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May 17, 2011
By verna BRONZE, Ok, Oklahoma
verna BRONZE, Ok, Oklahoma
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Twenty-five Years and Gone
It was a beautiful nice Sunday. Kelvin, my best friend, invited me to go to the sea. Kelvin is hot, with big blue eyes, short hair, and he’s tall. He loves the sea and goes to the sea very often. We are alike because he enjoys fishing, and I like eating sea food. I really enjoy being with him when we go to the sea. But this time, his plan changes and he does not tell me anything about his new plan.
Everything is different on the island. There is mist over the island, and it is not sunny as it usually is. We can’t believe it. There is a tornado in the sea. We are not lucky dogs, but one thing I say is, “God let me still see the sun.”

Suddenly we realize we are on a strange island where we never been, our boat is broken and can’t be used anymore. We are trying to find water and other people on this island, but the island just has trees and nothing else. We are happy, though, that we found a little pool. I use stones to keep track of how many days we are alive. One day, two days, how time flies, and two weeks are gone. Kelvin loses hope and is very upset, he is not himself right now. He stops talking to me. Sometimes I hear him talking to himself when he eats dinner, and he says, ”My life. So this is it?”
A man stands on the boat and reads my diary. And I stand near by him, smiling at him.
Today I find a hole near a big tree to use for a room and Kelvin finds some plantain leaves to separate the room he will share with me. I don’t know how I’m feeling right now. I don’t want to Kelvin to blame himself, because I don’t think it’s his fault. I don’t have time to be thinking about spending my whole life here. But things happen differently than the way you think they will go.
This is not a very big island. In two hours everyday, I walk around the whole island. I find some hard tree branches to catch the fish. Kelvin knows what kind of stone to rub to make a fire. And I give him a warm smile and say, “Seems like life is not so hard, is it? We will find a way, believe me.” Women are always stronger than men in difficult times. “ No, you’re just trying to comfort me, I know.” Kelvin looks like a child when he says that. I glare at him and say, “Pull yourself together, keep your chin up, bud! Don’t give me a hard time! I have more to worry about than just you Kelvin. I have lots of things I need to do…”
“Hey Lee, Captain Jack needs you,” one of the sailors said.
“Okay, I’m coming.” Lee closed my journal and put it in his pocket. “Shell. . .” I see Lee saying my name. “I’m here! I’m here,” I shout at him as if he could hear me. I can’t believe how stupid I am, I am a ghost…several minutes pass, and Lee comes back and sits down in my chair, gets my journal out, and opens it. Then I wiggle out from under him and to another chair.
Today I went to the pool, and we only have just a little water we can use, but I didn’t tell Kelvin at first. I’m thinking about maybe using sea water and separating the water and salt. When I look around I see that things are very strange. Actually the weather is supposed to be Autumn now, but this island is still in summer, thank God! Then I back to the hole and ask Kelvin, “Hey Kelvin, we need talk, okay?” He looks at me then walks away. This is not first time he ignored me. But this time I’m really angry and I yell to him , ”what’s your problem? What do you mean, walking away? You think right now it’s just you here? It’s not just you! Not just you on this island, I told you! This is not your fault, we don’t have time to see what happened now, we need to be thinking about the future. We need to help each other, Kelvin. I need you.” Kelvin just shrugs and is gone. I can’t cry I need to be strong.
One morning when I wake up, Kelvin is not in the hole, so I go to find him. He is trying to separate the water and salt, so I walk up to him and try to help him. He looks at me, blinks his blue eyes, and says, “Sorry!” I give him my warm smile, “That’s okay.” I fee so much better, he’s finally talking to me, and I will sleep well tonight. I sure hope we have water to drink tomorrow. Then I smell my body, and it tells me, “I need warm vanilla sugar body wash!” Sorry, but it seems like it’s hard to sleep this night. Good night mom and dad.

Lee stands up and walks out, carrying the diary. It’s hard to see what he’s feeling. I can’t catch any information from his face. Then he turns the page.

It’s not okay! I’m feeling upset. The sun is not strong enough. The seawater will not change anymore without the sunlight. I’m thirsty. Kelvin walks to me and put his arms around me to comfort me. “We can try again!” I smile to him and we try to separate the water again. My heart is feeling cold. But I don’t say anything. I know that’s it. If we don’t have water, that means we won’t see tomorrow. So I have an idea in my head. If I’m not here, maybe Kelvin will survive.

“Hey Lee, do you have something to eat? I’m feeling better only hungry,” says Kelvin. Suddenly Lee closes my dairy and answers Kelvin, “Yes, we got lots of food in the kitchen.” I didn’t realize I’m crying, because I had heard that ghosts don’t have tears. ”Kelvin, I’m here, can you see me?” I shouted using my biggest voice. He looks back and asks Lee, “Do you hear somebody call me?” Lee shakes his head. I smile a half-smile, thinking of what I’ve lost.

Thanks father and mother for always loving me. I really want to stay with you, but I can’t. I promise if I have a next life, I will not go to the sea again.

If someone happens to see my diary, please give it to my parents. Thank you. And please tell Kelvin that I know why he changed his plan, but now I can’t be his wife. He is a wonderful guy, and he will find his true love. Seems like that’s it. My short life, only 25 years.

God bless you and me.

As Lee and Kelvin are eating together, Lee opens my diary to the last entry and says, ”Look Kelvin!”
I stand by Kelvin and touch his face, but my hands can’t feel anything.

I know this big boat will give Kelvin a new life. I’m trying to learn how to be a good ghost. I look out of the window, the weather is still so good, but everything is transformed.

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it's a about island

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