Flight Attendent

April 3, 2011

“Attention please” the flight attendant repeated in a calm voice. She stood there, tensed up. “There is something wrong with the plane” the flight attendant uttered. “WHAT DOES THAT MEAN LADY?” shouted a passenger.

The flight attendant gently stepped back, as the plane fell. “Everyone stay calm” she whispered.

“If they aren’t doing anything then lets just jump” the loud uneasy passenger chanted. “NO, I’m staying. I have a family, I can’t leave them!!” “LOOK” screamed a passenger. “We are heading towards the water!” yelled another. “CALL 911” a voice repeated.

“Hi Sophie, its Mommy, I love you a lot. Don’t ever forget that” a passenger whispered to her daughter. “Hi babe, I don’t think I am going to make it......” cried the passenger to his wife. The line went dead. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME, WERE IN THE WATER” “WHAT DO WE DO??” the passengers cried out. “WERE GOING TO DIE” a frazzled passenger kept repeating to themselves.

The flight attendant stood up, after sobbing. “Swim, to Hawaii. It is a couple of miles away. We can all do this! Lets just stick together.”

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