The Great Kingdom Of Dell

April 14, 2011
By JustinBurgs BRONZE, Winslow,Maine, Maine
JustinBurgs BRONZE, Winslow,Maine, Maine
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In the kingdom of Dell, there was a colossal Castle called castle Redden at the foot of an immense mountain, called Mount Deathwalk. It was called that because no one had ever been able to climb it without dying. The mountain itself was approximately 15 miles tall. Five people ever tried to climb it, and no one ever got past 10 miles. They say the first 4 miles are just rugged terrain, almost impossible to climb. Once you get to mile 5 though, it got to temperatures near -50, and then at mile 10 it got to temperatures such as 150 degrees. But those last 5 miles no one knows what was there.

Surrounding the castle and mountain, were many provinces and towns. They were filled with quiet country people. The Kingdom of Dell was almost a perfect semicircle. The Castle was placed on the edge of the curved part, right in the middle. All of the curved side was under the army of Dell’s control, but the straight side was controlled by the bordering country, Halliard.

Dell and Halliard had been at war for as long as the earth had been created. They had fought battle after battle. Dell would win a couple, then Halliard, and so on. The current King of Dell was a good one, King Aaron was his name. While the ruler of Halliard was King Zunis. Now at this certain time, there just may be hope that the two countries will stop the fighting and develop a treat, because Zunis was really not that bad of a ruler, considering the past rulers that had been king. Amazingly, he was willing to negotiate. Zunis had just driven out the Mafia-like band of thieves and evil masterminds, who called themselves the Black Hand.

On the outer part of the curved part of the country, there was a boy named James, who lived in a town named Imlop. Imlop is a very dangerous town to live in. It was technically in Dell, but really, it was under control by Halliard. It could be raided by Halliards any time. On this particular day James was going out to hunt for meat for his family, that’s when he heard the screaming start. James feared the worst.

“No no no no no!!!!!” He sprinted back to his village, but when he got there, it was to late. He couldn’t find anybody who was still alive. He treaded through the village, and he felt like his breathing could be heard for miles. It came in ragged, strained pants. He saw people all around, of all ages and size. They were dead all of them. He could tell it was the work of swords and spears, from his training on a feather stuffed practice dummy. e finally saw his house in the distance, and he started sprinting towards it. He was 14, but he couldn’t help but crying as he stepped into his house. Knowing before he looked into the kitchen what was there. He took one look at the lifeless body of his mother, sister, dad, and grandma, and ran away, knowing he would never see his house again.

James kept running, and running and he couldn’t stop. He felt the wind in his hair and realized what had happened. Suddenly his sadness turned to anger. He started yelling and screaming as loud as he could at the sky. He sprinting for so long, he lost track of day night, or time. As he ran, he remembered his favorite story his grand mom had told him, with his mom sitting next to him. It was about a great massive knight 30 or so years ago who had rode into Castle Redden and came to the king and asked to be a knight. The current king, had heard stories of King Arthur, and how Arthur made each knight do a quest before becoming a knight, and so he spoke to the knight,

“Yes, you my become a knight, but only if go on a quest. There is a former rouge knight who is wrecking havoc on the western border, and you must stop him. he is known for his swordplay, so I suggest you try not to face him head on, like most people would. Now go!”

And so, the knight rode of, and had never spoken a world to anybody his whole stay at the castle. As he reached the western border, the news if his coming had reached the rogue knight. He rode to face the young man, for one on one combat, just like the king had warned. they rode towards each other, swords in hand. and as they met the young knight stopped suddenly,and unsheathed his sword. People say when he did that , the world seemed to shake for the sword was as red as blood, and caught the sun so greatly, that if the knights had been wearing visors, they would have literally been premaritally blinded. As the rogue knight swung his sword, with all of the momentum and the new knight just reached out and held his sword there with only one hand. As the swords clashed, the rogue’s sword broke cleanly in half. You could hear the snap of bones as the rogue’s wrist snapped. The new knight reached out, and hit the rogue on top of his helmet so hard with the flat part of the blade, that the helmet disintegrated at the touch. And then, (for this is the most talked about part of the story) the young knight leaned in close to the other knight and whispered something that nobody knows to this day, and just like that, the rogue knight turned and whisper to the knight all of his plans, and how he had secretly massed a huge army 5 times the size of the kings to destroy dell, in 2 days. The knight had saved the kingdom! Then the knight turned away, leading his horse with one hand, to the nearest town, where he turned himself in. The next day, the young knight disappeared, never to be seen again. No ones if he died, or he was kidnapped, or something. When the king got word of this, he immediately realized that something, anything was in order to celebrate the knights coming and passing. Recently, the king and his family and servants had just moved into the new castle. They had not yet named it, and the king decided to name it after the knight’s blood-red sword that he had carried.Thus, Redden Castle.

Nitsuj kept running till he realized that there was looming castle looming in the distance. He realized it was king Aaron’s castle. He stopped, tear streaked, his throat raw from yelling. Without knowing, he had just run 150 miles in approximately 8 hours. James realized that he was tired.

“ What happened?” he mumbled, and with the kings castle in sight, James fainted.

200 miles away, in Halliard, King Zunis was sitting by his monumental fire, thinking hard. He knew that he had driven out the Black Hand, but he was worried because he couldn’t believe that they had left so easily. In fact, he couldn’t believe anything about it. The more he thought about it the more suspicious he became. Zunis suddenly stood, up, his wine glass flew to the ground, he pulled his short dagger from his boot and turned wildly around.

“Breath Zunis” he told himself. “ I’ll call the guards in a minute.” He took a moment to calm down. He bent down to pick up his wine glass, and felt a cold blade against the back of his neck, He gulped and knew his reign of rule was over. The last thing he ever felt was a hard sudden prick, and a sudden, horrible pain.

The attacker stared ominously down at King Zunis’s body on the ground, with a huge pool of blood around his neck, he was still jerking a bit, but the attacker smiled, knowing that the twitching would stop soon. He waited a minute, and put the bloody blade in the ex-king’s hand, and stuck the knife back into the wound, with the hand on it. He started laughing, madly and wildly. He regained control of himself. He took out a small casket of black paint and put it on his hand. He pulled out a jar and black paint and poured it all over his right hand. He ripped open the king’s shirt and pushed his soaked hand against the chest, leaving a black handprint. He ran to the window, and disappeared into the night.

When James woke up, he found himself in a strange place, he immediately realized it was definitely not the edge of the forest, where he felled. It smelled strongly of freshly cut logs, and of a brightly burning fire. As his vision cleared, sure enough there was a warm fire crackling at the foot of the bed. He sat up and stared around, trying to process why he wasn’t in the forest.That was a little hard considering he had been dead asleep 20 seconds ago. It was a fairly simple, plain room. There were a couple of sketches of a man, with a woman, hugging each other. The closest one was sitting next to his bed on a table. James picked it up and looked at it. The man was a massive one. He made the woman in the picture looked like an elf. Above the fireplace Was a great big sword, that he doubted he would even lift. James could tell it had not been used for a very, very long time. There were literally about 6 inches of dust clinging onto it like it could never come off. There were no jewels on the hilt, it was a fairly simply made sword. Just then, the door banged open and the woman in the sketch came in holding a tray with warm tea and bread. She had golden hair, witha few wisps of gray starting to come in. She looked about 45 years old. She was on the big side, but not by much.

“Hello,” she started’I heard you moving around in here, so I brought some tea and bread. My name is Katrina.”

James stuttered:
“Uh.. He-hello, my, nam- I mean my name is James.” Katrina pursed her lips as to think that whoever raised him had done so in a very poor way. However, this was not the case. This is the first time in a month James has been in a bed house, or eaten real food.

“Well then James, it is very nice to meet you. My husband will be home within the hour.”

“He’s a lumberjack you see,” Katrina explained “As a lumberjack’s wife I never know exactly when he’ll be home, but when he does get home, and when you feel better, he’’l tell you how he found you.” she said

“He show you around our house and yard, but for now, you should just rest some more-” but james was already asleep.

One half hour away at the royal castle Redden, King Aaron was sitting in his lounge room reading a scroll that had been delivered to him from a messenger. King Aaron sighed as he put it down

“ So boring” he said “I don’t care about the way the average economical growth in livestock per year versus the growth per fish.” His Senior advisors knocked quickly on the door before bursting into the lounge room.

“Sir,” he began breathlessly “ King Zunis has been murdered in his bedroom! The people of Halliard of pointing fingers at us. There are already rumors of them massing a huge army on the southeastern border we must prepare our armies, we must evecuate all border towns, we must, we must,-”

“slow down, and start from the beginning." said the King.

This is the Ending as of right now" It is still a work in progress. I have not finished it yet.

The author's comments:
A peice about a childhood boy, trying to find his way, and deal with the grief of a loss in the medial ages of time.

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