The Lonely Anglerfish

May 16, 2011
By Liesl SILVER, Bedford NY, New York
Liesl SILVER, Bedford NY, New York
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Once upon a time there lived an anglerfish that had no friends because everyone was scared of his ferocious fangs. However, what the other aquatic life didn’t know was that inside, he was just a lonely, gentle anglerfish. During the day, he would remain in his reef so that no one would have to be frightened away by his monstrous looks. He did not like it when he terrified aquatic life because he only desired to help everyone in any way he could.

One day, he became restless and decided to swim about in the ocean, rather than staying in his reef for the day. It was deserted around his reef because no one lived or swam near him since his looks were so scary. This made him sad, but he soon shrugged the thought off his shoulder because he knew he could not do anything about it. As he was leisurely swimming in the deep blue sea, he spotted something red struggling beneath a rock. He could not make out what it was, so he swam closer and saw a lobster squirming because his tail was caught underneath a rock. He fought for freedom, but each effort he made to set himself free failed. The anglerfish saw this as an opportunity for him to finally help someone, so he swam right to the lobster.
“Fear not, my crusty friend. I’ve come to rescue you from beneath this rock!” he said excitedly.
“No, no!” exclaimed the lobster, “you’re going to rip off my newly polished claws and eat me! Everyone in the sea knows what you use those deadly fangs for!”
The anglerfish was taken aback by this comment because he certainly was not intending to eat the lobster. However, the lobster’s comment did not stop the anglerfish from helping this poor creature escape from the rock. The anglerfish pushed his body against the rock until it moved off of the lobster. The lobster scurried away without a thank you and the anglerfish swam sadly back to his reef.
A few days later, the anglerfish was searching for a new home to hide in. As he was keeping his eyes peeled for the perfect cave, he came across a net with a fish caught in it. Again, he thought about helping this innocent creature so he swam towards the net.
“Don’t come any closer, you beastly fish!” screamed the lonely fish. The terrified creatures eye’s became to buldge and his scales began to shiver.

“Don’t worry, my aquatic companion! I am here to save you from this net that has captured you,” said the anglerfish.
“No you’re not! You are going to capture me and eat me for dinner! I am an innocent fish and I refuse to be eaten by a creature so horrid as yourself,” stated the unpleasant fish. By then, the angler fish started to cut the net with his fangs until the smallest hole was made, but big enough for the fish to squeeze through it and escape. And so, the fish escaped without a thank you and once again, the anglerfish returned to his new home, miserable and unhappy.
The next day, the anglerfish left his cave to hunt for food, as all creatures need to do. As he was roaming the deep blue sea, he saw an abandoned baby blue whale crying in the distance. Puzzled by her melancholy, the anglerfish felt compelled to help the baby whale with whatever she was upset about. Even though the anglerfish was never recognized for his good deeds, he still wanted to help this pitiful whale.
“I’ve come to help you because I noticed from a far that you were terribly sad. I promise I won’t eat you; I just want to know what I can do to help you.”
The baby whale looked up and ignored the fact that the anglerfish was so scary. “I’ve lost my mother and I need to find her. We were swimming and a current separated us,” the baby whale said, whimpering.
“In that case, I will help you become united again with your mother.” And so the two were off to find the baby blue whale’s mother. As they swam throughout the sea, the baby whale called for her mother until finally, the anglerfish saw a huge shadow emerge from the distance. A huge whale approached them and the baby whale became joyful, since she was united with her mother.
“It was so courageous of you to help my daughter find me again, and you continue to help the sea creatures whenever anyone is in need. How ever can I repay you? You obviously do no harm to anyone, and I admire your heroism.” With that, the anglerfish was never alone and the sea was never terrified of the gentile anglerfish again. The morals of this story are beauty comes from within and good things happen to good people.

The author's comments:
I hope that from my story, people with take the morals to heart and realize that in fact beauty does come from within a person and that if you are kind to someone, you will receive kindness back.

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