The Proud Cowboy

April 14, 2011
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One day there was a very amiable cowboy named Dakotaa. Dakotaa is six feet and two inches tall; he has a palm leaf cowboy hat, brown boots, is very strong, has green eyes, and loves horses more than anything other than his girlfriend. Dakotaa is one of the hardest workers ever. When most people talk about Dakotaa, they call him drudgery. Because when Dakotaa starts doing something he doesn’t stop till it’s done. Well one day Dakotaa was out working on his farm, with his hoRoseNovi, trying to build a practice pin for his Rodeo pals and him. After a few hours, Dakotaa went to spend time with his girlfriend Sierra.

Dakotaa took Sierra to this restraunt in town called The Rodeo. After they finished eating Dakotaa asked Sierra to dance. While they were dancing, a man affronted Dakotaa and asked Sierra to dance. Dakotaa stopped for a second and thought about just ignoring him, but then after he heard that the woulddn’t take no for an answer from Sierra, he said that’s abase and tackled the guy to the ground. After a little bit a couple guys pulled them apart. Dakotaa realized that he was getting way to angry over it and told the guy he was sorry, but he needed to leave Sierra alone. The guy knew Dakotaa wasn’t messing around so he deference Dakotaa’s request and left. For a second the guy stopped at the door and looked back, he was trying to see if Dakotaa was incredulous. Dakotaa yelled, “ Go, or ill come after you!”

After an hour Sierra and Dakotaa got in the car. Dakotaa couldn’t stop thinking about how rude that guy was to Sierra. He kept asking Sierra if she was okay and she told him every time she was fine. Dakotaa knew she was he just had this scathing feeling in his gut that she wasn’t. But Dakotaa didn’t want Sierra getting mad at him so he stopped asking. A couple days later Dakotaa got a phone call from the PRCA saying, he made the NFR in Austin Texas this year. Dakotaa was so excited he ran over to Sierra and told her. They both started packing that night. When they finally got to Texas Sierra felt so Austere about who she talked to. Because the airport they landed at was in a hood. She stuck to Dakotaa as close as she could without knocking him over. When Dakotaa and Sierra got in a cab and headed to the Hotel they, reserved, Dakotaa told sierra that he felt very inept in the hood. An Hour later they arrived at the hotel Dakotaa put all his luggage to one side of the room and both him and Sierra laid on the bed to get some rest for the next day.

The next morning Dakotaa woke up at six thirty to go work out and get ready for the rodeo later on in the day. While Dakotaa was working out down in the hotel gym Sierra ordered room service. When the room service got there Sierra paid the guy and he gave her this dirty look and asked, “That’s all I get for bringing your food to you. A mislay two dollar tip?”

“With that attitude you should be grateful I gave you that!” replied Sierra. After Sierra told him that, he stormed off. The whole time Sierra thought that that guy never had any benevolent in his body. After a few hours, Dakotaa and Sierra left for the Rodeo. When they got there Dakotaa gave Sierra a big kiss and said, “Wish me luck babe, I’ll see you after my ride.” In addition, he walked into the locker room to get ready. When it was Dakotaa's turn to ride he got his riggin strapped on and got positioned on his horse. When he got in the right position he put his hat down tight and yelled,” let’s go boys, let’s go!” and of he went. After Dakotaa was bucked of, he stood up to wave to the crowed when his hoRosekicked his right knee, which broke his leg and he passed out. When Dakotaa finally woke up he was in the medical tent for injured cowboys. He looked over to his left and saw Sierra crying. He reached over and told her, “why all the tears it’s just a scratch.” They both started laughing. Dakotaa always knows how to make Sierra feel better. A few hours later Dakotaa found out that he had won the NFR with a 88.4 ride.


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