The True Russian Soldier

May 10, 2011
By Anonymous

One cold and stormy day in 1976, a young boy was born in Moscow. His name will forever be written in history, Rurick. He would grow up to be one of the greatest warriors the world had ever witnessed. He would join the Russian military and become one of the legendary Spetsnaz. And this is part of his story…

Rurick was always a violent child; at the age of six he would always find himself in fights with other kids. He didn’t win them all, but he was rarely ever subdued. He wasn’t the greatest in school either; he would commonly get C’s or lower. Nobody was there to help him for both his parents had died already; his father had died fighting, and his mother had died a few years after he was born. He was told she was stabbed to death by the Militisiya, Russian police. Nobody knew exactly where he lived, some say he lived in the Ural Mountains in a cave; others say he lived somewhere around the Volga River.

After high school, at the age of 19, he went directly into the military. He quickly rose to the rank of Colonel, but he still fought constantly. Before he had been chosen by the Marshal of the Russian Federation, he nearly killed his adversary. Everybody stood around them in a circle, Rurick and Pohmah, as they beat each other until one would give in. The crowd, knowing Rurick’s history of being brutal and unmerciful wished Pohmah “Udaci!” good luck. Rurick charged, hitting Pohmah with a tackle that instantly took him to the ground. Hit after hit rained down upon the helpless Pohmah, until the Marshal pulled him off. He was asked to come with him for a special opportunity… the opportunity to become a Spetsnaz.

He was taken to Gelendzhik, a small city in Russia. The Marshal said he would have to undergo vigorous training to actually become one of the Spetsnaz. Rurick asked the Marshal “Kak teb’a zovut”, what’s your name? The Marshal told him it was Viktor, and that he would have to start training now. The training for a spetsnaz is extremely difficult and time consuming, so we will skip ahead a few years.

We rejoin Rurick at the age of twenty-five; he has fully passed all of his training, and will be sent on his first mission in three days. Vicktor has helped him through many of his training challenges and is going on the mission with him as an observer. His first mission is to infiltrate an American naval base for any information on their nuclear weapons. He readily takes the mission and heads out to prepare.

When Rurick and his squad arrive they quickly scan the area for possible targets and infiltration points. Rurick notices a small fishing shack near where the naval base is supposedly located and offers to go check it out. The others agree and go on ahead to find a way in. When Rurick arrives at the fishing shack he notices that there is a man inside. As he creeps closer, he notices the man is wielding an automatic rifle. Rurick checks his surroundings and breaks the door down. He shoots the guard with his silenced pistol and catches him before he hits the floor to quiet his fall. Rurick takes his access card and walks to a wall with a small card swiper. The wall shifts to reveal an elevator leading down to the naval base. And down he goes.

When he reaches the bottom floor he stays hidden in the shadows. He realizes that there aren’t too many people on this floor and catches one guard by surprise. He drags him to a corner and takes his armor. He then begins to search for the information on the nuclear weapons. He wonders how the other spetsnaz are doing on the mission and if they are as successful as he is right now. He can’t risk contacting them either or that could give him away. But the other spetsnaz are not doing too well, in fact two of them are dead.

Rurick continues exploring until he hears on the guard’s com that they have found two bodies of Russian intruders. He rushes down to the location of the bodies, following a swarm of guards. As they try to figure out what happened, Rurick inspects the bodies. He realizes that they were both shot by a Russian weapon! That means that the survivor betrayed his fellow spetsnaz and is still wandering around the base. He, pretends to go back to a post along with the other guards. Rurick must work fast if he is to stay alive and accomplish the mission.

Once Rurick begins wandering around again he finally stumbles upon a layout of the base. He finds the information on the nuclear weapons and heads that way. When Rurick arrives he sees the traitor already at the computer downloading the data. He pulls out his silenced pistol and walks up behind him. The spetsnaz knows he is there and pulls out his pistol. Rurick and the spetsnaz face off pistol to pistol. Rurick dives to the left and fires a shot! The shot hits the spetsnaz in the leg, who fires and completely misses. Despite his wound, he continues firing and eventually hits Rurick twice in the same leg. Both Spetsnaz collapse to the ground in agony; Rurick pulls himself closer and knocks the gun away from the wounded spetsnaz. Rurick looks him in the eye and says “Spokojnoj noci”, good night. Rurick fires and the spetsnaz will never kill again. Rurick finishes downloading the information and limps away.

On his way out he meets no resistance and nearly makes it to the elevator without any trouble, but a scientist asks him what is wrong. He replies nothing and continues walking. But the scientist is persistent, and continues to ask him if he needs a doctor. Rurick finally pulls out his pistol and shoots him in the leg. “That is what happened” and he walks away, still limping. Getting medical attention could compromise the mission. He reaches the elevator, but as soon as he emerges in the fishing shack, he is met by at least 8 guards.

Rurick pulls out two M9s and starts firing! The guards shoot him many times with their automatic weapons. His Kevlar works to protect him as he returns fire. After only a few seconds all the guards are dead and he stands alone amongst their corpses. He now has been shot in the leg twice and once in his right arm. He quickly limps over to the extraction point. The helicopter picks him up and flies away towards home base.

When they arrive Rurick is treated by a specialized doctor; who heals his wounds. After he heals he goes back to Russia on a plane and meets with Viktor. He is congratulated as he informs Viktor of his mission and the fates of the other spetsnaz. After he explains his story, Viktor tells him that he is proud of him. Rurick is glad that he has made Viktor proud, because he is like the father he never had.

Many years later, and after many more missions, Rurick asks Viktor if he knew his father. Viktor replies with a “yes.” Rurick continues to question Viktor about him. When Rurick asks Viktor if his father is alive, the answer is the same. Rurick is awestruck by this news. He asks Viktor if he knows where he is, and again Viktor replies with “yes.” Rurick asks him where his father is, and Viktor states, “Why, in this very room.” Rurick checks around the room and searches for any possible locations a man could be hiding, but can find not one. Viktor says, “There are only two people in this room”. Rurick looks at Viktor with a confused glance. Viktor stands up and says, “Look at me, my son.” Rurick is startled by this news, staring at his mentor in disbelief. Rurick runs up to Viktor and they embrace for the first time as father and son.

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