find out.

Dominic spots his first target in a courtyard from the roof of a local pharmacy. Dom plans the decent from the roof. First, Dom drops from the rooftop and quickly grabs on to a windowsill about a ten-feet off the ground. Then, quickly he drops into a bush below to keep cover in case his target were to turn around. Running on his toes, Dom snacks the money and starts to climb up the side of the building. Without looking back, Dominic jumps from rooftop to rooftop over the narrow alley ways until he finds his next target.

Dom continues to pickpocket until mid-day. His over all pickings adds up to 345 gold coins. The money he had earned is used to buy a pizza at his favorite pizzeria.

The two days, pass by quickly. Back at base Kelly and Dom make their plan. “Okay,” says Kelly, “there is only one way in and one way out through the skylight. I’ll lower you down, then you will quickly grab the diamond, and I’ll pull you back up. Got that.”

“Sure,” Dominic replies.

“Then, let’s head to the museum,” Kelly explains.

Kelly and Dom get to the roof top of the museum. Kelly quickly shuts off the alarm system and gets the rope ready for Dominic’s departure. A noise chimes on their watches. “Go time,” Dom says.

Dominic grabs onto the rope and starts his departure. Dom slowly gets lowered to where the diamond is. He reaches for it, but before he was able to blink, an alarm began to blare.

“Oh shoot,” Kelly yells down, “that must of been a laser guided sensor, separate from the main interface. I’ll pull you back up.” Before she could guns sound and the rope gets torn from the bullets. Dom starts running, but the last thing he sees is a man in a gas masks with the word RAT written across his chest.

Dominic wakes up in a small dim lighted white room. There is a shadowy figure in front of him that didn’t move a muscle.

“Who are you,” asks the figure.

“Dominic Jamari,” Dom answers.

“Not your name. Your number.”

“My number,” Dom says quizzically, “oh right... it’s ...umm ..... Q....78. That’s it Q78.”

“Very well Q78 you are in captivity of RAT and you will be worked like a dog, until we have successfully brainwashed you,” the figure explains.

“Whoa, brainwash,” Dom argues. But, before he could say any more a cold of gas comes up and he slowly went into a deep sleep.

Dominic wakes up again to find himself in a containment cell. Dom looks around and sees an ocean of jail cells around him. Walking up and down the rows are men in gas masks with guns.

Then one of them comes up to Dom and says looking down at a list, “Q78 I presume?”

“Correct as usual , King Friday,” Dominic answers.

The man slams on the bars with a gun, then says, “We will be expecting you in Mother Board Room. You’ll need this too.” The guard hands him a neck sized blue ring.

“What’s this for,” Dom asks.

“It is a shock collar, it is mandatory for all prisoners to wear one. So, what are you waiting for put it on,” Dom slip the collar on and starts to walk with the guard.

They make it to the Mother Board Room. “Q76 will be showing you around Q78,” guard says, “Q76 get over here!” There in Dom’s face is his old friend Em. The guard tells Em something, then walks off.

“Em, I thought I’d never see you again,” Dominic exclaims.

“Shh, save it for lunch, Dom, we can’t talk about personal things right,” Em explains, “Now to show you the routes of MBR let’s see... I’ll put you in seat number... 76 it’s been blank since Jobie got brainwashed. All you have to do is put the red wires in the green circuit every time you hear one click, the blue wire in the red circuit every time you hear two clicks, and the green wires in the blue circuit every time you hear three clicks. If you mess up you get shocked.”

By lunch Dominic had been shocked 27 times. The work took a lot of mental ability. Em quickly found Dom in the Feeding Room. “Em, I gotta get out of here,” Dom exclaimed.

“Slow down there, Dom, I have an idea. I learn from data sent through the MBR that the shock collar’s can only withstand 53 to 58 shocks at the same time,” Em explained.

“So,” Dominic asked.

“If we could all make a mistake at the same time we could shut of the electricity for 56 minutes until the back up generator comes on. I have already started to collect tools for taking care of any guards that get in our way during the blackout. The people from mechanics have been very helpful,” Em says.

“But what about the gas,” Dom asks.

“The gas can’t get through the vents, if the electric is off. Remember that we have 56 minutes to get out before the back up generator get back on and the gas the whole place with deep sleep gas,” Em explains.

By the end of the day Dominic gets shocked 53 times. He finds himself back in his cell ready for a deep night sleep. An alarm goes off, the lights go out, and gas rises. RAT didn’t take any chances to let people stay awake to do who knows what.

Days started to pass Dom got shocked less and less. Em and Dom had conversations every lunch and more people started to join in. After a month of planning they had their plan and 178 LOT members in the operation. Construction workers got the plans of the building and the placement of the backup generator. This was helpful to the operation in case the it started earlier than expected, so someone could trash it. The plan was to all go down tomorrow at 11:29:59 a.m. on Dom’s 32 day in what he liked to the Wired Underworld.

At 11:20 A.M. on Dominic’s 32 day and an alarm goes off. Then, a voice from the megaphone says, “Everyone to your cells a tornado is going through this area.” Dom walked back to his cell and sat down, then Em came in his cell too.

“What are you doing here,” Dominic asked.

“Security is low during a tornado and I brought an extra weapon to take out any guards in case something strange happens. Don’t worry about anything, all the of the staff will be in the Feeding Room,” Em explains. Then, the gate to Dom’s cell closes.

In the Feeding Room all of the guards are sitting guards at the tables. Everyone in the Feeding Room sat for an hour, then they all stood up because they thought the tornado had passed. But, right when they are standing up the tornado passes through and ripping the walls from the building’s foundation. The tornado passed through and luckily only ripped the half of the facility that Dom and the other 178 members weren't in.

The prisoners break out of their cells running through the prison. They make their way to the Feeding Room, to examine the damage done to the guards. They walk around and notice that none of the guards are dead rather just passed out or have broken bones. Pleased that they will recover the RAT members run out the main doors toward civilization.

Once the tornado passes, and Dom and Em get enough food for the trip from the Feeding Room, they make their way to the Vehicle Room. Part of the room is ripped up so they are able to see outside. It turns out that they are on the top plateau.

“We better make sure to take a map so we know where we’re going,” Em remarks. Dominic picks up a map from a work bench in the beat up room. Dom and Em find a small blimp with fans coming out of the back for control. They take off and set their sights for Venice, Italy.

After a week of traveling, they finally find Venice. Dominic and Em land on the roof of the recognizable old abandon apartment complex. They run down to the basement to find Kelly and Uri. Kelly and Uri run up to Em and Dom to take turns hugging their old friends. After, their reuniting they start another mission.

Transmission Over

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