May 6, 2011
By Anonymous

This story’s characters are flint the father of two brothers (looks like a cowboy) Blake and Jeff and he’s the husband of Paula. The grandpa of Blake and Jeff is George. Henry (one of flints friends), Mac (another one of flints friends) and his son Trevor (they live in the woods). Luke (a village man). Org ( the first man in black) and Jack (the second).
“So are you guys going to go back home tonight, already” asked George. “Dad we’ve been here for 2 weeks” said Paula. “Dads probly lonely” said Blake. “Let’s go play while we still have some time left” said Jeff. “They never get tired do they” said George. “These whole 2 weeks they’ve been playing nonstop” said Paula. Blake and Jeff are now playing outside with their grandpa’s animals. “I really like grandpa’s pigs” said Jeff. “The goats are better” said Blake climbing on top of the goat. “I miss dad” said Jeff. “We will see him tonight” said Blake. A couple of hours later. “We will visit you again dad” said Paula. “Bye grandpa” said the boys. “Be careful in the woods” said George. “Don’t worry I’m tough” said Blake. “I’m tough too “said Jeff. “C’mon lets go” said Blake running towards the woods. “Wait up” said Jeff trying to keep up with him.

Somewhere in the woods. “How long will this take” asked org. “until we get this fire started” said jack. “Sure is nice of boss to give us this fancy flamethrower” said org while picking his nose. “Shut up, someone will hear you, speaking of which here take this” said jack handing org a knife. “What’s this for” asked org. “boss said we have to set the woods on fire and kill at least one person” answered jack. “Unless they look tough right” said org. “right but let’s not tell boss that part” said jack. “What a pain” said org. “quit your complaining, and now let’s get this started” yelled jack starting the flamethrower. Fire starts spreading everywhere. “Run” yelled org. They both run smack into each other. “Watch it” yelled jack. “Let’s get outta here” yelled jack while the fire spreads behind them.
“So kind of you to help me with carrying the lumber “said mac. “No problem, better than getting yelled at by my wife “said henry. “Umm hey who are those fellers over there? “Asked mac. “Well flint said that Paula and the boys are walking home from George’s house today “said henry. “No, Thiers two of them “explain mac. “Well it is dark out your probly just seeing thing, hmm smells like a barbecue’s going on” said henry while he’s sniffing around. “At this time, I doubt it “said mac. “Wait it’s bright over there “said henry. Then all of a sudden flames burst out everywhere in the woods. “A forest fire” yelled henry. “I gotta go get Trevor, you go get the villages help “commanded mac. Henry didn’t have to be told twice because he was already out of there.
“Fire, fire “yelled henry running towards the village. Everyone panicked. “Calm down” yelled Luke. “You go get flint he might be of some help, well try to put out the fire” continued Luke. So went off henry towards flints house.
“Flint, flint theirs a huge fire, a big huge flamy bursting fire “yelled henry banging on flints door. “c’mon “said henry pulling on flints doorknob until it yanked off. “Why did you hafta come off “said henry. “A fire “said flint opening the door. “Oh, flint “said henry trying to hide the doorknob behind his back “wait were the rest of your family “asked henry? “They haven’t gotten back yet”anwserd flint. “Oh don’t worry their probly taking shelter from the fire but we got to hurry” said henry.
In the woods. “I can’t see anything with this smoke” said flint. “I sure hope mac and Trevor are ok”said henry. “Hey who are those guys “said flint. Flint and henry see two men. One has a weird device and the other has a knife. The two men notice them and run off. “Maybe those are the two men mac saw earlier “says henry. They then here a man’s howler in the distance. “That sounds like mac”says flint.
“What happened to you “says henry standing by mac that is lying on the ground hurt. “I was going to get Trevor, but flames spewed out and got me on the leg and everywerelse”said mac in pain. “He needs medical help, Flint I’ll go take him to the village you go get Trevor “said henry.
“Oh great the house is on fire “flint said to himself. Flint then hears Trevor yelling for help. “Blast the door is locked” said flint. Flint then backs up and rams down the door. The smell is awful and it’s very hard to see. Flint checks down stairs and then goes upstairs. Flint here’s Trevor in the closet. Oh, mister flint” says Trevor as flint opens the door. Flint can tell by the way the house looks it’s about to come crashing down. Flint grabs Trevor and runs down stairs and sprints out the door with the house crashing down behind him. Smoke, flame, and derbies fly out everywhere. “Thank you sir” says Trevor. “No problem, ummm your covered in soot” says flint. “So are you” Trevor laughed. It then begins to rain the rain puts out the fire.

Flint and Trevor are walking through the woods when they encounter the 2 men dressed in black from before. The one that had the knife has blood on his hand. Flint gets a closer look at the device they had before. Flint see’s it’s a flamethrower. “You’re the ones who started the fire” yells flint. The 2 men jump back and take off running. “Are you going to go after them” asked Trevor. “No I got to get you back to your dad” says flint.
Flint and Trevor see the villagers outside the forest. “I’m glad to see you guy’s safe” says henry. Trevor runs to his dad who’s in crutches. “Thank god you’re safe, are you hurt” asks mac. “I’m fine” says Trevor. “Thank you flint” says mac. “Oh, Flint we found your children” says henry. Flint sees his two boys wrapped in blankets and their soaking wet. “They jumped into the lake, to avoid the fire” says mac. “Dad, we got separated from mom” says Blake and Jeff at the same time. Everyone here’s someone running towards them. “It’s Luke” says mac. For everyone’s surprised that Luke’s in tears and no one has ever seen him cry before. “What’s the matter” says henry. Luke than says “Flint I found your wife” he then drops down a bloody knife “and I found this pierced in her heart.”

The author's comments:
i was inspired by the japanese game mother 3

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