My Encounter with Big Foot

April 5, 2011
By RachaelNicole14 BRONZE, Struthers, Ohio
RachaelNicole14 BRONZE, Struthers, Ohio
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It was a dreary, gloomy Monday morning. I had woken up bright and early to go to school. 6:37 to be exact. I ran downstairs and grabbed a banana for breakfast, got dressed, and walked to the bus stop. I was eager to get to school and get it over with. Tonight was the night; Big Foot would be coming. It’s an old legend here in the town. They say that once every century, on April 6, Big Foot comes for one night only. I was lucky enough to be alive during the year that he comes. I’m so excited! I can’t wait!

My whole sixth grade class was talking about it. We all could not wait. We all kept begging the teachers to save all of the homework for tomorrow, because we didn’t have any time to waste. Unfortunately, Mr. Mathias decided to give us a math sheet. Luckily, I finished it within 5 minutes after getting it. I’m sure the answers are all incorrect, but I don’t care today. My entire mind is set on is Big Foot. “Hey Brooke, do you want to come over after school to see Big Foot with me?” My friend Ashlee called. “Sure! I’ll call my mom right after school and we can walk to your house!” I said. I kind of wanted to stay home to watch Big Foot with my mom, but I decided to go over Ashlee’s because she lived near the woods and it is said that Big Foot usually shows up at the woods.

After school I called my mom and she said that she didn’t have a problem if I went over there. We went to her house and grabbed some cheese and crackers for an after school snack. We sat on her couch and turned on That’s So Raven. “So, when do you think he’ll show up?” I asked. “Well, my mom used to tell me stories that her grandma would tell her. She saw Big Foot firsthand. She said that Big Foot came around 5:00 and he would be gone by 6. I think we should be ready by 4:30 to go find him.” She answered. “Okay, good idea,” I replied. That was that. We continued to eat our crackers in silence as we watched television.

The time has come. It was 4:30 and we we’re on our way outside. It was a bit chilly outside so we grabbed our jackets. We also grabbed our umbrella and a flashlight. It was neither dark nor raining, but we thought it would add to the excitement and mystery. Also, we thought in the woods it might have been dark, but it turned out that it wasn’t. Ashlee’s mom wouldn’t let us go alone, so she came along too.

We went into the woods through a small trail. Ashlee’s mom went into the woods first, to ensure that we were safe, and Ashlee and I followed. It was still a little muddy from the rain two days ago, and whenever we would walk we sunk like it was quicksand. Luckily, we were expecting these conditions so we wore rain boots. After we walked around for a while, we checked the time, it was 5:17. He would be here soon, if he’s not here already. Just then, we heard a grumble. We turned around and couldn’t believe what we were seeing.

It was Big Foot. He was standing there, tall and massive. He was about 8 feet tall, covered in hair from head to toe. He reminded us of a gorilla. He had jagged teeth and dark, sinister eyes. I was scared and intimidated. “Uh, Ashlee, I think I wan --” I started to talk, but I was cut off when Big Foot grumbled and roared. Just then, he started to chase us. His huge feet were creating craters in the ground, and when he would run the Earth shook like an earthquake. I screamed so loud I think that people across the world heard me. I ran and ran until I couldn’t run anymore. I looked behind me and Ashlee and her mom were nowhere to be found. I was all alone and Big Foot was about to attack me.

“Brooke, honey what’s wrong? I could hear you screaming from all the way in the kitchen,” I heard a familiar voice say, but I was so shocked I couldn’t think of who it was. “Wake up honey, I’m making your favorite breakfast!” the voice said again. I suddenly understood. “I’m coming mom!” I sat up in my bed and walked to the kitchen, relieved that I was alive and well, and Big Foot was all in my dream.

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