The One who got Away Part 2

March 30, 2011
Two Months later; Fairfield, Virginia.

Police Reports had gone out, Posters went up, Billboards were painted, Calls were made. But no one in The Green County of Fairfield had seen Penny Jade. The days went by and no one made a sound at the Bank’s house everyone was still in shock. It was just one of those things you never expect. In about Fifteen minutes my Best Friend Penny will be here for our twilight premiere sleepover but she never came. Neither her Mom or her Dad had heard from her and her little sister was with her Grandmother who also knew nothing of her whereabouts.

A few nights later Darcey decided to have Penny parents over to dinner, They gladly accepted the offer. The night came when the Jade’s would be at her house in an hour so she got working on her famous Baked Macaroni and Cheese. The guests were a few minutes late just like always. Once they were all settled in at the oval shaped table on the deck. Mr.Jade cleared his throat.

“So what have we done so far to try to find my daughter?” He asked politely.

“Well” I started “ I made poster with the best picture of her I could find, and we even rented a missing child billboard on the highway, and before that we put out announcements on the police scanner with her description.” Darcey told him as she tried not to let her eyes tear up.

“Its to bad that it isn’t working” He scoffed.

“But I’m doing all that I can think of!” Darcey yelled.

Why was he being like this did he have something to hide? Thoughts raced through her mind as she picked at her noodles. Maybe he had Penny and was hiding her somewhere or he took her and killed her? Darcey ran up to her room before they could see her cry.

She started up her laptop and went on to the local police forces website and sent them an E-mail.

Subject: Baxter Jade

Dear Green County Police Force,

I need a background check on Baxter Jade, He is possibly involved with the disappearance of Penny Jade in April of 2010. I have him in my house right now and he seems very suspicious and doesn’t seem to care about Penny being gone.
Thank you,
Darcey Banks

Right as she sent the E-Mail the door creaked open. In walked her mother with a worried expression on her face.

“Whats the matter, Dear?” she asked me as she stroked my hair gently.

“I think Mr.Jade is hiding something” I stated.

“Why on earth would you think that?” She said knitting her brows together in confusion.

“Think about it Mom.” She started, “He doesn’t even seem to care his daughter is gone, and he’s getting angry at me for trying to find her!”

“Darcey, Honey ,He’s under a lot of stress right now I mean loosing your daughter can’t be easy, and he didn’t the best relationship with her like you had, Darce.” Her mothers voice sounded cold like she was leaving something out to make Darcey think everything was okay. But all wasn’t okay, Baxter Jade did have a history and a bad one at that Marijuana Dealing, Car Jacking, Harassment of an officer everything was there but murder and kidnapping. Darcey had been having suspicions before but now they were overwhelming her from head to toe.

About a half hour later Green County PD was taking away Baxter Jade from her dining room as she sat in the living room emailing the Police Department the detail of everything that had went on, They found everything that she found suspicious just as much as she did. The next few days were very hard she could memorize the way they drove to The Police Departments Office a mile away. The days were filled with watching interrogation sessions to see if anything would add up to Darcey but all her told were lies. His disgusting slimy lies that would never lead them to find her they would take them in the wrong direction. Then one day everything added up to her places where Penny could be and where Baxter could be hiding the evidence all she needed was a car and an officer to come with her.

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