The Story of a Surfer

April 13, 2011
It seemed like it was going to be the perfect day to spend at the beach. But not long after Naomi and Keira put their surfboards in the water did they see the tip of a shark fin. It was a gorgeous sunny Saturday morning; Keira and Naomi had just arrived on the sandy beach. It was super crowded so they decided to go to the more deserted part of the beach with no lifeguard so no one would yell to them about surfing. They slipped on their bathing suits and dove into the salty ocean water paddling out on their boards. Just as Keira was about to ride in a huge wave, Naomi shouted “Oh my gosh is that a shark fin?” Shocked, Keira shot her head to the right and saw a shiny gray fin as she plummeted under the water. She got up and gasped for air.
“Naomi!” she shouted, “Where is it, we need to get out of the water before we get hurt!” Keira started to panic; she looked up and saw no one on the beach, not even a seagull. The shark started swimming towards them and immediately they both took their boards and began swimming frantically towards the shore. Naomi was a little chubby and wasn’t as fast as a swimmer as Keira was. When Keira reached the shore she turned around disappointedly and realized Naomi was still in the water!
“Naomi, swim faster its right behind you!”
“I’m trying!” she called back. Just as Keira turned around to call the beach patrol she heard a frantic scream, and splashing.
“Oh snap!” screamed Keira as she jumped into the water and swam out to where she had heard Naomi scream. There was blood all in the water, Keira searched around anxiously, not sure as to what she should do. All of the sudden Naomi got up for air and Keira pulled her up and started swimming with her back to the sand. Naomi broke free of the sharks grip, and Keira swam them away as fast as she could. She started swimming towards the shore with Naomi in one arm and the ocean water in the other. Once they reached the shoreline Keira set her down on the beach towels and saw only half of her leg! She was bleeding everywhere.
“Naomi,” she shouted in her ear, “Are you alive?”
“Get help...” she mumbled.
Right away Keira reached into her beach bag, pulled out her phone, and dialed 911. Two rings and someone picked up.
“Hello, I need help; my friend has been beaten by a shark!”
“What are your whereabouts?” replied the officer
“Wakiki beach, just past the sand dunes.”
“Got it. We’ll be right there.”
Keira hung up the phone and looked back at Naomi, panic was starting to set in. She didn’t know what to do, and had never been in this situation before. Naomi didn’t look good; she looked defeated and hurt. Keira began to worry. Then she reached into her bag and pulled out some water and gave it to Naomi to drink. After a few swallows she said,

“Are people coming to save me? I’m so scared!”
“It’s alright Naomi, you’ll be fine, just tell me what I can do,” she said soothingly.
“You can--“
VrooooooommmVrooommmm! Keira turned around and saw the beach patrol car pull up next to them. The ambulance hopped out and took Naomi on the stretcher. They put her in the back of the ambulance and closed the door.
“Wait!” shouted Keira “Can I come to see if she is okay?”
“Quickly, grab your stuff and come in the car,” replied the ambulance worker.
The next four hours Keira spent pacing in the waiting room at the hospital. She was so nervous as to what would happen to Naomi. Just then the doctor opened to doors and told Keira to come with her. They walked down the hall to Naomi’s hospital room.

“Naomi?” said Keira, “How you doing, girl?”

“I’ll be fine, thank you for saving me; you’re a true friend Keira!”

Naomi spent the next few days at the hospital getting used to her half leg. What all started as a friendly day on the beach, ended it a not so friendly way.

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