April 20, 2011
By TylerUnderwood BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
TylerUnderwood BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
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Zone was an average kid of 9. He was part of the stereotypical family, a mom, dad, sister, and a dog. Zone was alone his whole life until 3rd grade. He met someone named Johntrel; they both had the same interest in life. Together they would go into Johntrel’s tree house and played dress up. Both of them would make up stories in their head and act them out.

“What if we was able to leave our bodies and go wherever we wanted?” Johntrel imagined.

“So basically we could dream whenever we wanted?” Zone asked.

“Kind’ve like that except we could do it when we was awake,” Johntrel clarified.

Johntrel continued to think of other thing’s he would like to do, but knew they were impossible. However, Zone was still on the topic of being able to leave his body.

“What if we could become invisible like the superhero man who becomed one after getting stung by a jellyfish,” Johntrel rambled.

“That could be cool, or we could make our dreams real life.”

“You’re a buster pal; all you talk about is dreaming while awake or whatever. I’m going home.”

After Johntrel left Zone went to the library to research about the topic of the out of body experience. He found that some people claim to have left their bodies while they slept, at first they thought that they were dreaming, but found themselves watching their family. A science fiction novel that Zone skimmed through said that someone was able to induce dreams by mixing battery acid with vinegar and then by drinking it you would have a dream. Zone borrowed the book for future references.

When Zone got home he showed his mom the book he borrowed, she slapped him across the face after looking at the page he showed her. Her face turned red with anger and frustration when Zone asked for a battery and some vinegar. She sighed, and began to spank his bottom with a switch.

When Zone went to sleep for the night, he hoped that he could dream well. He wished he could fulfill the thought of leaving his own body. But he guessed Johntrel was right and he wouldn’t be able to. He drank some straight vinegar from a pristine, crystal glass just in case. He swallowed the retched stuff and passed out. Having infinite dreams paired with an infinite sleep.

Johntrel’s mom came to Zone’s house to baby sit in the early morning, after she made breakfast she made Johntrel wake Zone up. Johntrel came back to the kitchen, tuft of hair in hand and Zone in arms. He started to cry as he realized that Zone had left his body, just as he wished. Johntrel thought about him and hoped that someday Zone would come back. Johntrel regretted what he said to Zone and wished that he would come back to his physical body.

Body gone, Zone’s spirit only heard the sirens and saw the red lights.

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