April 21, 2011
There once was an organization. It was top secret and not even most aspects of our own government have ever heard of it. Yet it has the authority to overtake any part including the President’s authority. Their job is simple, to eliminate any threats foreign and domestic. They are known as S.C.O.G.S or Secret Conference of Global Security. They are located all around the globe but the main location is hidden somewhere in the United States.

The members are an elite group of people who will never be known outside the organization. All operations are well planned and are carried out at night so there are absolutely no witnesses. If any unwanted aspects find out about them, they are sure to “take care” of the issue themselves. They are the most well trained organization on Earth. Technology they have at their exposal is top of the art space age gear that won’t be available to anyone else for another 50 years and by that time their gear will be upgraded even further.

Within the organization there is one special agent. His name is Agent 1. Now in the organization there are no names, only numbers. The numbers serve as both their name and rank. Agent 1 is the best of the best and takes up all of the hardest tasks by himself.

The mission that set him to number 1 is the one that saved the organization from being uncovered to the entire world. If it wasn’t for Agent 1, S.C.O.G.S would cease to exist. Looking back, this only took place 3 months ago.

It all started when a high value terrorist offered an agent a large value of money that was near impossible to turn down. The agent was the previous Agent 1 who is now known as Rogue. Of course the agency found out about the action but before they could react, the agent disappeared along with knowledge that must not get out. He was then officially a rogue agent.

S.C.O.G.S organized multiple assassination attempts but the previous Agent one was just too well trained. Instead of receiving Agent 1, they received all of their assassins in body bags. Their only option left was to send their next best agents after him. They sent who are now Agent 1, Agent 2, and Agent 3.

They got tip that Rogue was currently in Russia trying to sell information about S.C.O.G.S in return for a large handful of well-trained soldiers. Due to the attempted assassination attempts Rogue was trying to form his own organization to take down S.C.O.G.S.

By the time the agents got there it was too late. Rogue was gone and had received what he was looking for. Now that there were two problems at hand they had no choice but to split up. Agent 1 was sent after Rogue while Agents 2 and 3 went after the intelligence the Russians received.

While on the trail, Agent 1 ran into numerous groups of Rogues soldier. The longer this dragged on the better trained Rogues soldiers were becoming. He knew if he didn’t act fast he would have no chance in perusing Rogue by himself but would have to wait for the other agents to finish their assignment.

Fortunately Agents 2 and 3 were just one day away from wiping out all the intelligence the Russian had. On the down side, it would take them another two or three days to catch back up to Agent 1. They worked as fast and carefully as they could and finally got through with their work.

Just as Agents 2 and 3 finished with the intelligence, Agent 1 had tracked Rouge’s men to what appeared to be his main base. With one look he could tell that they trained faster than he ever anticipated. Rather than run in there suicide, he decided to play it safe. He lay low in the mountains surrounding the camp and collected as much information as he could while he waited for the other agents.

When Agents 2 and 3 got there they had a full plan presented to them. Agent 1 had the perfect plan. They were going to wait for the patrol to come by just after it got dark and silently take out the three in back. Then they would slip into their gear and resume with the rest of the patrol to gain access to the base. From there they would get to the center where most likely Rogue is at. Then, they would take him out as soon as they got the chance. Before anybody knew their leader was missing, the agents would be gone. Without a leader, Rogues organization would crumble in a matter of hours.

As soon as night fall came, the agents carried out their well thought plan. The got the uniforms from the patrol and gained access to the base. Once they got in, they found it harder to find the strong point, where Rogue would be, than they thought. Sneaking around in the shadows they had to find an alternate route into the main building. Once they got in, they followed another patrol until they came across a single door with a guard on each side. After they patrol went around the corner they hung back, turned around and removed the guards and hid the bodies in a nearby closet. Agents 2 and 3 acted as the two guards while agent 1 went in. As soon as Rogue looked up, Agent 1 took him out. He then set him in his bed to make it look like he was sleeping. Then the agents snuck out as quickly as they could.

After getting back to the organization they learned the soldiers crumbled as expected. What they didn’t expect what a promotion for each of them. Ever since then, Agent 1 has worked alone, but had Agents 2 and 3 do all of his side jobs. Everyone was happy with their new positions and the safe secrecy of the organization. And this is how Agent 1 became number 1 and how S.C.O.G.S is still able to protect the world today.

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livlaughluv98 said...
Apr. 27, 2011 at 9:07 pm
I really liked this story. You have a unique style of writing that I really like. If you have time, could you check out my story, "Just Like My Mother" in the realistic fiction section. Please comment and rate it cause I need all the feedback I can get!! Keep up the good work!!!
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