The Dream

April 28, 2011
It was a Monday morning after a long weekend. When I woke up my clock read 7:50am. I panicked and rushed to get myself ready trying not to be late for school. When I was all ready I opened the door and splat! I landed in a huge pile of sand. I looked back and my room was gone. I looked around and I recognized studying this place in school, the Sahara Desert.
After I realized that, I had to find water because I was getting really thirsty of all the heat. Suddenly, right before my eyes I see a huge lake that seems to be about a mile away. After walking for several hours it seems that the lake keeps getting farther away and I’ll never be able to reach it. Few hours later when it seemed that I reached the lake it was only a mirage.
I thought to myself, “How can I ever get back, I’ll be lost forever.” And when all was bad, a giant sandstorm was approaching, and I had nowhere to take cover. When the sandstorm hit I was covered in sand, and woke up.
I said, “Thank God it was just a dream.” I looked at my clock and it said 7:00am. I took my time getting ready for another day at school, and when I was finally ready to go downstairs to eat breakfast I opened the door and Splat! I get up and I’m surrounded in sand.

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