free falling

April 1, 2011
By rhooper15 BRONZE, Park City, Utah
rhooper15 BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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“And I’m free, I’m fallin’
Yeah I’m free, free fallin”Tom Petty-Free Fallin’
It was a hot summer day at Disney World, this particular day we decided to go parasailing. So while my mom was filling out a form that would enable us to go parasailing, my sister and I headed over to the hotel’s pool. We jumped into the nice refreshing water, we headed back to see if mom had finished the paperwork. When we got there she said she was done and we just had to wait for the boat. The boat arrived at the dock and we got on and each put on our life vests. As the boat backed out of the dock and started to zoom across the lake, I stuck my hand over the side of the boat and felt the water hit my hand. Soon the driver’s assistant released the parasail. As it opened up and the black and white colors of the parasail were expanding in the sky, it hit me that the one thing that would freak me out was when I was in the air. I felt an icy chill up my spine that made me freeze for a moment as I saw the skull and crossbones on the parasail right there looking back at me. The words my mom says to me just unfreeze me instantly “Randy why don’t you go first?” I told her, “No why don’t you go have someone go before me?” But after five minutes I found myself strapped into the parasail and was freaking out like what just happened. Soon the driver of the boat was slowly sending me up into the air. As I started up into the air and looked down, I started to swear because I was so freaked out. The ride continued for about 15 more minutes and then I started to adjust with how high up in the sky I was. When I cooled down about the tremendous height (600ft.), I started thinking about when I would be heading back down. After I asked that question to myself, I started to descend and I started my swear fest as I saw that I was heading for the water and not the back of the boat as my mom had told me. Then I felt the hard, cold water hit me as I landed. Soon the instructor for the parasailing was going nuts and called the lake patrol. First a wakeboarding boat was helping me, then the lake patrol, about 15 boats in all came to my rescue. I was thinking was this really necessary and felt like putting my head under the water. The reason why I felt this way was because I was entirely fine and secondly I had been picked up the lake patrol earlier that day. Earlier that day I rented a boat to cruise around Bay Lake and then my steering gave out. So I was forced to jump out and push the boat away from the shore and then had to get picked up by the lake patrol. Back to my parasailing and in the water, the lake patrol cut the rope from the parasail to free me and swam with me to one of the rescue boats. When I got back on the boat I just wanted to back to the hotel room and hide in the closet and take a nap inside it as I was so embarrassed. But instead I got a free t-shirt for being such a good sport from the parasailing instructor.

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