"Who are you?"

May 10, 2011
By FedoraJacob BRONZE, Butler, Pennsylvania
FedoraJacob BRONZE, Butler, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
Do what you want and say what you feel because those who mind dont matter and those who matter dont mind.

The story opens on a women in a dark wooden room and is standing on a chair with a white cloth around her mouth and thick brown rope tieing her hands to the rafters. She panics. She doesnt know where she is...or what happened. But she notices she is in just her under wear and bra. Then a figure appears out of the hallway with a whip. He smiles. She cries. He is a cerial masakistic killer. And shes his next victim. Or so he thinks. "Who are you?" she asks in a perfectly acted scared voice. He approches and hits her once. Enduring the pain she winces. he swings again. But she spins around and catches the whip between her toes and quickly wraps it around the head of the man and chokes him. She holds it there untill he stops kicking. She slips her toes down his body and places her toes in his belt loop and works his pants off his body. Thows it up and catches it in her hands. Carfuly she pans the pants for the pocket and finds a knife. Perfect. Cuts herself free and examines the body. Eric Woodlander. Shes heard of him but never thought he was going to be this simple. In the hall way she sees a desk and raides it for anything useful. Porn magazines, belts, lighters and close hangers, carboator oil, a gun, ammo and other serial killer torcher devices. Hmm. A gun. She hasnt had a gun in her hands in a long time. It fits smoothly and perfectly with a feel as if it were always suposed to be there. It clicks and is ready with a full 16 bullets. If she were to get out of here alive, this was the bear minimum but otheres might be more skilled in the art of this and kill her first. She smiled at the thought. No one is better. I'm the best. So good the illuminati doesnt know of my existance.

So she has the choice of either going left or up the stairs. She chooses the stairs. Half way up them a man jumps out and fires at her. But his gun bursts in an explosion of gun powder, blood and shrapnal. Hah. He knew it was wise to spike his gun earlyer. These men were rumored to be better than this. <Well, i guess not. This is gonna be a pinch> she thinks.

The author's comments:
i like the action and suspence and the kind of leave-you-hanging type deal. so i sought for my own entertainment.

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on Jun. 4 2011 at 8:44 am
SBloodClassicAlice BRONZE, Butler, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"Truth passes through three stages:
First, it is considered absurd and is ignored or ridiculed.
Next, it is considered dangerous to the status quo, and viciously attacked.
Finally, it is considered wholesome, indeed, self-evident."
-Arther Schopenhau

Jakey!!!!  I think ye need a spellcheck, but aside from that, it's good.  Wondering if tis was the 'article' that you referred too, and if it's making it into the mag.  Reminds me of 'Thirst' or 'Clarity', which both have strong heroine characters like this.  Ewwwie, not at all like the wooden character story on a killing spree.  (that got interesting as it went on, and you should post it in here!!!)

Love it, and yew  ;3


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