No Fear

May 2, 2011
By bigtownballer3 BRONZE, Scottsdale, Arizona
bigtownballer3 BRONZE, Scottsdale, Arizona
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Elliot Ash
No Fear
“Hey what’s up Drew,” questioned Andre.
“ Just been biking around you know and been helping Jett build the jump, it looks insane so far,” explained Drew.
“ Sounds good, I was just playing some Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2,” said Andre.
“See you later,” said Drew.
“Okay,” moaned Andre.

Later that day Drew went over to Jett’s house to work on the jump.
“ Hey Jett,” yelled Drew.
“What’s up,” yelled Jett.
“Lets go work on the jump,” said Drew.
“Okay,” said Jett. Clink clink clink sounded Drew and Jett’s bikes as the rode off to the jump.
“Ugh,” sighed Drew as they were approaching the jump site.
“Hit it,” said Jett.
“ No not yet, I am not ready,” Murmured Drew.
“Oh come on, it’s easy, yelled Jett.
“Let’s just build on to it right now okay,” said Drew.
“ Fine whatever,” said Jett.
As the sun started to go down Drew started to head home up Dixileta road.

“Hey mom!” said Drew “Hey Dad”.
“Where were you today?” replied his parents.
“Just biking around with Jett,” said Drew
“Sounds good, go to bed you need to get your sleep for school tomorrow,” replied his parents.
“Okay,” yawned Drew.

Drew rolled around in his sleep he was having a dream. “ I have to do it, I have to’ said Drew in his dream I don’t want to be called a chicken by my friends and peers, I just have to do this.” Drew went on.
“You can sound the alarm……” sounded Drew’s alarm.
“Aw,” yawned Drew.
“Good morning,” said his mom.
“Good morning,” whispered Drew.
“Get ready for school okay,” exclaimed his mom.
“Screech.” went the school bus as it slowed down to pick up Drew. Drew got on the school bus and was on his way to school so he could learn. He wished that he lived closer to school so that he could ride his bike to school and show it off, you know what an average guy would do.
As Drew got off of the bus he saw Jett getting off of the bus behind him bus.
“Wait up,” yelled Drew.
“Okay okay,” said Jett
“What’s up,” questioned Drew.

“Nothing much, yawn I am so tired from last night,” yawned Jett.
“Same here, I had a terrible dream,” replied Drew.
“About what?” questioned Jett.
“Well, it all started out like a normal day for me, I went to your house to work on the jump, then we rode to the jump and started to work on it, but when you were going to test it out you called me a chicken and then it skipped forward till I was back at my house and I kept saying I have to do it, and that’s my dream,” said Drew
“Wow very descriptive haha,” replied Jett.
“I know haha,” said Drew.
“Ding ding ding,” went the bells and school began.
“I can’t wait till school is over,” sighed Drew.
“Well you’ve got seven and a half hours,” said the person sitting behind him.
“Ugh,” sounded Drew

As the school day went on Drew was thinking to himself about how great it would be to jump the big one at Jett’s house. “Mr. Decker wake up,” said the teacher.
“Okay I am,” replied Drew.
“Haha,” laughed the whole class.
“Okay now class calm down,” said the teacher.
“Ding ding,” went the bell for the time to switch classes to third block.
“Good morning class how are you guys doing,” said the teacher.
“Goooood,” replied the whole class.
“Wow this is so stupid all we are going to do is talk about dumb science for the next hour,” Drew whispered to himself.

“Ding ding ding ding,” went the end of the day bell for school.
“Finally,” sighed Drew.
“Beep beep beep,” went Drew’s phone

Meet me at my house when you get home from Jett.

Ok replied Drew.

As Drew got on the bus to go home he got so excited because he new that he was trying to do the jump today.
“Hey Drew how was your day at school, ” questioned his mom.
“It went by fast believe it or not,” replied Drew.
“No kidding huh,” said his mom.
“Well I am going to Jett’s house okay,” said Drew.
“Okay” replied his mom.

On the ride over to Jett’s house Drew saw some kids riding mongooses then Drew said to himself “I had those then my mom got a job.”
He giggled for a little bit then rode off to Jett’s house.
He arrived at Jett’s house.
“Hey what’s up,” gasped Drew
“Nothing much, are you going to try the jump today?’ questioned Jett
“Yes yes yes I am going to try the jump,” replied Drew
“Good” said Jett.

“I am going for it,” yelled Drew

He was excited, ready to go, but he has a thought in the back of his head that says he his going to fall. Drew says to himself “I can do this,”. He picks up the bike puts one foot on then the other. He starts to pedal. He’s getting closer and closer with each pedal. He takes off of the jump. He’s in the air. POP!! Drew hits the ground, get’s up and says “Well that went better than I thought.”


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