The Death Trip

May 6, 2011
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Krista’s long straight blonde hair flipped as she took two pieces of white lined paper out of her bag. She was dressed in her casual blue jeans, and pink sweatshirt. She wasn’t a high class girl, but not the average “loser.” She began to write, and passed one to her boyfriend and the other to her best friend Amara.

Jon and Krista have been together for a couple months now. He is just like every other average kid. He wears jeans and t-shirts, and doesn’t smoke or drink. He opened the note and read to himself.


What are you doing this weekend? I got this vide, we should go on a camping trip. I asked Amara too. Only if you agree to go I want her to go also. Please?! You always go with your mom and dad. We can be alone if I get Alex to go with us.
I love you!!
Krista <3
Amara was the kind of girl who was a pushover. She wasn’t very popular in school either. She just had one best friend, and that was Krista. They were the BESTEST of friends ever scince first grade. Lately she wasn’t so sure about Krista and Jon though. She just thought he was taking her away.

Amara opened the note and read:


Let’s go camping? Me you, and Jon! Please??! This weekend would be awesome. I just don’t know what else to do.

Jon and Amara both wrote back telling her it was fine they would go. This was their junior year why not go? Krista thought for a little bit. Even though Amara wasn’t into dating she wanted somebody to go also just to keep her some company. She thought of Alex. Of course.
Alex was a boy that had, had a crush on Amara since freshman year. He was a dare devil, and constantly used foul language. Every day he wore baggy dark clothes, but was attractive looking.
Krista went up to Alex. She asked him if he wanted to go camping with them. Alex said he would go. He was excited and was read to get to know more about Amara, but didn’t know what to bring. Krista told Alex to meet him at Jon’s house, and he could go with him that day afterwards, and didn’t have to bring anything.
Krista changed her plans, and had everyone meet her at her house. They needed to know how many tents to take, and whose cars. The place they were going to was 32 miles away, but they all wanted to drive except Amara. This was all because her brother got in a car accident when he was little, and now is disabled.
They decided to take the TWO blue and pink tents. One for the girls and one for the boys. Krista’s convertible, and Jon’s explorer were the only cars they were going to take along with Jon and Alex were going together, and Krista and Amara. Also packed was a little cooler full of pop, water, ice, and a few snacks were packed too.
Everyone left the following afternoon after school. When they arrived the girls sent up the pink tent, and the boys set up theirs. After they finished Krista wanted to go by the water. The girls decided to go by themselves. Krista and Amera stayed busy going up to the side of the river.
Alex pulled Jon off to the side where the girls couldn’t hear nor see. He began explaining to Jon how he felt. “Amara is so adorable. I just don’t know how she doesn’t know I like her. Tonight I want to tell her how I feel. It’s the perfect time. I’m just too nervous, and don’t know if I can.
“Just go for it. I know she hasn’t dated anyone yet, maybe just maybe she’ll be your girlfriend. No harming in tell her how you feel.” answered Jon.
Krista and Amara had come running back. They got a little frightened, because they couldn’t see the boys. Jon asked Krista if she wanted to go on a hike with him. She walked away with him, and left Amara.
Alex asked Amara to stay with him. Her face turned tomato red, and she turned speechless. He tugged her soft wet hand. Amara’s head jerked fastly backward to see that Krista was already half way through the woods. She barely knew this boy she was with, and now was out of her comfort zone, now that no one was around.
Krista and Jon walked to the blue, fast falling, waterfall. They were amazed at the beauty. Jon put his arm around Krista, and they both enjoyed the view. Jon had pointed out a cabin not far from where they were.
“I wonder who lives there.”
“It’s probably no one just a little cabin built long ago.” replied Krista
“That’s not very old! Plus, why would there be a cabin in the middle of nowhere? It just doesn’t make sense.” Jon scampered
“Well, who would live in the middle of nowhere???”
The two had no clue why there was a random cabin in the middle of nowhere. It didn’t matter to them anyways. Jon and Krista had come for a trip. They didn’t want to argue over a stupid cabin. They were in love, and wanted to be happily alone, by the waterfalls. They forgot all about it, and continued to watch the waterfalls for a few more minutes. They decided to walk back about 20 minutes later.
Jon and Krista arrived to camp, and Krista’s best friend was in tears. The rain drop size of balls of salt water seeped out the corner of her eyes one by one rolling down her face, smearing her black Maybelline mascara and eye liner. Alex was nowhere in sight. Krista ran up to her and tried to get a reason why she was crying. She wouldn’t give an answer. Amara tried wiping off her tear, with a little help from Krista. Amara tried to explain to Jon and Krista it really was nothing, just an emotional breakdown.
Another idea popped in Krista’s mind. She had brought some fireworks her brother had gotten in Missouri. They all lit them off, and watched them shine bright up in the sky with joy. They were having a great time. They all made jokes about the shapes, and laughs and smiles were being shared between them.
Eventually, they were out of fireworks. They had nothing left to do. Everyone ate a little and drank some soda. It was getting boring. It definitely was not the kind of trip Krista had planned.
Most were getting tired. Krista asked Amara if she wanted to go in the tent with her. First, she gave Jon a long hug and kiss on the lips. The girls went in and fixed the fuzzy pink, black, and white zebra blankets. Amara had to tell Krista what had happened. She just didn’t know how to explain it.
She began to speak, and spilled it all. “It started with a hand pull, trying to get me to go back to the tent. He had a stern voice.” she explained.
“I went with, because you were already half way through the woods. He pulled me in. He tried to tell me how he has been in love with me for a very long time, and I never knew it.”
Amara kept going on even though she had heard a large snap not too far from the tent.
“He raped me, Krista.” quietly whispered Amara.
Krista was in shock. This was all Krista’s fault, and Krista knew it. She should have never asked Alex to come along. Who would have known something like this would have happened.
Amara tried to get Krista to get some sleep. She told her they could go to town in the morning to the station. Somehow they would have to get Jon to go, and not let Alex know where they’re going. That was tomorrow’s worries.



High pitched loud screams. That’s what Jon woke up to. He peaked out of his tent. Blood tracks. The girls were all he could think of. They had to be dead. He had no idea how or why this happened. He had to go and find some help.
Jon went and searched. He remembered that little cabin him and Krista found. He ran so hard he could feel his heart beat in his through three-times a second.
As he reached the cabin after hundreds of footsteps, he went in without knocking. A loud squeak came out of the metal door hinges, and there sat Alex. The two girls were dead he said. This was a trap Jon fell in. As Jon took a chance to run he fell flat down. The sharp pointy edge of the knife jabbed into him, and stuck in just the right perfect spot. There was nothing for him to do now Jon was gone.

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