Assassin for Hire: All an Act

April 7, 2011
By sandhawk3000 PLATINUM, Collinsville, Connecticut
sandhawk3000 PLATINUM, Collinsville, Connecticut
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Consider my line of work…and consider how it might make me act slightly different than normal people. Then also consider the fact that if I act differently, in a city where untraceable murders occur at night…that it might be a bit unintelligent to go acting differently than other people. And then consider this the reason that I have to pretend to act like a normal teenager. Pretend that teenage problems bother me, that I’m interested in boys…and that I actually care about most of the blather that comes out of my friend Alice’s mouth, all the live long day.

“Alright!” I finally snapped, as I turned to the girl and stared over at her. “There is literally nothing going on between me and that boy!” I hissed, unable to keep some of the irritation from my voice. She noted this, and shut her mouth quicker than she had been speaking. “He’s just weird…” I grumbled, as I crossed my arms against my chest in frustration.

My gig had been cancelled tonight, so that meant I had some free time. Perfect to keep up the normal teenage girl ruse, but also probably a lot more like work than my actual job was. There was just something about listening to the same person, ramble on and on, for hours no end. You guys must love listening to me do that.

“So…what was so weird about him?” asked Alice, as she cocked her head to the side. “I’ve known James for a while, and he’s such a sweetie.” She said, as she laid back on the couch she was sitting on. I merely slouched over in my criss-crossed sitting position on the floor, seeming to think. Of course she would find nothing wrong with him…he was good at acting, and I think he had dropped his own disguise for me. Was he trying to tell me something, or just trying to creep me out?

…Did he know what I was?

I would literally pray to god, that that wasn’t true. Nobody knew what I did. Why do you think I wore the freakin helmet!? Half the people that I killed probably thought I was a male.

“I dunno…he just creeped me out.” I growled, as I tilted my head back to glare over at her. And seriously…it took a lot to creep me out, and I was on edge about this.

“Did you at least get his number?” she asked, to which I grabbed my empty can of diet coke, and chucked it over at her. “Just quit it, Alice!” I nearly yelled, causing her cat to bolt up into her bedroom. Damned thing never liked me, once again…I don’t exactly blame people or animals for not liking me. Except that cat…that cat was just…evil. It hated everything, me being at the top of its hat list.

Everything was going…decently, asides from the constant badgering, from a certain annoying blond. But this was normal…this was an act I needed, to keep myself from being found out. This was normal…but this, wasn’t me.

The author's comments:
Just a shorter piece I worked on for a bit.

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