Ultimate Man vs. the Slob

May 11, 2011
By Anonymous

Ultimate Man vs. the Slob

It was a clear night in Metropolitanville. Ultimate Man was flying around the city on his nightly patrol. He was flying north over 28th avenue when he heard tires squealing and police sirens screaming. He turned around and saw a black van speeding up the street and what looked like a dozen police cars chasing it. A man was leaning out the passenger side window and firing at the cops with a handgun. 4 cops were firing back. Ultimate Man flew down and collided head on with the van. The van flipped over and rolled a few times before coming to a stop on its side. The two criminals inside scrambled out and tried to make a break for it, but Ultimate Man grabbed them and knocked both of them out with one punch. The police cars stopped and officers swarmed everywhere, surrounding the criminals. They were put in the back of a car and were taken to jail. Ultimate Man looked inside the van, and in it were lots of bags, filled with money. The money was stolen from a local bank. The money was returned and the bank robbers got 80 years behind bars. Ultimate Man saved the day once again.

A few days later Ultimate man was in his secret base in a cave in a forest outside of Metropolitanville. He was filling out paperwork when the emergency hotline rang. It was the Chief of the GOG (Global Organization for Good). “Ultimate Man, there is an emergency. The Slob escaped from the maximum security prison facility outside of Cityburg late last night. We don’t know how he got out, but he was missing from his cell this morning. We need you to locate him, capture him, and turn him over to us. That will be all Ultimate Man” said the Chief. “Don’t worry Chief, I will capture the Slob and return him to you as soon as possible” replied Ultimate Man.

The Slob was a man who had no name other than the Slob, and hated everything good and nice. He also hated everything clean and shiny. He was a filthy person, and had a filthy hideout the last time Ultimate Man was there. But Ultimate Man knew that the Slob was smart enough not to go back to his old hideout. His old hideout was a warehouse in the harbor district of Metropolitanville. Ultimate Man stopped him from operating a device that would drain the water from the harbor but somehow keep the ocean water out, therefore stranding all of the ships on the bottom of the harbor. He would have then stolen the cargo and sold it to fund his other operations around the world. Ultimate Man also knew that the Slob would try to do something big, to get revenge on the world. Ultimate Man had to find him and stop him soon or the world would be in danger.

Ultimate Man searched the city day and night to find a clue or a lead that could take him to the Slob. One day he was walking down Roosevelt Boulevard wearing regular clothes, looking for clues. He walked into a hardware store on the corner of 14th avenue. A man wearing a suit and tan trench coat with a black hat walked out right as Ultimate Man walked in. They bumped into each other and the other guy’s hat came off. Ultimate Man recognized him immediately, but did not show it. He apologized to the man and the man walked on not suspecting anything. Ultimate Man recognized him; he was one of the Slob’s henchmen, James Wright. James escaped when Ultimate Man last caught the Slob. James was carrying a large bag of items from the store, and Ultimate Man suspected they were for the Slob’s plan. Ultimate Man decided to follow him, hoping James would lead him to the Slob. Ultimate Man happened to be an expert at following suspects, so James did not suspect a thing while walking. James entered an abandoned skyscraper office building on 17th Avenue in the downtown district. Ultimate Man did not go into the building, but saw James go into an elevator. Ultimate Man decided to return at night to see what was going on. He returned to his base to give a report to the Chief.
At about midnight, he flew over to the abandoned skyscraper, now wearing his superhero costume, to check the place out. The only lights that were on were on the top floor. Ultimate Man flew to the top to see what was inside. Inside was a big machine that had flashing lights all over it. It looked like a giant satellite dish of some sort. Then he saw them. James and the Slob were inside working on the machine. Ultimate Man then busted through the window and landed inside. The Slob turned and saw Ultimate Man, and fired a blaster at him. It made Ultimate lock up and fall over, paralyzed.
The Slob had fired salt at him, Ultimate Man’s only weakness. Salt makes Ultimate Man lose all of his superpowers, and makes his muscles lock up so he can’t move. James and 2 other henchmen picked Ultimate Man up and dropped him in a glass vat of salt solution. He was strapped in so that only his head was not submerged. The Slob then came up to him and observed him before talking.
“Ah, Ultimate Man. It seems we meet again. This time I know your weakness and I have used it to my advantage. I knew you would find me eventually, so I had to be prepared. You may be wondering what this large device is. You see, this device will fire a laser into the atmosphere that will create pollution clouds. These pollution clouds are brown clouds that drop acid, garbage, and other waste as precipitation. They will also block out most of the sun’s light, making it darker all the time, but still allowing heat to come through to the surface. This will make the earth a polluted wasteland, with only one way to stop it. Every country in the world will have to pay me 1 trillion dollars each, or the pollution won’t stop. They also have to pardon everything I have done, as well as this, and anything I ever will do. I have another laser that I can fire from this machine that will make all pollution clouds disintegrate. But what they won’t know is that even if the precipitation stops, there is no way to get rid of the pollution already created. If even one country decides not to pay the ransom, the pollution stops for no one. Also, if anyone breaks the pardon deal, the pollution starts again. With this device, I can become the richest and most powerful man in the world! And because you are powerless right now, you cannot stop me Ultimate Man!”
The Slob started the machine up, and the timer read two minutes to fire. Ultimate Man had to think of something fast or it would be the end of the world. He then noticed the salt solution start to bubble up. Then it came to him. He remembered what he had learned about his weakness from training school that salt solution sucked the power out of him, and absorbed the energy from it. That made the solution radioactive, which would eat through the glass vat easily. The Slob would not notice it because he was outside the vat. Now Ultimate Man had to hope the radioactive salt solution ate through the vat in time. The timer was at 1 minute 30 seconds now.
The vat started to crack at the top. The Slob was watching the timer and laughing. The henchmen were watching too. When Ultimate Man escaped he knew he had to be fast and avoid being shot by the salt blaster again.
CRASH! The vat shattered like a window getting hit with a baseball. Ultimate Man had his powers back and got to work. He ripped his straps off and flew straight at the slob. The timer was at 45 seconds. Ultimate Man slammed right into the Slob before he could react. He knocked the Slob Unconscious, and then turned to James and the other henchmen. James was holding the salt blaster. Ultimate dodged the blasts and finally had a small opportunity to fire his freeze vision at them. He hit the salt blaster and froze it solid. He then fired more ice beams and froze the rest of the henchmen. The timer was at 15 seconds. The machine started o make a funny noise, and the tip of the firing mechanism started to glow. The radioactive salt solution was flowing towards the machine. When it reached the machine, it started to smoke and howl, and then it completely shut down. The solution had short circuited the machine, making it shut down.
Ultimate Man looked at the timer. It stopped at 2.6 seconds. The world was safe from destruction. Ultimate Man called the police, who came and arrested the Slob and his henchmen. The Chief came and congratulated Ultimate Man on saving the world once again. The Slob and his henchmen were taken to prison and each given life sentences.
So once again, the world is saved by Ultimate Man.
The End

The author's comments:
I wrote this for English class

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