Superman Reborn

April 20, 2011
By Aniell Ducat BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
Aniell Ducat BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
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When I was five years old I used to watch my favorite television super hero show is “Superman”. At seven p.m. I ate my dinner and cleaned up a little bit, and then walked to my couch maybe sucking on my lollipop, or maybe popcorn by my side. Before I watch my show, I put on a cape and a red suit. My mom used to laugh at me when I run around the room pretending I’m Superman with my silly cape and my cute red suit.
Three years ago when I was eight years old, I went outside and I saw this man beating up his wife. I tried to rescue him like superman does. I punched him, pushed him, and did everything I could to help her. Good thing she used to live with her parent or she could have been gone. Finally, her parents heard the screaming noise in the backyard, the dad grabbed me and the mom slapped the guy in the face until he ran away.
A Couple of hours later at dinner time, my mom was yelling at me about what I did earlier, but I told her I was just helping her out, and she kept on going and going until this incredibly loud noise came from the backyard. My dad came out of his office like a horse on a race. I asked everyone if we were all okay, and we all went outside to see what happened. We saw this humongous rock; it’s melting hot fire, and it’s like a ball, but ten times as big and really hot. My mom told me to go inside to be safe and she would call 911 for emergency. Well I’m the kid that doesn’t listen to their mom very often, so I went outside when my mom was not looking. I started creeping up to it, and when I was really close, it suddenly exploded.
All I could hear was the sound of an ambulance. My mom was screaming, and the sound of my heartbeat was going really fast, almost as fast as my video game. The worst part was I could hardly breathe, and it feels like something is plugging my throat.
Two hours later, I woke up in the hospital; my mom was beside me sleeping, the T.V. was still on, and it was really dark. The morning came, and my mom was not there anymore. The nurse came in the room; she had a tray of food with her, and she seemed really nice. She’s was wearing a pink scrubs. She had an orange, a banana, a honey oat cereals, and carton of milk in the tray. I was felt like I could run a mile, but I could remember so little what had happened last night.
“Hello there, my name is Julia, and the nurse for today.” Said Julia.
Oscar was still struggling and trying to visualize her face.
“Hey, where is my mom? Asked Oscar.
She clears her throat, and sounds like she is about to tell me a long story.
“Well honey. Your mom went out to get some fresh air, but something terrible had happen.” Whimpered Julia.
“What, what is it, tell me. What happened to my mother? Screamed Oscar
“She was feeling sick when I talked to her, but I tried to stop her.” “She told me she was going to the park, but on the way there someone ran her over on accident.” Cried Julia.
“Oh my God, but, but how did that happen.” Sobbed Oscar.

I cried so much that there is no more water coming out of my eyes. This was probably the worst day of my life.
And then eight years ago when I was 16, I moved to my stepfather. He was not the best father in the world, but he tried somewhat to provide meals on the table and keep a roof on top of our heads. It was dinner time at eight o’clock at night. We had a conversation about where I was going to college, and when I was going to apply for work, and all that good stuff. I was getting sick of him talking about my life. I suddenly blew up, and threw my plate off the table, and pushed away from the table. I went upstairs and stomping on my way up the stairs. When I was close to my room and I opened the door, but it broke, and I threw it in to the wall. I was so confused, and my stepdad wondered what was going on up here. I tried to fix it, but it was broken all the way where you hook it on to.
The next day I skipped school for the doctor’s appointment. I went to the doctor, and told him the whole story that happened last night. He was surprised how strong I was, but he checked me out, and told me there was nothing wrong. I went out the door, but I accidently crushed the doorknob. I tried to hide it by putting a tissue paper that I found in my pocket. I looked at the time, and I realize that I was late for my date with my girlfriend. When we were at the restaurant, I was scared to tell her about what happened last night. I told her the whole story, and she was actually cool with it. She told me that my muscles are getting bigger. I was blushing when she said all that, but I’m still annoyed by it.
Then couple of days. Instead of going to school I went to the doctor. I woke up in the morning, and looked at the mirror, and my muscles were huge and big, and my abs were hard. I went downstairs and got ready for school, but was getting late for school. I heard the bus stop by my house, so I ran as fast I can out the door like there is no tomorrow. I tried to wave for the bus to stop, but he just kept on going. I’m pretty sure he saw me wave, but he probably just ignored me.
I took someone’s bike and biked to school, but when I got there the bell rang. A couple of hours later, lunch began, and I tried to find a seat to eat my lunch because there were a lot of people. I sat by my friends, and I saw this guy yelling at his girlfriend. I had the guts to go up to him and told him to stop what he was doing to the girl. We started fighting, but the teacher and the police came to stop the fight. I got detention for fighting him, but he got suspended.
After School passed by, and I went home with my bike. While I was biking I felt like something lifted me off the ground. Suddenly, I’m off the ground like five feet high, and I get higher and higher. I didn’t know how to fly, but after a couple of hours of flying in my backyard it got fun after a while. Couple of hours later, I was watching T.V. and I saw this police chase. I wondered that I could fly, and help the police handle the bad guys. I started looking at pictures about superman, and I saw this crazy artwork. The problem is I can’t draw. I got my drawings done, and suit. I’m good to go, and saving life
I went to the police office, but mysteriously with my mask on, and everything. I asked them if they needed any help, and they said yes, and lots of it. I helped them rescue people; take out the fire, and all kinds of stuff. One day, there was a rescue mission in the burning building. I did my thing, but it was a trick. It was Batman, and he’s always been my arch enemy. We fought, but he a special sticky bomb that stick to your body. I tried to get it off, but it was stuck. There was a huge explosion happened in the building. The building started to fall, and it was a disaster. The police officer was looking for me and helping people. Then couple of hours later, they finally found Oscar. He was in pain, and probably will die. Oscar retired ten years ago, but everybody knew as a rescuer. Being a hero is good except when everybody wants your help, or you get hurt.

The author's comments:
Just having fun and let my brain do the work.

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