The Truth Lies Ahead: Chapter 1, The Truck

March 30, 2011
What? Where am i? I think to myself as I slowly regain consciousness. I cant see anything, it’s too dark where I am. Wherever that is. I feel around, not being able to touch anything. I try to stand up, but I realize my legs are bound with a course rope. I hear a car engine start to the front of me. And hear two doors simultaneously swinging open with a clang. I hadn’t tried to make noise but I was awake enough now to realize I had to. I let out a soft scream. Hoping it was a mistake I was here, hoping they would find me and let me go.

“Shut up!” I hear a man yell from the front. I cease my voice and scoot to the corner of what I now know is a truck. I feel the car accelerate slightly, and I’m tossed to the side. Hitting my head on what appeared to be a metal pipe. I tried to go over everything I know. My name is Marion Trapp, and my father is a big-time movie producer, Nigel Trap. I am 17 years old, and should be in my junior year of high school, but I was smart enough to graduate earlier than the rest of the people in my town of Los Angeles. There’s another thing. It’s summer right now, which means in California its blazing hot, day and night. It was freezing where I was, which wasn’t a good sign.

I tried to hear what the men in the front were saying. I hears short whispering sentences, like they were purposely hiding there thoughts from me. I could only makeout two things, one: the mens names were Albert and Gerard, two: they were taking me somewhere. I tried to think of the last thing I had seen before I woke up in the back of this truck. I was on the beach…with my dad and sister, Stephanie. I remember going out to swim in the ocean and then….nothing. I remember a wave crashing down on me, trying to get back up from it, but the waves had kept coming. And then…blank. Just a black curtain to a show that would never go on…

“I hope you know I’m in here too,” said a masculant voice from the corner opposite me. I was so focused on listening to the men in the front, the foreign noise made me jump as high as a person with bound legs can.

“Who are you?” I questioned, trying not to give myself away too much.

“My name is Blane Martinson, my brother Alec is in here too, but he cant talk…birth defects…” Said this new character.

“My names Marion Trapp, im 17 and I don’t have any clue as to what im doing being kidnapped,”

“Neither do I, but I hope we get to where were going soon…”

“I’m going to try to get some sleep…goodnight Blane…goodnight Alec,” I called softly.

I closed my eyes and tilted my head up against the cold steel wall. I fell asleep fast, for some reason I was more tired than I could ever remember. When I opened my eyes again it was bright inside the truck. Blane and Alec still had there eyes closed, but for the 1st time I got a good look at both of them. Blane had hair as black as ink, with stunning green eyes and a few freckles lining his arms. He had perfect skin. Alec and him looked nothing alike though…Alec had dirty blond, messy, curly hair. His eyes were a deep brown, and he had more freckles than anyone I’d ever seen. He looked about 14.

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