Today We are Friends, Tomorrow We are Lovers -Act 5-

May 18, 2011
By ThoseWithWings SILVER, Sacramento, California
ThoseWithWings SILVER, Sacramento, California
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- Act 5-
A girl with long straight brown hair sighed heavily. Her hands flew up to her temples, rubbing away the stress. Her eyes were shut from the world and her mouth gave a small “o” shape. She blew out air and opened her eyes a little at the man that was sitting across her. Her tank top was a striking color in the darkness, a deep magenta. Her dark leather hung in mid-air as she sat in the chair and her pants were colored with a light tan. Her black boots reached past her knee by an inch and her eyes flickered to the man’s face. Her eyes were a red with gold flecks in it, like stars in a clear night. Her gaze turned from exasperation to cold. “Well?” Her eye brows came together in a V shape.

The man put his hands in front of his face. His white hair fell to the joint of the skull and the ending of the spine in a bed-head style. His striking fire orange eyes seemed like they could fry anyone with just a look. His gloved left hand joined with his right hand, which was bare. His shirt was a blank canvas, with the exception that there was a dark blue dragon embodied onto the fabric. His pants sunk down to his ankles and only his army boots showed. A smirk played on his lips as he saw her expression. Right where I want her.. He removed his hands from his mouth and set them on the table. “Well, my dear, I was hoping that you would come with me to a valley… A valley that is cut off from the outside world.” His eyes flicked and caught hers. “Is that satisfactory?” He asked with a mocking air of respect.

The girl frowned. “No, that is not satisfactory, my darling.” She snarled out back at him.

“Oh dear,” he released a dramatic sigh and went on, “This’ll be harder.”

“Not over my dead body Galloway.” She stood up and in the process the chair was knocked over. Her voice was loud and angry. “Have I told you yes to any of your scandalous ideas? Your twisted and wicked ideas to MURDER my family! My flock!” She cried out at Galloway. Galloway, in one swift movement, jumped over the table that created a wall between them and pinned the girl down on the ground.

“Have you? No. Have I tried to make you notice me?” He breathed the answer into her ear.

“Yes. Yes I have Kylie.”

Yuki slammed into a tree with a thorn in her stomach. She let out a whimper of pain as she saw Layne run over. “Go.” She said to the azure dragon. “Go with your life and I shall meet you somewhere else, somewhere safe.” Layne ran over and nudged her arm.

“No Yuki.”

“Layne, just go!” She was crying by this point. Her tears poured over her face and onto her hands. Her tears were due to the pain from the wound and from the pain of separating herself from him. “GO!” She yelled. After a moment’s hesitation, she could hear his wings flapping away, into the distance.

She got up and took out the thorn quickly. “I know your game.” She snarled out at the man. “I know your games, your tricks, your EVERYTHING.” And with that, she disappeared.

The man stood there, arms crossed and temper flaring. “Hah, little girl. You’ve never been able to touch your grandfather for a reason.” He looked around the clearing. “You’ve never been able to touch me because you’re just trash! Filthy, dirty , lowly trash that should die in the streets!” He yelled as he punched the ground. As he punched the ground, Yuki sprang out from the safety of the trees and stabbed her grandfather in the neck.

“One for the death that you made me do.” She whispered in the dying man’s ear.

“One more.”
In a white darkness, a girl reached her arm out. Her body was cloaked in white, and as she began to talk, a soft piano began to play in the background. Her eyes were a striking pale hazy blue, her long soft blue hair blowing softly as the wind played and brushed its hands through her hair.

I see nothing and everything,
The vastness and the smallest places
The pitches and blinding light
I hear nothing and everything,
From the buzzes of the silence to the loud screaming of murder
From the tranquil nights to the darkest days
I am nothing
And everything.
The auma that I attract was birthed by nothing
And the auma is everything.

Will you heed my words, or will you hear nothing?

A tear rolled down to girls cheek as she stopped speaking.


At the same time, a black cat padded down a forest path. Her body melded into the shadows as she walked in the darkness. Desdemona flicked her blood red eyes toward the trees, and with that, she disappeared. She reappeared above the lake where a young girl stabbed a old man in the neck. She watched with interest as the young girl burned the body and morphed into a wolf. The wolf ran off into the forest towards where an azure dragon flew off to.

Desdemona flicked her black tail and jumped after the wolf. She silently jumped above the tear-blinded wolf as she shot straight for the azure dragon. Desdemona reached out with her mind and felt a sharp pain as she neared the wolf. This is no ordinary wolf. She mused, hissing softly from the aftermath of the pain.

She jumped down and slinked after the wolf with a throbbing head. The wolf turned around, her golden eyes cold and icy. The wolf barked out a word. “What?”

Desdemona smiled in an innocent way, causing the wolf to narrow her eyes. “Why, dear, I want to help you.”

“With what?” The wolf barked. She growled softly, to show that she was irritated.

The cat climbed onto her back. “With your love triangle!” She yelled happily. The she-wolf could not help but to smile as the cat started to talk about the things that they both liked. “Hey, whats your name?” Desdemona asked.

The she-wolf looked behind her. “My name is Yuki. Your name is..?” She had to focus back on the forest path that lay in front of her after a few minutes.

The cat responded happily. “My name is Desdemona meaning dark moon~!” She cried out happily. The cat smiled and so did Yuki.


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